”Fu Ya, what should we do now? Your brother…
Your brother. ” Madam Wang cried along the way to their house repeating the same words.

Wang Fu Ya felt distressed about this.
10 million…
Where could they find that amount of money? She did regret that she did not request some money from the old man.
They arrived at their house.
The three women sat in the living room thinking about the possible solutions to get Wang Yu Jin out safe and sound.

”Fu Ya, do you have any friends that we can borrow from them? ” Madam Wang asked in hope.

”Mum, I don ’t have any rich friend. ” Wang Fu Ya sighed.
Most of her friends right now were the same as her.
Working as a woman that accompanied the men.

They once again fell in silence.
Wang Yu Jin would die within two days if they did not collect 10 million to pay the debt.

”Fu Ya, Ha Na, let ’s go to Yu Qi again tomorrow.
Maybe she will lend us the money tomorrow. ” Madam Wang still did not give up the idea of borrowing money from Yu Qi. 

But I will go to another place to ask them whether they could lend us some money. ” Wang Fu Ya said.

”There is a new hotel in a remote place near the mountain.
We should go and ask. ” Wang Ha Na suggested.

”Really? Ask them if they can lend some money to ask in return that we will be working with them. ” Madam Wang added.

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”Working? Who is going to be working with us? ” Wang Ha Na asked.

”Two of you.
You are still young and beautiful.
They might like to hire a young and beautiful girl. ” Madam Wang thought it was the best idea besides went to Yu Qi.

”What? I ’m going to work.
Mum, I ’m still in school.
I can ’t quit. ” Wang Ha Na did not want to quit school just because of Wang Yu Jin.
Why she has to quit school just for the mistake that Wang Yu Jin doing? It was not her fault.
Not like she was the one who forced him to go gambling.

”Ha Na, that is your younger brother. ” Madam Wang said angrily to Wang Ha Na.
Of course, she was angry.
That was her son.
The only son.
Even though she loved her daughters but she valued her son the most.

”Humph, I will not sacrifice myself to him. ” Wang Ha Na ran and entered her bedroom and closed her door with BANG.

Madam Wang sighed.
Wang Fu Ya did not say anything.
Actually, she was thinking the same way as Wang Ha Na.
She thought Wang Ha Na was right.
Wang Yu Jin made his own way to gamble.
So why should they sacrifice themselves to him? Just because he was a male? That was ridiculous.
However, Wang Fu Ya just keep that thought inside her mind only in order not to make her mother upset. 


”Miss Yu Qi. ” Sister Chui Mei Fung greeted Yu Qi when she saw Yu Qi was standing in front of the door. 

”My family was very happy when they stayed here.
Keep it up. ” Yu Qi said.
Then she continued.
”I came here because I want to see the things that I ask you to change.
Is it already finished? ”

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Sister Chui Mei Fung nodded.
It already finished yesterday. ” Sister Chui Mei Fung led the way.

They arrived in front of the door of onsen.
Yu Qi looked at the door.
She nodded satisfied with the result.
She was actually looking at the sign that indicated the men and women ’sn area.
The first design was originally from Japan.
But after the incident that Long Hui mistakenly entered the women section, she changed the sign to make not anybody would be able to change the signs again.
Preventing the same prank to happen again among her customers.

”Miss Yu Qi, can I ask you something? ” Sister Chui Mei Fung asked in a low tone.

Yu Qi turned to Sister Chui Mei Fung.
Feel free to ask. ” 

”Who are the gentlemen that walked together with Miss Yu Qi in the garden another day? ” Sister Chui Mei Fung felt excited to hear Yu Qi ’s answer.

Yu Qi smiled.
Sister Chui Mei Fung must be talking about Long Hui.
”It is my boyfriend. ” 

”Really? He is so handsome. ” Sister Chui Mei Fung acted like a fangirl. 

Yu Qi laughed.
She always heard the praise toward Long Hui.
Well, he was indeed a handsome man.
No doubt about that.

”But don ’t let love blind your eyes. ” Sister Chui Mei Fung added.

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Yu Qi nodded.
She knew Sister Chui Mei Fung gave the advice out of concern due to Sister Chui Mei Fung ’s own experience. 

”Don ’t worry, Sister Mei Fung.
I know what to do. ” Yu Qi replied to Sister Chui Mei Fung ’s advice.

”Okami-san, Okami-san. ” They heard a girl called Sister Chui Mei Fung. 

What is it? ” Sister Chui Mei Fung asked the girl.

”Someone come and want to talk to the person in charge. ” The girl informed Sister Chui Mei Fung. 

”Do you have an appointment today? ” Yu Qi asked.

”No. ” Sister Chui Mei Fung answered in one word.

”Well, you can go and meet the person. ” Yu Qi said.

”Do you want to see too, Miss Yu Qi? ” Sister Chui Mei Fung asked.

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I don ’t want people to know I ’m the owner.
But I will be watching by the side. ” Yu Qi did not want her identity exposed right now.

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