After sitting without doing anything, Yu Qi gained her strength back.
So, Yu Qi decided to come out of the space.

When they came out of the space, the day outside the space had just passed the lunchtime.
Yu Qi wanted to visit the victims who had been kidnapped by Mr Lu and his gang.
So, they went to the hospital where Long Hui ’s subordinates sent them to yesterday.

Fortunately for them, Su Nie and Fua Sulli were still in the hospital.
Su Nie had already recovered her energy.
She took care of her daughter.
Only Fua Sulli was still in weak condition.
Well, she did not get the nutrients that her body needed.
No wonder she was still weak.

While the old woman had already returned home.
She was not hurt or anything since she had just been kidnapped yesterday.
The policemen already came and talked to them.

When Su Nie saw Yu Qi came, she kowtowed to Yu Qi.
Yu Qi saw this, she quickly reached out for Su Nie.

”Madam, what are you doing? ” Yu Qi asked.

”You are our saviour.
Thank you for saving me. ” Su Nie cried.
She never thought to come out and see the outside world after being kept for about a month.
She turned to Long Hui and thanked him.

Yu Qi remembered about Fua Sui Jue.
She called Su Yu Hi and told them about the situation.
She also asked him to bring Fua Sui Jue to the hospital where his wife and his child were.
However, she told Su Yu Hi not to tell him.

Su Yu Hi just followed her boss ’ order.
Ming Xuehai also followed them.
Fua Sui Jue was confused when the two men brought him to the hospital.
He thought that they would bring him to the police station to confess his crime.

When Fua Sui Jue saw his wife, he ran towards his wife and hugged his wife.
He could not believe that he was seeing his wife here.
Safe and sound.

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”Thank goodness.
Thank goodness.
You are safe.
What about Sulli? Is she okay? Is she safe? ” Fua Sui Jue asked his wife.

She is okay.
She is sleeping. ” Su Nie pointed to Fua Sulli who was still sleeping on the bed.

Fua Sui Jue was relieved when he saw that his daughter was okay.

”What happened? How did you escape them? ” Fua Sui Jue felt his heart bleed on the day when Mr.Lu told him that they had already kidnapped his wife and daughter.

”Well, all thanks to this woman and this man. ” Su Nie pointed to Yu Qi and Long Hui.

Fua Sui Jue was surprised that the girl who was like a demon to him on the other day.
As for the man, he did not know him.
Probably the girl ’s friend, perhaps.

Like Su Nie, Fua Sui Jue kneeled down and gave a kowtow to Yu Qi and Long Hui.
”Miss, Sir, thank you for saving my family.
I will remember this gratitude for my whole life.
Thank you. ”

He was crying.
He did not even feel embarrassed when others looked at him.
Why did he need to feel embarrassment? Without them, he might not be able to see his wife and his daughter again.
But they saved his family.
So, it was not embarrassing at all.

”Get up. ” Yu Qi ordered.

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Fua Sui Jin quickly got up.
He looked at Yu Qi and waited for her to say something.

”I have already saved your family.
I need you to do something. ” Yu Qi said.

Tell me, Miss.
I will do anything as long as it is within my capabilities. ” Fua Sui Jue looked straight at Yu Qi.

You will be the witness.
Mr.Lu that you have mentioned before are already being arrested by the policemen.
So, you will be an important key to make sure Mr.Lu and his gang will not get away from what they deserve. ” Yu Qi told him.

Fua Sui Jue nodded several times.
”Yes, Miss.
I can do that.
They have already hurt my family.
I will do anything to take my revenge. ” Fua Sui Jue wanted to retaliate.
They went so far even kidnapping his family.
If he did not retaliate for his family, who would?

”Brother Xuehai, you will handle the case. ” Yu Qi looked at Ming Xuehai.

”Okay. ” Ming Xuehai did not need to think twice, agreed.

”Well, as for today, you can take a rest first with your family.
Brother Xuehai will call you later. ” Yu Qi gave him some time.
He might want to be with his family for the moment.

”Okay, Miss.
Once again, thank you for everything. ” Fua Sui Jue thanked her once again before she left the place.
It seemed that he had already forgotten what Yu Qi did to him on another day.

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”How did you save them? ” Su Yu Hi asked Yu Qi while walking out of the hospital.

”I have a wonderful boyfriend, to begin with. ” Yu Qi showed off.

Su Yu Hi looked at Long Hui.
The man did not give any response.
He did not even look at Su Yu Hi.
His eyes were only on Yu Qi.
Su Yu Hi understood.
Yu Qi had probably asked her boyfriend for help.

”Well, then, the spy chapter ends.
Our company has not lost anything.
By the way, is that true, Mr Lu that you have mentioned before is one of Mr Bai ’s people? ” Su Yu Hi was curious about it.

I have confirmed it. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Using your pills? ” Su Yu Hi asked.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi grinned.

Long Hui pulled his beloved Qi Qi closer to him.
He then gave a look to Su Yu Hi.
Yu Qi looked up and saw the expression on his face.
He was producing the jar of vinegar.

Su Yu Hi observed Long Hui and Yu Qi.
He understood.
This man was probably jealous by looking at his woman talking so much to other men.

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”Well, then, I will excuse myself.
By the way, you have a lot of doc.u.ments to review. ” Su Yu Hi left followed by Ming Xuehai.

”Are you jealous? ” Yu Qi grinned.

”What do you think? ” Long Hui asked.
He was indeed feeling jealous when seeing his beloved Qi Qi talking to other men.
He knew that they did not have any love relationship but still he could not help but to feel jealous.

Yu Qi laughed.
”Brother Hui, you are cute. ”

”Cute? ” He did not know what to feel when his beloved Qi Qi told him ’You are cute. ’

”Oh, really? Then, I will show more cuteness tonight on our bed.
What do you think? ” It was Long Hui ’s turn to smirk?

Thinking about the pain that Yu Qi had been through after waking up, Yu Qi shook her head.
”Spare me, my majesty.
My body can not stand. ” Yu Qi begged.

”Now you know my cuteness. ” Long Hui grinned.

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