Yu Qi smelled the lotus fragrance which had surrounded her.
’It is Long Hui ’s smell. ’ Yu Qi snapped out.
Yu Qi looked around.

”What have I done? ” Yu Qi asked.

That question could be heard by everyone.
When they heard that question, Long Hui ’s subordinates once again were stunned.

Mr.Lu ’s people were also speechless.
’What the heck? You have entered this warehouse and done this to us.
Now you ask, ’what have I done? ’ What the heck? ’ They screamed in their minds.

”Who are you, people? ” Mr.Lu asked.
He really wanted to know.

”You don ’t need to know. ” Long Hui sneered.

”Let me see the hostages. ” Yu Qi ran into the room which was used to keep the hostages.

When Yu Qi entered the room, they obviously looked scared of the intruder who just came in.
There was a woman hugging a child and an old woman.
The woman with the child was Su Nie and Fu Sulli.

”Don ’t worry.
You are safe now. ” Yu Qi smiled gently.

However, Su Nie did not react much than hugging her child closer.
The old woman also did not move.

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”Madam Fua, I come to save you and your child.
Your husband is also safe now. ” Yu Qi talked again.

”My husband? Is it true? ” Su Nie looked at Yu Qi.
The girl smiled.

Let ’s go outside. ” Yu Qi said.
”Don ’t worry.
They are on our side. ” Yu Qi saw that Su Nie hesitated when she saw a group of men behind Yu Qi.

Su Nie stood up with her child.
Yu Qi helped the old woman to stand up.
They went out of the room.
When Su Nie saw the group of men whom she usually saw guarding them was surrounded by another group, she was relieved.

”Bring them to the hospital first. ” Yu Qi ordered Long Hui ’s subordinates.

The ones who had been ordered subconsciously followed her orders even though they were not her subordinates.

”Madam Fua, you can go to the hospital first.
Let the doctor make a full body checkup of you and your child.
I will bring you to your husband later. ” Yu Qi told Su Nie.

”Yes. ” Su Nie nodded.

Yu Qi turned back to the group of men who had been captured.
She looked at their faces one by one.
They were the ones who had left her to die in the unknown place in her past life.

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Her anger built up again.
She clenched both of her fists.
When Long Hui sensed it, he quickly grabbed his beloved Qi Qi ’s hand.
Yu Qi looked at Long Hui.
He was smiling gently at her.

”Tell me, who are you? ” Mr Lu asked again.

”You want to know our identity? ” Yu Qi asked.

Mr.Lu was silent and looked straight at the girl.
The group that guarded them right now was fully armed.
Meaning they might be from the military or private army.

However, the most shocking thing was the girl.
Even now, he did not know why he and his men became like this.
He could not move his hands at the beginning.
Now, his whole body could not be moved at all.

”Let ’s say, I ’m the one whom you have killed in the past. ” Yu Qi still could feel the pain which she experienced when they had cut off her limbs.

Mr Lu frowned.
’Killed her? In the past? If I have killed her, why is she still alive? This girl must be kidding me right now. ’

”Interrogate them.
Make sure they spill out everything. ” Long Hui ordered and then he brought Yu Qi away.

”Yes, sir. ” The subordinates saluted him.

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”Don ’t beat their faces. ” Yu Qi said before being taken away.

Long Hui brought Yu Qi outside the warehouse.

”Are you okay? ” Long Hui asked.

I ’m okay now.
Thank you. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Long Hui brought his beloved Qi Qi into his hug.
”I ’m so afraid of seeing you losing control of your emotions. ”

”I ’m sorry. ” Yu Qi said.

”Tell me, what has made you lose control? ” Long Hui asked.

”Actually… ” Yu Qi explained to him.
”I ’m sorry.
I just can not help it. ” Yu Qi cried.

Long Hui felt his heart being stabbed by something while listening to his beloved Qi Qi ’s story.
His hand patted gently his beloved Qi Qi ’s head.
He wished to be by her side at that moment.

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Yu Qi finally calmed down after a while of crying.
She looked up.

”I ’m sorry. ”

”It ’s okay. ” Long Hui wiped her excess tear with his finger.

”Let ’s go in. ” Yu Qi said.

So, both of them entered the warehouse again.

”How is it? ” Long Hui asked.

”No use.
Their mouths are zipped tightly. ” Ren Qian Yi frowned.

As Yu Qi requested, they did not touch their faces.
Only the body but they did not feel anything.

Let them eat this pill. ” Yu Qi brought out the bottle that contained the pills.

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Ren Qian Yi took the bottle and looked inside.
”What is this? ”

”Just give them to eat.
One pill for one person. ” Yu Qi said again.

”Just do it. ” Long Hui voiced.

Ren Qian Yi quickly moved his ass giving the pills to all of the people who were captured

”What have you given me to eat? No…
I ’m not eating. ” One of Mr Lu ’s men shouted.
He was resisting to eat the pill.

Others also began to do so.

”Help me to hold his head. ” Ren Qian Yi asked his member to only hold the head since their bodies were already paralyzed.

So, one by one being forced to swallow the pill.
That included Mr Lu himself after tried to resist.

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