”Yu Qi, you have already moved to the next stage in your relationship with bother Hui? ”

The sudden question made Yu Qi coughed several times.

”Oh, you have.
Tell me about it. ” Feng Yue was excited to hear the story.

”We are the same. ” How could she just tell the things between her and Long Hui to others? That would be so embarrassing.

Feng Yue laughed.
Her friend was flushing red.
Something had happened between the two of them.

’ ’Come on.
Just tell me a little bit.
I want to hear it. ” Feng Yue begged.

I will not tell you.
If you want to know, you can ask your Brother Hui about it. ” Yu Qi suggested while grinning.

”No!!! I will not book my death. ” Feng Yue quickly rejected the idea.
That would be so much scary.

Yu Qi laughed.
She knew that Feng Yue would not so brave to go and ask Long Hui about that.

”How about you? Do you have a boyfriend now? ” Yu Qi inquiries.

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”Nope. ” Feng Yue answered in one word.

”Oh. ” Yu Qi thought that she would be able to get herself a boyfriend by now.

”My so-called sister has spread a rumour about me being a sugar baby. ” It was one of the reasons why Feng Yue did not go back to the main Feng residence.

Her father was so angry with her.
He believed Feng Ma Ri ’s nonsense.
Even after Feng Yue explained to her father.

”How did that happen? ” Yu Qi asked the details.

”I was meeting with one of the sponsors for my club.
We were discussing our club ’s proposal.
Someone snapped the picture of us and put it on the university ’s forum.
The university called me for an explanation.
So, I told them the truth.
After that, the university gave an explanation to the students about the matter.
But Feng Ma Ri told the different version to my father.
So, we argued. ” Feng Yue explained.

”So, here you are? ” Yu Qi asked.

My grandpa told me to come to Shiwa Town, and stay here for some time. ” Feng Yue sighed.
”I recently thought of myself.
Is that man is really my father? Why he does not trust me at all? ”

”His mind has already been poisoned by the so-called sister of yours. ” Yu Qi said.

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”Well, I don ’t care.
I think my feelings for him has already emptied.
He can think whatever he wants to.
I will not argue with him anymore.
He can think that he just has only one daughter. ” Feng Yue gave up.
The feeling of hatred had already been developed so long since she knew that her father had cheated on her mother even before her mother had died.

”Don ’t worry.
You still have Grandpa Feng, Grandpa Long and other people who love you. ” Yu Qi assured Feng Yue.

”Yeah. ” Feng Yue said.

”Yu Qi, what is your plan for today? ” Feng Yue asked.

They were having breakfast after Yu Qi had a long talk with Grandpa Tang about the herbs.
They woke up at 6 am.
Yu Qi did her morning exercises accompanied by Aoi and Feng Yue.

Yu Qi was surprised that Feng Yue wanted to follow her going for joking.
Yu Qi remembered that Feng Yue did not like to exercise.
Only just because Long Hui ordered her, she would do it.

Feng Yue told Yu Qi that she started to go for morning jog after she started feeling that her body felt weak.

”I will go to the greenhouse to take a look.
It has been a long time since I have visited them.
Then I will go to the ryokan.
Let ’s go to the ryokan together.
We can get soaked in the hot spring. ” Yu Qi suggested.

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”Really? I want to go. ” Feng Yue nodded.

I will leave after breakfast. ” Yu Qi said.

After half an hour later, the three of them, Yu Qi, Feng Yue and Aoi got out of the house and walked to the greenhouse ’s direction first.

”Yu Qi have your greenhouse become bigger? ” Feng Yue felt the greenhouse that she visited last time did not look big like this time.

I make it bigger since the market demand has increased. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Su Yu Hi was the one who had suggested to expand the greenhouse to meet the requirement for the Qi Qi ’s skincare factory since the skincare used 100% herbs from her greenhouse.
Since the suggestion was pretty relevant so Yu Qi had agreed.

”I see. ” Feng Yue nodded.

Yu Qi showed her card to the security guard that controlled the main entrance.
When security saw the access card, they opened the door for them to enter.
So, they entered.
They saw the workers did their jobs earnestly.

Yu Qi went to find Jung Lian at the fruit sections.
Feng Yue swallowed her saliva when she saw the fruits which had been there.
Yu Qi can see the Jung Lian currently was giving the orders to his underlings.

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”Brother Lian. ” Yu Qi called him after seeing Jung Lian finished giving the orders.

”Miss Yu Qi. ” Jung Lian came and greeted Yu Qi.
”It has been a long time since Imeet you. ”

”I ’m a little bit busy.
Only now I have time to visit the greenhouse. ” Yu Qi explained.

I know. ” Jung Lian knew his boss was a busy woman.

”How is our greenhouse? ” Yu Qi asked.

”It is good.
Our sales in the fruits section have increased more than the last year. ” Jung Lian proudly told his boss.

”Good. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”You have already seen others? ” Jung Lian asked.

I have found you first.
I also want to see Brother Wen Ding, Sister Bing and Brother Tao later. ” Yu Qi grinned.

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”How is Song Tai? Is he doing well at Wenya City? ” Jung Lian asked about Song Tai.
He had not seen him since he went to Wenya City.

”He is good.
Choosing him is the correct choice. ” Yu Qi nodded.
”If you want to see him, you can take some leave. ”

”No need.
I don ’t think that I can leave my post to others yet.
They need me here. ” Jung Lian rejected the idea.
He really did not think that someone could do his job.
Not now.
However, he had already set his eyes on a few workers under him.

Feng Yue got bored when seeing Yu Qi talked to Jung Lian.
So she walked around.
Suddenly she heard someone calling for her.
Yu Qi frowned as he looked at Jung Lian.

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