Ming Xuehai settled the doc.u.ments that needed to be signed as fast as he could.
He told Yu Qi that the doc.u.ment was ready to be signed.

So, on the next day, Yu Qi together with Ming Xuehai once again went to see Yung Ha Ren.
Yung Ha Ren read the content of the doc.u.ment.
After seeing the content was the same as they discussed yesterday, she directly signed the doc.u.ment.

Yu Qi was happy that this cooperation was succeeded.
She already planned to make the contract with like with another spa in the different cities.
She would only be contracted with one spa in the city or region.
So, she needed to research about those spas to see which one was suitable to cooperate. 

After about one week of spending time at Tang House at FINN City, Yu Qi decided to return back to Shiwa Town.
She needed to take a look at her greenhouse and ryokan.

She was not returning alone but with Grandpa Tang and also Ming Xuehai.
Yu Qi asked whether she wanted to see his little sister, Ming Xuebai since it had been a long time that he did not see her.

Ming Xuehai agreed.
He admitted that he had not seen his little sister for a long time.
He wondered how was her in her new place. 

Grandpa Tang also wanted to return to his home at Shiwa Town.
Yu Qi told him that he could return with her since she was driving. 


”It has been a long time since I return here. ” Yu Qi was walking along the way. 

She was in the way to go to her ryokan hotel.
She asked Ming Xuehai to go to the ryokan to spend the night there.
He could see her sister too. 

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”Oh, Yu Qi, long time no see.
Having a holiday? ” 

Yu Qi was greeted by an old lady and started to open her stall. 

My university is in the break.
So I return to my grandfather ’s house. ” Yu Qi replied with a smile.

”My granddaughter is also studied in the city.
But she rarely returns here. ” The old lady sighed.

”Oh, don ’t worry.
Students are usually busy.
She will return. ” Yu Qi did not know what to say about this since she did not know much about the granddaughter of the old lady. 

You want to go somewhere right? I will not bother you anymore. ” The old lady waved her hand. 

”Okay. ” Yu Qi left and walked toward the ryokan. 

The receptionist knew Yu Qi was the owner.
She greeted Yu Qi with a smile.

”Welcome and long time no see, Miss Yu Qi. ” The receptionist said.

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How is our ryokan? Is it running well? ” Yu Qi asked.

”We do receive a lot of customers on the weekend.
We are packed in three months schedule. ” The receptionist answered.

”I see.
It is good, then. ” Yu Qi smiled. 

Her ryokan was running well.
It was a good thing to hear. 

”By the way, where is Sister Mei Fung? ” Yu Qi asked.

”She is currently in the hall giving a lecture to some of the new recruits. ” The receptionist looked at the notebooks in the table.

Thank you. ” Yu Qi went to the hall.

Arrived there, she opened the back door and entered the hall slowly.
Chui Mei Fung that gave the lecture, stopped for a moment when she saw her boss here. 

She saw Yu Qi smiled and waved her hand signalling her to continue the lecture.
So, without wasting time anymore, she continued the lecture. 

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Yu Qi looked around.
There were about thirteen new recruits.
Everyone seemed too eager to hear the lecture.
Yu Qi smiled.
This was Chui Mei Fung ’s choice.
She had a good eye.
Yu Qi would trust her.

Suddenly at the end of the lecture, Chui Mei Fung called Yu Qi ’s name asking her to come forward.

”Miss Yu Qi, can you come forward? ” Chui Mei Fung called Yu Qi. 

Yu Qi was confused but still, she walked toward Chui Mei Fung. 

”Since you are our new crews, it is important to know your big boss. ” Chui Mei Fung wanted to use this opportunity to introduce Yu Qi to their new crews.

Yu Qi arrived at Chui Mei Fung ’s side. 

”I would like to introduce to you our big boss, Miss Tang Yu Qi.
You all call her, Miss Yu Qi. ” Chui Mei Fung introduced Yu Qi to others.

The news recruits showed a surprised look when they heard that this young and beautiful girl was their big boss.
They actually thought that Chui Mei Fung was their big boss.
Turned out it was not her.

”Hello, everyone. ” Yu Qi nodded.
”I hope you can work happily here.
Just remember one thing.
Don ’t you dare betray our hotel.
If you want to resign, do it in the right way. ” Yu Qi gave a nice smile when she said the sentence.

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Everyone swallowed their saliva.
They thought she was just a young lady from a rich family but after seeing and listening to her word just now and facing her aura, they knew that she was not a typical young rich lady.

Our big boss already said her piece.
You can go to your post right now.
Remember, this three months, you will be evaluated.
So, work hard. ” Chui Mei Fung ended the lecture.

”Miss Yu Qi, long time no see. ” Chui Mei Fung hugged Yu Qi.

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