Bai Jian thought that Yu Qi was suitable to her son, Bai Yu.
So, in order to get to know Yu Qi, she decided to greet Yung Ha Ren that she hated so much.

It seemed that Yung Ha Ren had a good relationship with Yu Qi.
She would not allow that to be continued.

”Let ’s go and greet them. ” Bai Jian suddenly said.

”Huh? Greet them but we are not that close. ” Bai Feng Jiu confused.

”We are an acquaintance.
We must greet them even though we are not close. ” Bai Jian said.

”Oh, okay. ” Without further talk, Bai Feng Jiu nodded.

So, they went to the table where Yu Qi and Yung Ha Ren sat. 

Yung Ha Ren realized that there were some people approaching them.
When she lifted up her face, she could see a face that she knew very much.
The face that always showed disgust when seeing Yung Ha Ren. 

”Oh, hai, Yung Ha Ren.
Long time no see. ” Bai Jian smiled nicely.

Yu Qi that currently in the middle of eating was stopped moving when she heard the voice.
That voice that she was familiar with.
She slowly lifted up her face and saw two faces. 

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One of them was Bai Feng Jiu.
The girl used to fight her, after a long time, she did not see her much since Yu Qi was very busy. 

While another face that she knew was Bai Jian, mother of Bai Shu Jin.
She knew the identity of the woman since she usually to interact with Bai Jian because she wanted to curry the favour with her in her past life.

”Hi, Tang Yu Qi. ” Bai Feng Jiu greeted Yu Qi.w

Yu Qi was only nodded while looking at Bai Feng Jiu.
She did not say anything else.

”What do you want, Bai Jian. ” Yung Ha Ren asked when seeing the women still did not move over from here.

”Hi, miss.
I ’m Bai Jian from Bai Family. ” Bai Jian always used to introduce herself like this.
When she introduced herself like this, everyone will felt amazing with her identity. 

However, she would never think that someday the identity of herself would gain disdain from someone.
Yu Qi totally ignored Bai Jian.
She did not even look at Bai Jian at all and just sat there and sitting her food. 

Bai Jian frowned when she did not get a response from the girl.
She calmed down.
The girl probably did not hear her. 

”Miss… ” Bai Jian wanted to talk again but this time, Yu Qi interrupted.

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”Madam is there something important that you want to talk? If not, please don ’t disturb us. ” Yu Qi did not play with her word.
She directly told Bai Jian to get lost.

”Tang Yu Qi, what is your attitude? ” Bai Feng Jiu was angry.

”Feng Jiu, it is okay.
Let ’s go for now.
They want to eat.
The talk will continue in the future. ” Bai Jian was still in the gentle smile.

Bai Jian quickly pulled Bai Feng Jiu from the place.
She did not want to show the bad image to Yu Qi.
Yu Qi seemed to not like her presence.
That bitch, Yung Ha Ren must be telling something to Yu Qi.

”Auntie Jia, why do you pull me over? I need to talk with Tang Yu Qi. ” Bai Feng Jiu was angry when seeing her auntie was treated like that.

”Feng Jiu, don ’t worry.
You will get to have a long talk with her someday. ” Bai Jian smiled.

She already set.
That girl, Tang Yu Qi was suitable with her son.
’It seems I need to work on her family first. ’ Bai Jian already thought that way to make Yu Qi entered her family.

However, she never thought that Yu Qi would rather kill her family instead of entering the family. 

Meanwhile, at Yu Qi and Yung Ha Ren ’s table, they continued to eat and talk as usual after those people left.

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”Is those people someone that you know, Auntie Yung? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Well, yeah.
To be honest, someone that I don ’t like much. ” Yung Ha Ren sighed.
She never thought to see that woman here.
’What is she doing here? Is my life would still be okay after this? ’ She sighed once again.

”Auntie Yung? ” Yu Qi called her since she did not answer Yu Qi ’s question.

”Oh, sorry.
Something is in my mind.
What are you saying? ” Yung Ha Ren snapped out.

”Someone that you don ’t like much? Why? ” Yu Qi asked.

In her past life, she never meets with Yung Ha Ren.
So, she did not know Yung Ha Ren.
Looked like that Yung Ha Ren seemed to have some kind of relationship with Bai Jian.

”Well, yeah.
Something like that. ” Yung Ha Ren smiled awkwardly. 

She did not want someone to know about her relationship with Bai Jian.
It would only invite disaster. 

”Oh, I see. ” Yu Qi did not want to force Yung Ha Ren to tell about that.
She thought that Yung Ha Ren might have some problems with Bai Jian.

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”How about you? ” Yung Ha Ren asked.
She saw that the girl stood beside Bai Jian greeted Yu Qi.

”We are from the same university.
So we bumped each other.
But our relationship is not close at all. ” Yu Qi smiled. 

”It seems we have a bad relationship with them. ” Yung Ha Ren also smiled.

Yu Qi never thought that in this lifetime, Bai Jian would set herself to make Yu Qi her daughter in law.
If Yu Qi knew this, she would laugh.

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