They departed to the location.
After 30 minutes of driving, they arrived at the place.
However, they stopped about 200 metres away from the location. 

Aoi looked at the direction where the warehouse was located.
These were different news scents.
He needed to inform his master.

’Master, there are other new scents.
Probably about three to five new scents.
Meaning there are new people in that warehouse. ’ Aoi informed Yu Qi.

’New people? ’ Yu Qi frowned.

’Yes. ’ Aoi nodded.

Long Hui noticed that his beloved Qi Qi had frowned.
Aoi must be telling her something just now. 

”What is it? ” Long Hui asked.

”According to Aoi, there are new people in that warehouse.
Around three to five people. ” Yu Qi said.

”Sister in law, how do you know? ” Ren Qian Yi interrupted.

Others also looked at Yu Qi waiting for her answer.

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”My dog has told me.
He can smell. ” Yu Qi said.

Others were stunned.
How could this small dog ’s nose very good?

Aoi could guess what everyone thought about him.
’Idiot. ’ He snorted.

”The plan will still not change.
Everyone, separate according to the plan. ” Long Hui told his subordinates.
”Go now. ”

”Yes, sir. ” Everyone separated, went to their positions.

Since it was dark, it was easy for them to move around without getting seen by the people at the warehouse.
After 10 minutes, Long Hui assumed that everyone was already in their position.

”Are you ready? ” Long Hui asked through the earphone.

”Yes. ” Everyone answered.

”Then, let ’s start our operation. ” Long Hui announced. 

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So, the operation started.
Yu Qi was together with Long Hui.
She brought out her own gun with a silencer.
Long Hui glanced at her.
He knew that the weapon in her hands was from her space. 

The enemy seemed to talk with each other.
Yu Qi lifted her gun taking her aim at the head of one of the men who were guarding.
Meanwhile, Long Hui was taking aim on another one. 

Their group consisted of 4 members, Long Hui, Yu Qi, Ren Qian Yi and another Long Hui ’s subordinate, Yuen He.

”She can shoot? ” Yuen He asked Ren Qian Yi.

”Of course. ” Ren Qian Yi nodded. 

Two shots were fired.
They went straight to the men ’s head.
The men fell on the ground lifeless.
Yuen He saw it with his jaws opened.
Her marksmanship was very good.
It was par with his cold blooded leader.
They approached the warehouse slowly.

”Are you all done? ” Long Hui asked.

”Yes, sir. ” Meaning the outside guards were already settled.

Yu Qi ’s plan was to silence all of the men who were guarding outside.
While for the men inside, they would not be killed.
However, they must be taken down.
So, Long Hui ’s subordinates could shoot everyone without resulting them to death.

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Yu Qi took a look through the holes on the wall of that warehouse.
Since it was an old warehouse, so there were plenty of holes on the wall. 

Yu Qi could see about 5 to 7 people in that warehouse.
She also could recognise one of them.
It was MMrLu.
She never thought to see him here. 

She utilized her hearing to the maximum so that she could hear what they had been talking about. 

”You need to take these pieces.
They are important.
Like always, make sure they are eating so that they can not die. ” Mr Lu said.

”Boss, who are the new people? ” Another man asked.

”Our new man.
He does not like to work for us.
So, we have used his mother to threaten him.
Are that woman and child alive? ” Mr Lu asked.

”Yes sir.
At first, that woman has resisted eating but after we have threatened to kill her child, she has eaten the food. ” His man answered.

”I also can ’t get a response from her husband.
He has probably gotten caught or already forgotten his family. ” Mr Lu sneered.

”Probably got caught, Mr.Lu.
That man loved his family.
They are the reason why he joined us. ” The men laughed.

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”If I don ’t get any response from that man tomorrow morning, we will finish them since they are no longer useful for us. ” Mr Lu decided. 

”Just inform us later.
We will do the job. ” The men nodded while giving a sign that head been chopped.

Yu Qi who heard the conversation clenched her fists.
These men really thought of nothing about human life.
These men were the same who had killed her in her past life.
Driven by her anger, Yu Qi ran into the warehouse. 

Everyone was shocked.
Not only the men inside the warehouse even Long Hui ’s subordinates were shocked.
The men in the warehouse were stunned for a moment when they saw a girl running towards them.

Before they managed to reach out their weapons, they could feel the numbness on their both hands.
The split of a second, they already could not move their hands.
Their hands were paralysed.

Yu Qi shot the legs of the three men who were present among them.
’They are the ones who have tortured me before I have died.
How dare they? How dare they? ’ Her mind screamed. 

Long Hui and his subordinates entered the warehouse after that.
They did not expect that all of the men would go down due to their sister in law. 

Long Hui quickly approached and reached out to Yu Qi ’s hand.
Yu Qi ’s aura was different.
She was giving out a murderous aura.
The aura was very much that even Long Hui ’s subordinates could fell it.

”Qi Qi, calm down. ” Long Hui whispered into his beloved Qi Qi ’s ear.
He could feel that his beloved Qi Qi was losing control of her emotions.
He did not know why but he did not want it to happen.
”Qi Qi, calm down.
I ’m here. ” He whispered again.

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