”Sir, Mr Lu has been detained. ” A man reported to Bai Xia Fang that sat on the chair facing the window.

”Oh. ” Bai Xia Fang responded.

”Do we need to save him, Sir? ” A man asked.

”No need.
Dispose of him. ” Bai Xia Fang said.
Pawn could always be found.
No need to think much about that.

A man nodded and wanted to excuse himself until Bai Xia Fang stopped him.

”How does he get caught? ” Bai Xia Fang asked.

”I ’m unable to get the information but what I heard from our intel that a woman and a group of men sent Mr Lu to the policemen.
The woman is Miss Tang Yu Qi and the leader of the men is Mr Long Hui. ” The man explained.

”Oh, I see.
You can go now. ” Bai Xia Fang smirked.
’Tang Yu Qi is sure interesting.
You are probably the one that I have been looking for. ’


Long Hui needed to return to the military compound at Shiwa Town.
Yu Qi also wanted to return to Shiwa Town since it was still a semester break.

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So, Long Hui wanted they returned back together.
Yu Qi did not want to leave her car here since she might need to use the car later.

Because of that, Long Hui asked for someone to drive Yu Qi ’s car back to Shiwa Town.
Yu Qi was speechless when knowing that Long Hui did something like that.
Since there was no reason to reject Long Hui ’s anymore, Yu Qi returned back with Long Hui.

Yu Qi already called Grandpa Tang telling him that she would return home today.
After a long hour of driving, they arrived at Shiwa Town.
Long Hui would drop Yu Qi first at Grandpa Tang ’s house.

When Yu Qi was about to enter the house, her body had been hugging by someone.
She wanted to knock out the person but she stopped when she heard the familiar voice.

”Yu Qi, I miss you so much. ” That person was Feng Yue.

Indeed, they had not been seeing each other for a long time.
Yu Qi was busy with her own matter and so did Feng Yue.

Yu Qi wanted to hug her back but someone already pulled Feng Yue.

”Who dares to pull me like that? ” Feng Yue was angry when her reunion with her best friend was been interrupted.

”Me. ”

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Feng Yue froze when he heard the voice.
She turned back and saw an icily face was looking down at her.

”Brother Hui, long time no see. ” Feng Yue grinned after a moment of silence.

”Hmmm… ” Long Hui nodded.

”Wait, where had you been? You were on the date? ” Feng Yue looked at the two of them.

Yu Qi did not answer that question.
Her eyes glanced at Long Hui.
At the same time, Long Hui also glanced at Yu Qi.
Feng Yue caught them been glancing at each other.

”Kyaaa!!! ” Feng Yue screamed excitedly.

Long Hui sighed.
His cousin really knew to spoil the mood.
He looked at his watch.
He needed to report himself to the military compound.

”Qi Qi, I need to go first. ” Long Hui pulled his beloved Qi Qi and kissed her forehead.
He had some time to whisper.
”As your lips, it would be next time for me to kiss it. ” With that sentence, Long Hui left.

Yu Qi ’s face already changed to red.
Feng Yue saw that her cousin whispered something and after that, Yu Qi turned red.
Her cousin must be whispering something embarrassing.

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”Yu Qi, tell me what Brother Hui tell you just now. ” Feng Yue teased Yu Qi.

Want to know? Go and find your own boyfriend. ” Yu Qi entered the house leaving Feng Yue alone.

Feng Yue was blinking several times until she understood Yu Qi ’s sentence.
”Yu Qi, you threw me over the boyfriend.
Are you really my friend? ” Feng Yue ran and asked Yu Qi.

I ’m not. ” Yu Qi replied.

”Yu Qi, you idiot. ” Feng Yue shouted.

Yu Qi laughed.


On that night, Feng Yue spend the night at Grandpa Tang ’s house.
When Feng Yue told him to stay for the night, Grandpa Tang did not mind.
He also told her to tell her grandfather in case her grandfather looking for her.

Feng Yue already told Grandpa Feng that she would stay at Grandpa Tang ’s house for some time.
Grandpa Feng allowed her to stay since he had some matters to settle at another city.
Even though his house at Shiwa Town had its workers but it would be better if Feng Yue spent her time with someone like Yu Qi.

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After dinner, Yu Qi talked a little with Grandpa Tang about the herbs that he succeeds to grow up.
The herbs looked very healthy.
Grandpa Tang really took care of the herbs.

Feng Yue made a boring face when listening to this grandfather and granddaughter pair.
After realized that Feng Yue was bored, Yu Qi stopped talking to Grandpa Tang and excused herself.

Both of the girls decided to take a night walk.
When they were outside, the town was still lively.
Well, there were a lot of people since the night market was opened on that night.

It was a long time since Yu Qi visited the time market in her hometown.
As for Feng Yue, this was her first time.
She did not step into this kind of market because her father did not allow her to visit this kind of place.

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