After that, both of them went to the living room.
Others already had taken their seats.

Su Xiao and Ming Yue took their seat.

”Miss Yung, I have heard from my daughter in law that you had some talk with my granddaughter.
Can I know what topic were you talking about? ” Grandpa Tang began to talk.

Yung Ha Ren was confused. 

”Ha Ren, my son told us that Yu Qi was thinking about her parents and suddenly fall to sleep.
When my father in law checked her pulse, he said that Yu Qi was mentally tired.
Could you tell us about this? ” Ming Yue begged.
She really wanted to know the cause.

Yung Ha Ren frowned when she heard about it.
She did not know that talking about her parents would make her like this. 

”Actually, I ’m her parents ’ friend.
I knew who her mother and her father were.
This evening, we were talking about her parents.
I told her that I am her parents ’ friend. ” Yung Ha Ren explained.

”How did you know Yu Qi is your friend ’s children? ” Tang Jung Wen questioned.

”Her look is the same as her grandmother from her father ’s side.
And her eyes are exactly like her mother.
That is why I know her. ” At first, Yung Ha Ren was surprised when she looked at Yu Qi.

”I see.
So, do you know where they are right now? ” Grandpa Tang voiced.

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”Sorry to disappoint you but like I have said to Yu Qi, it had been so long time since I met them.
I don ’t know where they are right now. ” Yung Ha Ren apologized.

Grandpa Tang sighed.
”It ’s okay.
You don ’t need to apologize.
It is her parents ’ fault. ” 

”Elder Tang, I knew them.
I don ’t think that they left Yu Qi on purpose.
They must have some reasons for doing so. ” She was not to defending Yu Qi ’s parents but there should definitely reason. 

”Let ’s leave it here.
Miss Yung, thank you for coming here and telling me this.
We appreciate your help. ” Grandpa Tang nodded.

”It ’s okay, Elder Tang.
Su Xiao and Ming Yue are my friends.
While Yu Qi is my friend ’s daughter. ” Yung Ha Ren waved her hand awkwardly.


Yu Qi woke up.
She looked around.
It was her room.
She remembered that she was talking to Tang Han Lee yesterday in the garden.
She was talking about her parents and had cried.

After that, it was blank.
She did not remember anything.
How did she end up in her room? She stood up.
Her movement alerted Aoi who had slept beside her.

”Master, you are awake. ” Aoi was happy to see his master.

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Yu Qi patted Aoi ’s head.
”I ’m okay.
I have a good sleep. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”I know.
Bo Ya had already told me that you were fine. ” Aoi nodded several times.

’ ’Master, ” called Bo Ya. 

’Bo Ya, sorry for worrying you. ’ Yu Qi said.

”Master, you should go and meet your family.
They are worried about you. ” Aoi suggested.

I will wash up first. ” Yu Qi stood up and went to the bathroom. 

After that, she went out of the room going to the dining room. 

”Young Miss, you are awake. ” One of the maids greeted Yu Qi as she was on the way to the dining room.
They knew what happened to their young miss.

”Good morning.
Sorry to trouble you all. ” Yu Qi smiled.

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You did not cause any problem. ” The maid replied.

”First Madam and second madam are in the dining room.
You can go over there. ” The maids said.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi entered the dining room.

Su Xiao and Ming Yue were still eating stood up when they saw Yu Qi. 

”Yu Qi, are you okay? ” Both of them asked the same question at the same time while holding Yu Qi ’s hand. 

Yu Qi gave out the smile.
”Auntie, I ’m okay.
Sorry for worrying you. ” 

”It ’s okay.
We are your elders.
It is good that you are already okay. ” Ming Yue said.

”Where are others? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Your uncles have already gone to the hospital as well as your brother, Han Lee.
Jin Wei is still here.
He was on call yesterday. ” Ming Yue answered.

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”Grandfather? ” Yu Qi did not see Grandpa Tang yet.

”Oh, he is probably still in his room. ” Su Xiao said.
”Come here.
You need some food.
You missed dinner yesterday.
So, you must be hungry right now. ”

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Yu Qi. ” Grandpa Tang walked in.

Sorry for worrying you. ” Yu Qi said.

”It ’s okay.
But remember, if you have problems, tell us.
We probably can help. ” Grandpa Tang took a seat.

”Alright. ” Yu Qi nodded. 

”Little Sis, you are awake.
Thank goodness. ” Tang Jin Wei was yawning.
”Everyone was on panic yesterday. ”

”Sorry. ” Yu Qi said.

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Tang Jin Wei laughed.
”No worry.
It is okay, you are fine. ”

Yu Qi went to History Spa together with Ming Xuehai.
Ming Xuehai came after getting the order from Yu Qi. 

”Welcome, Miss Tang. ” The receptionist bowed.
This young miss was an honoured guest of their spa.

Does Auntie Yung here? ” Yu Qi asked.

Miss Yung has been expected you in her office. ” The receptionist said.
She then called someone.
”Yaoyao, can you lead Miss Tang to Miss Yung ’s office? ”

The employee who had been called by the receptionist stopped walking.
Miss Tang, please follow me. ” 

Yu Qi and Ming Xuehai followed the receptionist.
They wanted to discuss the terms and conditions for the contract.
If possible, they wanted to sign the contract by today. 

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