Yu Qi woke up from her sleep while realizing that she was in Long Hui ’s arms.
Yu Qi was sleeping using Long Hui ’s one arm as her pillow and his other arm was on her waist.

’His face is really handsome. ’ Yu Qi looked up and observed Long Hui ’s face.
Even if she already had seen this face so many times, she still felt amazed with the sculpture of his face.

She slowed raised her hand and touched his lips using her finger.
She slowly traced along the lips.
She really wanted to kiss these lips.

However, she did not know that the one whom she had been touching had already woken up.
Long Hui already woke up since he felt that his beloved Qi Qi moved her hand.
He was wondering what would she do next.
Turned out she wanted to touch his lips.

Since his beloved Qi Qi wanted to touch his lips, he would let her touch as long as she wanted.
He also would allow her to do whatever she wanted to do with him.

”These lips look very sweet. ”

Long Hui suddenly heard that his beloved Qi Qi said something like that.
He could not hold himself back anymore.
So, he opened his eyes and looked down at his beloved Qi Qi.

The finger that had been touching his lips stopped.
His beloved Qi Qi realized the owner of the lips that she had been playing with had already woken up and watching her straight.

”Why have you stopped? You can touch more.
Or do anything else. ” The last sentence contained the aura of seductiveness in it.

Yu Qi was embarrassed.
So, she closed her eyes.
She wanted to pretend to be asleep.

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”Oh, now you are sleeping? Well, then, meaning I can do anything to you? Hmmm… ” Long Hui whispered.

’Ah!!! He is seducing me. ’ Yu Qi was screaming in her mind.

”No answer…
Then, let me do something. ” Long Hui gave out a small laugh.

He then attacked his beloved Qi Qi ’s lips.
His tongue intruded her mouth and played with her tongue.
Yu Qi felt she could not breathe, so she opened her mouth and let out a m.o.a.ning sound.

”Qi Qi, I want you.
Can I? ” Long Hui released her mouth and asked her permission to continue.

Yu Qi slowly nodded.
When Long Hui saw the nod, he immediately pounced on his prey.
So the journey began.

Yu Qi woke up again after one hour of sleep.
They had been making love almost four hours.
Long Hui seemed to have endless energy.
Yu Qi had aleady lost count of how many times she had climaxed.

However, she woke up in a different room.
It was Long Hui ’s room that she prepared for him to stay in the space.
Well, he did not use it at all since he used hers.

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She already noticed that her body had already been cleaned up.
She fell to sleep feeling stickiness on her body since she was sweating during the lovemaking.

”You are awake.
Here, I have made some breakfast for you. ” Long Hui entered and brought a tray that contained a bowl of soup, some bread and a glass of milk.

Yu Qi was blinking several times.

”You have made this? ” Yu Qi asked.

I can cook but only some simple meal. ” Long Hui nodded.
He was a soldier.
It was a basic skill required for survival which he had learned in the military when he was young.

”I think the handsome man who can cook is very s.e.xy. ” Yu Qi burled out the words without she realising it.

”Oh, only when I cook? ” The question was indicating something.

Yu Qi was blushing.
Long Hui laughed.

”Well, let ’s leave that topic behind first.
For now, you need to eat. ” Long Hui said.

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”Okay. ” Yu Qi ate food.
The soup was actually quite nice.
She finished the food.

”Well, let ’s do some morning training. ” Yu Qi wanted to move however when she was about to stand up, she felt her legs had no energy.

”Qi Qi, be careful. ” Long Hui caught her body.

She then felt pain in her lower back.
”Ouch. ”

”What? Are you hurt somewhere? ” Long Hui panic.

Yu Qi glared at Long Hui.
’Has this man forgotten what he has done to me? ’

”Qi Qi? ” Long Hui called her.

”It is because of you. ” Yu Qi said.

”Because of me? ” Long Hui did not understand.

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”The deed that we had done last night. ” Yu Qi said in an embarrassing tone.

Long Hui was silent.
He was thinking about what they had done.
’Oh ’.
He understood.

”I ’m sorry.
I can not control my strength yesterday.
Is it really hurting? ” Long Hui put Yu Qi down gently.

It hurts. ” Yu Qi said.
’Why does he look okay? Forget about it.
I want to go out. ’

”Brother Hui, can you bring me outside? ” Yu Qi requested.

Since his beloved Qi Qi had requested, Long Hui lifted up his beloved Qi Qi like a princess.
He brought her out.
After they stepped out of the pagoda, Bo Ya and Aoi saw them and ran towards them.

”Eh, what has happened with you, Master? ” Aoi asked with an innocent look.

”You have made our master hurt. ” Bo Ya accused Long Hui.
Yesterday, he did not hear anything since his master asked him to, well, like to switch off his ability to hear everything in the space when she came into space with this man.

”Well… ” Long Hui did not know what to say.

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”I ’m okay.
I ’m just tired.
Don ’t worry.
I ’m fine. ” Yu Qi cut Long Hui ’s word and explained to her two little cuties.

Bo Ya seemed to accept his master ’s explanation but he still glared at Long Hui.

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