Si Family was still sitting in the living room.
Others had already returned to their room.
Ming Yue waved her hands signalling the maids to go while she approached the Si Family.

”Ming Yue… ” Si Su Zen called her name.
She wanted to ask something.

”Si Su Zen, I don ’t mind if you want to stay for a few days more… ” Ming Yue began to talk.

”Really? Ming Yue, thank you. ” Si Su Zen smiled.
She did like to stay in this house since everything would be prepared by the maids.
She did not have to do anything.

”But, I need to remind you of one thing. ” Ming Yue looked at Si Su Zen while talking to her with a weird tone.

”What is it? ” Si Su Zen did not feel anything weird with Ming Yue ’s tone.

”You should watch your mouth.
This is my home.
As well as Yu Qi.
She is my niece, the beloved granddaughter of my father in law. ” After Ming Yue said her words, she left.

She thought that the Si Family had already lefter the breakfast because she did not see them after that.
That was why she went out with Su Xiao and Yu Qi only.
When she returned home, she was surprised to see that the Si Family was still here.
But she did not think much about it.
But when she heard the words that Si Su Zen said about Yu Qi, she could not help to get angry. 

Si Su Zen was stunned when she heard Ming Yue ’s words.
She looked at her husband.
Her husband also looked at her.
Ming Yue gave her a warning that she could not say anything about Yu Qi. 

I have told you to watch your mouth. ” Si Fung Bien sighed.

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”These maids must have told Ming Yue. ” Si Su Zen was angry. 

”So, what? Do you want to beat these maids? Remember, they are Tang Family ’s employees.
We can not act like that. ” Si Fung Bien advised. 

Si Fung Bien actually did not want to come and stay for a long time at other people ’s house.
But his wife insisted.
She said that they just came and visited their relatives and would return home.
But they already had stayed for one night and his wife wanted to stay for another night.

”I know. ” Si Su Zen frowned.
She thought that they would get some benefits from this visit but it seemed that they would return with the empty hands. 


Yung Ha Ren arrived at the Tang House.
She had already visited the house a few times.
So the maids already knew who she was.
The maids greeted her and brought her to the dining room.

Yung Ha Ren could see that there were other guests here too.
She also could see the legendary doctor, Tang Jiang Man.
This was the first time that she had met him face to face.

”Welcome Miss Yung.
Take a seat. ” Grandpa Tang greeted Yung Ha Ren. 

”Thank you, Elder Tang. ” Yung Ha Ren smiled while nodding to him.

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Ming Yue waved her to sit beside her.
So, she went beside Ming Yue and took a seat there.
Yung Han Ren looked around.
There were three guests that she did not know.
Others than them, she knew others even only she knew them by picture.

”Well, Miss Yung, we already have something to discuss with you but let ’s eat first. ” Grandpa Tang said.

So, the dinner began.

However, she was confused.
She could not see Yu Qi anywhere.

So, Yung Ha Rem turned to Ming Yue and asked her about this.
”Ming Yue, where is Miss Tang? ” 

”She is resting. ” Ming Yue did not explain furthermore.

Seeing Ming Yue acting like this, she did not seem to be worried about Yu Qi meaning Yu Qi was okay.
So, she ate.
The dinner was okay. 

Ming Yue asked the maids to serve the dessert.
After eating the dessert, Grandpa Tang looked at Yung Ha Ren.
Yung Ha Ren seemed to understand that Grandpa Tang wanted to discuss something with her.

”Let ’s go to the living room. ” Grandpa Tang said.

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Everyone stood up.
Ming Yue looked at Si Su Zen.

”Su Zen, this matter is about our family.
You don ’t have to be there. ” Ming Yue meant that Si Family would not need to attend this talk.

Si Su Zen ’s expression changed a little bit but returned back to normal and she smiled to Ming Yue.

We will not be disturbing you. ” Si Su Zen pulled her daughter and husband. 

Su Xiao saw the scene and approached Ming Yue. 

”Why did you give a cold shoulder to Su Zen? You were okay when she came yesterday. ” Su Xiao wanted to know.

”Just now, a maid reported to me that Su Zen was talking bad about Yu Qi.
She was questioning Yu Qi ’s status in our family. ” Ming Yue snorted.

”Humph! Who does she think she is? ” Su Xiao suddenly flared up.

Even though Yu Qi had been adopted but her status in Tang Family and their hearts were quite high.
There was someone who had dared to talk about Yu Qi ’s status.

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”She is just a distant relative of our mother in law.
We need to be careful with her. ” Ming Yue gave the reminder to Su Xiao.

”Don ’t worry.
I know what to do. ” Su Xiao nodded.

They already knew what to do.
They already used to deal with those people who shamelessly tried to disturb their family. 

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