”So many people are here? ” Feng Yue commented.

”Well, this is the night market. ” Yu Qi replied.
”Some people sell food, clothes, or daily necessary. ”

”Oh, like a supermarket? ” Feng Yue asked.

”Yeah, but only on a certain day. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Oh, they have some games too. ” Feng Yue pointed to one direction.
”Have you played the games before? ”

”Nope. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

She never played the games here since money was required to play them.
The Wang family did not give her any additional money for her to spend to play the game.
The money was only enough for daily expenses.

”Can we try them? ” Feng Yue ’s excited eyes looked to Yu Qi.

If you want. ” Yu Qi said.

Let ’s try all of them tonight. ” Feng Yue made her mission.

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Yu Qi chuckled.
All of them? Well, if she could…

So, the two girls went to the game stalls.
They played.
Shooting game, fishing game, matching game, shoot ball game and other games.

The two girls immediately became popular there.
Yu Qi was already well known to the people in the market, now adding Feng Yue also.
The game stall owners promoted their stalls to come and play the game to Yu Qi and Feng Yue.

Yu Qi only followed Feng Yue to express her interest in the game there.
Feng Yue indeed played many games.

”It is so much fun. ” Feng Yue said.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi agreed.
It must be fun if she could play them when she was younger before.

Yu Qi usually only heard the fun and exciting stories when Wang Children told her about it.
Sometimes, Wang Family allowed their children to come and enjoy the games here while she had to stay at home.

The regular reason that Madam Wang would use was that she was the oldest.
So, there was no need to have fun.
Just gave it to the younger.
At that moment, Yu Qi thought that it was normal.
So, she did not argue about it.

”Let ’s go home.
It is already late. ” Yu Qi suggested while looking at her watch.

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Feng Yue also looked at her watch.
Let ’s go home. ”

The two girls walked home.
Suddenly they felt that someone, probably not someone.
Some people were following them from a certain distance.
They were getting close to the two girls.

”Girls, let ’s go and have other fun. ” Then there was some laughter from the men.

There were five men who had blocked Yu Qi and Feng Yue.
Yu Qi did not know them.
Assuming that they had just moved into Shiwa Town probably.

”No need.
We need to go home right now. ” Feng Yue knew the group had an evil intention towards her and Yu Qi.

”We saw that two of you like to play games.
So, we want to tell you that there is another game that has much fun too.
Do you want to try? ”

Let us go. ” Feng Yue directly rejected them.

”Oh, don ’t want to come.
So, we will make you follow us. ” The men were closing the distance between the two girls.

Yu Qi sighed.
”They can not be settled in an easy way.
So let ’s make the hard way. ”

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It has been a long time since I have used it. ” Feng Yue grinned.

Let ’s settle it quickly. ” Yu Qi nodded.

With the sentence finished, both of the girls made their moves.
The first move was to kick the head.
Two men fell on the ground.
They had lost their consciousness.

The other men were stunned.
They stopped their steps.
However, the girls were already in front of them.
Feng Yue gave a punch on the face while Yu Qi gave a kick on the legs.
Two men groaned in pain.

Only one man just stood up looking at his friends.
He was shocked to see this result.
He did not expect that the situation would go this way.

”So, how about we have fun with you? ” Feng Yue smirked.

Without waiting anymore, the one man ran leaving his friends behind.
Feng Yue looked at Yu Qi.
After that, they were laughing.

That was very funny. ” Feng Yue said.
”I thought that he had some balls to challenge us. ”

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

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”So, what should we do with these men? ” Feng Yue turned around.

The two were knocked out while another two groaned in pain.

”Well, they are just knocked out.
They will gain their consciousness. ” Yu Qi checked the two men.

”Then, let ’s leave them here.
We are not so kind as to call the ambulance here. ” Feng Yue suggested.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

So, the two girls left the place leaving the four men on the road.
They arrived home.
Han Chu Xiao was still awake.

”Sister Chu Xiao, has my grandfather already gone to bed ? ” Yu Qi asked.

About two hours ago. ” Han Chu Xiao said.

”Okay, then.
Sister Chu Xiao, we will go to rest then as well.
You shall rest too. ” Yu Qi told her.

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”Okay, Young Miss.
Have a nice sleep. ” Han Chu Xiao nodded.

Yu Qi and Feng Yue went to Yu Qi ’s room.

”I thought that Sister Chu Xiao has already prepared a room for you.
It is beside my room. ” Yu Qi said.

”Yeah but I want to sleep with you tonight. ” Without wasting any time, Feng Yue entered the room and went to the bathroom.

Yu Qi chuckled.
Her friend did not change at all.
Aoi did not follow her just now looked up from the bed.

’Master. ’ Aoi called.

’You have been sleeping, haven ’t you? Sorry to disturb you. ’ Yu Qi patted Aoi ’s head.

’No, I have been just waiting for you.
Do you want to enter the space later? ’ Aoi asked.

’Probably nope.
Yue is here. ’ Yu Qi said.

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’Oh, okay. ” Aoi nodded.

’You should sleep on your own bed.
Yue is sleeping with me. ’ Yu Qi pointed to Aoi ’s bed.

’Huh? But I want to sleep with you. ’ Aoi made a sad face.

’I know but I don ’t want to get Aoi to sleep uncomfortably. ’ Yu Qi replied.

I will sleep in my own bed. ’ Aoi nodded.
He did not want to make things difficult for his master.

After a while, Feng Yue came out of the bathroom.
Turned out, she was taking the shower.

”So refreshing.
Yu Qi, you should take a shower too.
Our bodies have sweated before. ” Feng Yue wiped the water.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

About 15 minutes later, Yu Qi came out.
Feng Yur already landed on Yu Qi ’s bed like her own.
After putting the pyjama, Yu Qi was laying down.

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”Yu Qi, Aoi seems in the bad mood.
He does not want me to pat him. ” Feng Yue said.

”Just leave him.
He will probably be okay by tomorrow. ” Yu Qi said.
’He is in the bad mood because of you. ’

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