”Yu Qi, can you accompany me to a party? ” Feng Yue asked Yu Qi before she slept.

”Party? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.

My father ’s birthday party. ” Feng Yue told her.

”When is the party? ” Yu Qi needed to look at her schedule first before agreeing.

”Next Tuesday. ” Feng Yue said.

Yu Qi quickly checked her schedule.
The day before that date, she just needed to check the Qi Qi skincare factory.
After that, her schedule was clear.

I guess I can go. ” Yu Qi confirmed.

We will book the hotel then.
I don ’t want to go to that house. ” Feng Yue was humming in anger.

Feng Yue did not want to return to that house.
It was her house back then, but now it just belonged to shameless women and her cheater father.
There was no place for her inside that house.

After her mother ’s death, her father did not wait long before marrying another woman and brought back a child who was about the same age as her.

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He had some nerves by saying that the child was her younger sister.
He basically told her that he had cheated on her mother a long time ago.

Starting from that she never stayed for a long time at that house.
She began to stay at her maternal grandfather ’s place.
She would rather face her Brother Hui than these shameless women who liked to talk horribly about her to her father.
And her father stupidly believed them.

”By the way, stay away from those shameless women. ” Feng Yue gave a warning.
She did not want her best friend to end up into their scheme.

”Don ’t worry about me.
It is you, whom I am worried about. ” Yu Qi stated her opinion.

”What? Why me? ” Feng Yue threw a look at Yu Qi.

”You should calm down when facing your enemy.
Don ’t let them read your mind.
It is you who must read them. ” Yu Qi patted Feng Yue ’s hand.

I know. ” Feng Yue nodded.
She had already learnt the trick.
Just stay calm, the mind would be clear to show the problem.

That ’s right.
She had already learnt a lot from Yu Qi.
Yu Qi was always calm when facing her enemy.
Making hard for her enemy to crack her.


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Grandpa Feng had brought the two girls to the Shixiang City where the Feng Main Residence was.
Grandpa Feng wanted to go directly to the Feng Main Residence but Feng Yue had quickly rejected it.

She told the driver to sent the two of them to another mansion that belonged to Grandpa Feng.
Grandpa Feng wanted to pursue the matter but Feng Yue did not give up.
She directly told Grandpa Feng that she did not want to stay overnight at that place.

Grandpa Feng sighed.
He could not do anything at all.
So, he told his driver to bring them to another mansion.
Grandpa Feng bought the mansion in case, the things like this occurred.
He did not have to worry much about his granddaughter if she stayed at that mansion since the servants in thst mansion were his people.
He felt that it was not safe for the two girls to stay at the hotel by themselves even though they had already grown up.

Feng Yue did not argue much when listening to her grandfather when he had asked his driver to bring them to another mansion.
Everywhere was better than that place.

”Welcome home, Young Miss and Miss Tang. ” The servant greeted Feng Yue.

The servants had already been informed by their employer, saying that his granddaughter and another girl, they assumed she was their young miss ’s friend, would be coming here today.

Feng Yue and Yu Qi had been led to different rooms.

”Young Miss, this is your room.
And this is your room, Miss Tang. ” The servant said.

Thank you.
You all don ’t need to mind us much.
Just do your own work.
We will handle by ourselves. ” Feng Yue replied back.

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”Yes, Young Miss.
You can call us if you need anything.
It also applies to you, Miss Tang. ”

The servants finally left.
Feng Yue entered Yu Qi ’s room.

”Yu Qi, let ’s sleep together tonight. ” Feng Yue barged into her room.

”You have your own. ” Yu Qi pointed to the room in front of her room.

”I know.
But I want to sleep with you. ” Feng Yue pouted.

Aoi who was following them glared angrily at Feng Yue.
He wanted to sleep with his master.
It had been 4 days since he slept separately from his master.
It was not fair.

’We will sleep together, tonight. ’ Yu Qi talked to Aoi through the telepathy.

’You already promised to sleep with me.
Don ’t break the promise. ’ Aoi looked at Yu Qi ’s face.

’I promise. ’ Yu Qi smiled.

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”Have you already prepared the present for your father? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Prepare a gift? ” Feng Yue asked Yu Qi back.
”For what? ”

Yu Qi sighed.
Her friend did not seem to think further in the future.

”My dear, it is to avoid the problem. ” Yu Qi said.

”Avoid the problem? ” Feng Yue tilted her head to the left.
She did not understand.

”The people whom you have referred to as shameless women will attack you using this.
You don ’t bring any present for your father, they will talk about how unfilial piety you are.
The people that did not know you, they will be thinking like that.
It would give a bad impression of you to others. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Oh. ” Feng Yue nodded several times.
It was indeed the truth.
She had never prepared any present for her father since her mother died.
These shameless women will talk to others guest about this behind her back.
She had coincidently heard it.

I will gift him a present.
Let ’s go out later. ” Feng Yue suggested.

”Okay. ”

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