After about three hours of a long meeting, Yu Qi and Yung Ha Ren had the final agreement of the deal.
Ming Xuehai drafted the contract and showed to both of them. 

Both of them agreed.
Ming Xuehai told that the contract would be signed tomorrow.
So, he requested to leave first. 

Yu Qi asked him to stay for lunch.
He refused.
Yu Qi nodded.
So, she asked Yung Ha Ren to join her for lunch.
The woman agreed.
So both of them left the spa and went to a renowned restaurant nearby. 

They ordered the food.
While waiting for the food to be served, they were having some talk.

”I had been called by your family yesterday. ” Yung Ha Ren told Yu Qi.

”Oh. ” Yu Qi did not pay much about that. 

Yung Ha Ren was her auntie ’s friend, so it would be understandable that Yung Ha Ren was being invited by her family.

”They asked about what were we talking about yesterday. ” Yung Ha Ren said again.

”Huh? What? Why? ” Yu Qi was confused.

”At first, I don ’t understand why are they asking, so I don ’t reveal much about that.
After knowing your condition, your family told me that you have some problem, I decided to tell them. ” Yung Ha Ren explained.

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It is probably because I fall into sleep while crying. ” Yu Qi remembered that.

”Miss Tang… ” Yung Ha Ren called her name but Yu Qi interrupted her.

”Auntie Yung, I already call you Auntie Yung, you should call me Yu Qi. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, okay, Yu Qi. ” Yung Ha Ren smiled.

Far from Yu Qi and Yung Ha Ren ’s table, there was a middle-aged woman as well as a young girl that been eating too. 

As Yu Qi and Yung Ha Ren talked, the middle aged woman was watching Yung Ha Ren.
She did not believe that she would meet Yung Ha Ren here, in the FINN City. 

She also did not expect that Yung Ha Ren would live a better life after what happened before. 

”Auntie Jian, what are you watching? So intense. ” The young girl that sat in front of her asked. 

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The young girl then turned around.
She saw someone that she was familiar too.
She did not expect to see her here.

”Auntie Jian, you know those people? ” The young girl asked.

”I just know that woman. ” The middle aged woman pointed to Yung Ha Ren.

”Oh, coincidently, I know that young girl.
She is one of our university ’s students. ” The young girl said.

The middle aged woman did not realize that there was someone beside Yung Ha Ren.
She looked at the person that sat beside Yung Ha Ren.
She was surprised to see the stunning girl.
Even her own niece would lose while comparing her to the stunning girl.

”Your friend? ” The middle aged woman asked.

She is not my friend.
But we do know each other. ” The young girl said.

”Why? ” The middle aged woman asked again.

”We do have some conflict.
Let me tell you something, Auntie Jia.
Brother Shu Jin wanted this woman.
But she rejected Brother Shu Jin. ” The young girl said.

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Yeah, the young girl was Bai Feng Jiu, Bai Shu Jin ’s cousin.
And the middle aged woman was Bai Shu Jin ’s mother, Bai Jian.

”What? She rejected him? ” Bai Jian was shocked. 

That girl rejected him? Bai Shu Jin was classified as handsome.
How could a girl did not like him? 

I laughed at Brother Shu Jin about that.
Brother Shu Jin really likes her. ” Bai Feng Jiu remembered that the confession that Bai Shu Jin made at the cafe in front of everyone. 

”Even Brother Yu likes her. ” Bai Feng Jiu even told her that.

”What? Yu also like her? ” Bai Jian was shocked.
She did not expect that Bai Yu would have the same taste as his elder brother.

But to be disappointed, she already has a boyfriend. ” Bai Feng Yue was disappointed. 

At first, when she first time heard about Yu Qi, she hated Yu Qi.
She thought with a face like that, the girl would seduce all the men.
She observed Yu Qi but the more she observed, the more she understood about Yu Qi.
Yu Qi did not interact with other men except for her coursemates.
So, she changed her perspective about Yu Qi thinking that she was a good girl. 

”What is her background? She studied about what? ” Bai Jian inquired. 

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”She studied in the medical course.
From what I heard, she is from the Tang Family. ” Bai Feng Jiu thought a little bit.
”I heard that her grandfather is the famous doctor but I don ’t remember his name. ”

”Famous doctor…
Famous doctor… ” Then Bai Jian opened her eyes widely.
She remembered the famous doctor that had the surname ’Tang ’.
Did Bai Feng Jiu meant that ’Doctor Tang ’? ”Tang Jiang Man, the legendary doctor? ”

I don ’t know about that. ” Bai Feng Jiu did not know Yu Qi ’s grandfather ’s name.
She only knew about that since she heard some of the medical course students were talking about Yu Q ’s grandfather.
Yu Qi ’s grandfather was a big person in their world, Bai Feng Jiu recalled the memory. 

Bai Jian ’s eyes were shined brightly while looking at Yu Qi.
She needed to poach Yu Qi to their family for their family ’s benefits.
Yu Qi should be with her son, Bai Yu.
She seemed to forget that Bai Feng Jiu mentioned that Yu Qi already had her boyfriend. 

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