Yu Qi was sitting with her grandfather.
They were talking about the herbs.
Grandpa Tang still gave the lectures about the herbs to Yu Qi even though Yu Qi already the university student.

”So, do you understand the benefit of this herb? ” Grandpa Tang asked Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was currently writing what Grandpa Tang just said.
When she heard Grandpa Tang ’s question, she answered.
I understand. ”

”Good. ” Grandpa Tang nodded.

Even though she already learned it in the space but still, her grandfather ’s lecture was still the best. 

”How about your study? ” Grandpa Tang inquired about Yu Qi ’s study. 

”It ’s okay.
I ’m going to enter the third year. ” Yu Qi informed Grandpa Tang.

”Third year? So, do you already choose your major? ” Grandpa Tang asked.

”Surgery. ” Yu Qi smiled.
She was interested in the surgery.

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”Oh, that is tough.
It is a lot to cover. ” Grandpa Tang impressed with Yu Qi ’s choice.

”I know but still, it is my choice. ”

”Well, I will not interfere with your choice. ” Grandpa Tang already knew Yu Qi ’s character.
She would not choose that if she could not conquer that.

”Yu Q! Yu Qi! Yu Qi! ”

A scream that saying Yu Qi ’s name could be heard from outside the house.
Grandpa Tang frowned.
Who was this person? Shouting in front of others ’ houses.
No manner.
Grandpa Tang gave a questionable look to Yu Qi.
Yu Qi made the gesture that she also did not know about this.

Yu Qi did not have any friend here except for Feng Yue.
Feng Yue would not be shouting her name like a person outside there.

”Yu Qi.
Come out. ” The person keeps shouting Yu Qi ’s name.

”Let ’s go and take a look. ” Grandpa Tang stood up followed by Yu Qi.

When Grandpa Tang and Yu Qi arrived at the front door, they could see the three women of Wang Family.
Madam Wang was currently crying while her two daughters had a bad look on their face.
Maybe something bad just happened in their Wang.
Even so, why did they come here and shouted her name?

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Grandpa Tang and Yu Qi approached them.
Madam Wang saw Yu Qi lifted up her eyes.
She ran and kneeled down in front of Yu Qi.
Yu Qi frowned.
’What the heck is this old woman trying to do? ’ Yu Qi was waiting to see what Madam Wang wanted to do right now.

”Yu Qi, Yu Qi, please help me.
Please. ” Madam Wang suddenly begged Yu Qi.

Yu Qi did not respond.
She just silently watched the scene.
She still could not process what happened here.

”Please. ” Madam Wang did not try to explain.
She just begged and cried.

”What are you doing? ” Grandpa Tang asked.
He did not ask Madam Wang but her two daughters.

Actually, our younger brother is in debt.
We come…
here to borrow…
some money. ” Wang Fu Ya awkwardly explained to Grandpa Tang and Yu Qi.
They had to thicken their skin to come here and borrow the money from Yu Qi.

Yu Qi sneered.
”Why should I help you? ” Yu Qi did not want to help Wang Family.

I ’m begging you. ” Madam Wang did not have any pride anymore.
For the sake of her son, she would do anything to save her son.

”Why did your brother ended up in debt? ” Still, Yu Qi wanted to know what had happened.

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”My brother was gambling.
He was caught cheating.
The men asked 10 million within two days. ” Wang Fu Ya did not look at Yu Qi ’s face when she was answering Yu Qi.

”What? Gambling? Humph.
Serve himself.
Go home.
We did not have that amount of money. ” Grandpa Tang asked Wang Family to go home. 

One of the things that Grandpa Tang really hated was gambling.
At one point, gambling could make people rich but at the same time, it made people addicted to betting their money.

”Please, help me. ” Madam Wang still crying. 

”We do not that money.
If we have, why should we give it to you? ” Yu Qi smirked. 

Wang Fu Ya and Wang Ha Na also kneeled down. 

”Please, Yu Qi.
Can you help us? ” Wang Fu Ya begged Yu Qi.
She really did not want to beg this bitch but she did not have much choice.

”Yu Qi, Yu Jin is just a young boy. ” Wang Ha Na added.

”Yeah, he is a young boy but he already knew about gambling. ” Yu Qi said in ridiculousness. 

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Wang Family could not say anything about that because it was true. 

”Go home. ” Grandpa Tang said again.

”No, we will not leave until you say yes. ” Madam Wang threatening.

”Owh… ” Yu Qi smiled.
Then she called Sister Chu Xiao.

”Yes, Young Miss. ” Sister Chu Xiao approached Yu Qi.

Yu Qi whispered to Sister Chu Xiao asking her to do something.
Madam Wang thought Yu Qi finally giving and wanted to help them.
She also thought Yu Qi was asking the maid to take the money to give to them.
She was smiling.
Threatening them was the best idea.

”Grandfather, you can go in first.
I will handle them. ” Yu Qi asked Grandpa Tang to go in first.
She did not want her grandfather to become sick because of these people. 

”Really? ” Grandpa Tang asked. 

”Yeah, don ’t worry. ” Yu Qi smiled.

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Grandpa Tang did not go in instead he went to the nearby chair to enjoy the situation.
He also wanted to see how her granddaughter handled these shameless people.
Yu Qi sighed when she saw her grandfather sat in the chair to enjoy.

”Yu Qi, where is the money? ” Madam Wang asked.

Yu Qi did not answer.
She watched Madam Wang like an idiot.
’This old woman thinks I will lend her the money.
When did I said that? ’ Yu Qi thought something was wrong with Madam Wang.

Then the police siren could be heard.
The police car stopped in front of Yu Qi ’s house.
Yu Qi was smiling when she saw the help was coming. 

”Is this the Tang House? ” One of the police officers asked while gave a weird look to these people who kneeled down.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”We received a phone call reporting that some people disturbed and making troubles in front of your house. ” The police officer said.

There are people that making trouble. ” Yu Qi pointed to the three women. 

We are not making trouble. ” Madam Wang said in scared.

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”They come here to borrow 10 million.
We do not that amount of money.
When we said so, they threaten us that they will not leave until we give the money. ” Yu Qi explained in a short way.

The three women of Wang Family made a shook face.
They did not expect that Yu Qi would call the police and told everything.

”Is she telling the truth? ” The police officer turned to the three women and asked them.

No… ” Wang Fu Ya denied it.

”Then, please leave.
If not, we will arrest you. ” The police officer said. 

The three women of Wang Family quickly stood up and ran away. 

Seeing the three women ran away like someone was chasing them, Yu Qi took a relief breath.
She then turned to the police officers.

”Thank you for your help, Sirs.
If you don ’t come, I bet they will not leave this house. ” Yu Qi bowed a little and said thank the police officers that came to help her.

”No worries.
We just perform our duty. ” The police officers knew Yu Qi and her situation.
They also knew the Wang Family.

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”Then we will be leaving. ” The police officers left.

”My granddaughter is smart to call the police. ” Grandpa Tang praised Yu Qi.

”These people are afraid of the police.
It is a good plan to call the police to deal with them instead of dealing with them by ourselves. ” Yu Qi smiled wickedly. 

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