”What pill have you fed me? ” Fua Sui Jue asked.

”You will know soon. ” Yu Qi gave a smile.
That smile looked sinister.
Even others that saw the smile shivered. 

Song Tai felt cold sweat on his back.
His big boss looked very evil right now.
However, he was excited to see the effect of the pill that his big boss had used just now.

The room was silent until Yu Qi started to approach Fua Sui Jue again.
Fua Sui Jue was scared of this young girl.
’This young girl is not normal, ’ he thought.

”Well, then, tell me.
Who has sent you here? ” Yu Qi asked the same question once more.

Fua Sui Jue thought she would be doing something else to him but she just asked the same question.
Well, he would not answer.
He would just keep his mouth shut up. 

”I don ’t know. ” Fua Sui Jue said.
He himself was shocked.
He did not even know why his mouth talked. 

”Why have they sent you here? ” Yu Qi asked again.

Others thought that Fua Sui Jue would not answer the question since they had asked him many times.

However, something happened which shocked Fua Sui Jue and others.
Fua Sui Jue finally answered the question.

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”To steal the secret formula of Qi Qi skincare.
They want to use it to make their own products. ” Fua Sui Jue obediently answered Yu Qi ’s question.

”Why have they chosen you? ”

”I lost my job two months ago.
They hired me.
I thought they would give me a decent job.
Then they told me to be their cooperation ’s spy.
I refused but they used a dirty trick by kidnapping my wife and child.
They threatened me by telling that they would kill my wife and child if I refused.
So, to keep my wife and child safe, I am here. ” Fua Sui Jue told everything.

”Are you alone? ” 

”Yes. ”

”Are you sure? ”

”Yes. ”

”Who is their boss? ” 

”I don ’t know. ”

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”Then, who is the one that gives you orders? ” 

”I don ’t know his real name.
But I heard someone called him, Mr Lu. ” Fua Sui Jue said.

Yu Qi was silent.
The name sounded familiar to her.
Oh, it is him. ” She finally remembered the person with that name.

”What? You know him? ” Su Yu Hi wanted to know.

”Bai Group. ” Yu Qi said two words.

”What? Bai Group? ” Ming Xuehai was surprised.
”Are you sure about it? ”

Lu is an assistant who works for Mr.
Bai, Chairman of Bai Group. ” Yu Qi told them.

”I have not heard about him.
Do you? ” Su Yu Hi asked Ming Xuehai.

Ming Xuehai shook his head.
He did read the information about Mr.
Bai but he did not know about this.
He knew that Mr.Bai had two assistants.
None of them was named with surname ’Lu ’. 

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”The assistant who does the dirty works should remain unknown, right? ” Yu Qi smiled.

Su Yu Hi and Ming Xuehai looked at each other. 

The man named Mr.Lu was very familiar to Yu Qi.
That was because he was there on that day.
The day when Yu Qi was killed in her past life.

”Let ’s go out for now.
Keep him alive. ” Yu Qi told to Song Tai.

They went out of the storeroom.

”What should we do, Yu Qi? ” Su Yu Hi asked.

”Should we inform the police? ” Ming Xuehai suggested.

”I bet if we hand out that person to the police, as soon as those people know about it, his wife and child will vanish from this world.
He also would be killed. ” Yu Qi guessed.
”And also, we will not able to catch the main culprit even his middle man.
Since we don ’t have concrete evidence to ask the police to arrest them. ”

”Then? ” Ming Xuehai asked. 

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Even though Fua Sui Jue was wrong but his wife and child were not.
They were innocent. 

”I will think of something. ” Yu Qi thought about the ways to save the man ’s wife and child.

”By the way, Miss Yu Qi, what is the pill that you have fed Fua Sui Jue? ” Song Tai wanted to know.

Even Ming Xuehai and Su Yu Hi eager to know about that.

”Oh, it is the truth pill.
Everyone who eat this pill will talk the truth in 24 hours after eating this pill. ” Yu Qi brought the pill out and shook the bottle.

The three men were dumbfounded.
’What? The truth pill? ’ They did not even know that those pills existed in the first place.

”Where have you bought it from? ” Song Tai asked.

”I have refined it.
However, this is the first time that I am using it.
Luckily, it has gone well. ” Yu Qi smiled innocently.

The three men once again looked at each other.
They felt their big boss was a dangerous girl that they should not offend her in the future. 

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If she did refine the pill, who knows what other kinds of the pills, she had already refined.
They were glad that they were her allies.

As she had said, Yu Qi started to think about ways to save Fua Sui Jue ’s wife and child.
However, it was not wise to act alone but she could not ask the police or her employees.
It would endanger Fua Sui Jue ’s wife and child.

’Master, you should eat first.
Your head will be clear by now. ’ Aoi suggested. 

He was with her from the start.
When his master wanted to use the pill, he was looking forward to it.
He watched his master refined the pills many times before it would succeed.
Turned out, it was the truth pill. 

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