Feng Yue and Yu Qi prepared to go out after getting some rest.
The two of them wore some casual clothes.
So, they went to the shopping mall.
The shopping mall was packed with people in different ranges of age.

When they arrived there, Feng Yue was still thinking about what she should get for her father.
She was not close to her father.
So, she did not what to get for her father.

”Yu Qi, what should I get for my father? Can you give me some idea? ” Feng Yue sighed.

Yu Qi looked at Feng Yue.
”Yue, does your father like to wear a suit when he goes to work? ”

”Yes, he likes it. ” Feng Yue nodded.

”Well then, let ’s get a pair cufflink and tie clip set.
It would be nice to wear with a suit. ” Yu Qi suggested.

”Oh, yeah.
That is a good idea. ” Feng Yue nodded.
She realized that when she looked at her father, her father did wear the cufflink sometimes.
”Okay, let ’s go and find the shop that sells those things. ”

Feng Yue pulled Yu Qi ’s hand and walked faster to find the shop.
Yu Qi did not like to walk aimlessly.
So, when she saw a question counter of the shopping mall, she quickly went to ask the person in charge there.

Not less than one minute, the two girls knew where the shop was.
The shop was on the third floor.
The shop had only a few people inside.
The shop helper welcomed them.

”Welcome to our Black Sheep shop.
We have a variety of cufflinks and tie clips for you to see. ” The shop helper said politely.

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”Can you show me some design that a man around 40 years old will like to wear? ” Feng Yue asked the shop helper.

”Young girls right now can buy something for her sugar daddy without any shame. ” A middle aged woman nearby heard Feng Yue and said something like that to her friends.

Yu Qi turned around and threw some cold glares at the middle aged woman.
Feng Yue, on the other hand, walked to the middle aged woman.

The middle aged woman stepped back a few step when looking that the girl approaching her with a hostile expression.

”What do you want to do? ” The middle aged woman asked.

”You should watch your mouth.
The mouth of yours can easily get you in trouble in the that.
And who have told you that I am buying for the sugar daddy? I come here to buy a gift for my biological father. ” Feng Yue said coldly.

Since there were not many people in the shop, the scene had been watched by other customers who were currently choosing their purchases.
They also thought that it was a harsh comment from the middle aged woman to the girl.
It might ruin the girl ’s reputation.

Seeing the girl did not dare to do anything to her, the middle aged woman became brave.
She said something again.
”What? Am I saying the truth? I know that the girls like you are just a s.l.u.t and like to seduce other men. ”

PANG!!! The middle aged woman fell on the ground.
There was some blood flowing out from her mouth.
She lifted her face up and looked at the person who had slapped her.

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It was not Feng Yue but Yu Qi.
Right now, Yu Qi already let her murderous aura came out.
The middle aged woman shivered when her eyes looked at Yu Qi ’s eyes.
The stare given by Yu Qi to the middle aged woman was so cold.

”What? Do you want anything to say something more? I ’m giving you a chance. ” Yu Qi crossed her arms and waiting for the middle aged woman to say something.

I don ’t…
to say… ” The middle aged woman shook her head while talking and stuttering.

”Yue, is that you? ” Another middle aged woman called Feng Yue.

Feng Yue turned and saw someone whom she knew.
The woman approached Feng Yue and hugged her.

”It has been a long time since I have seen you.
You have become more bashful as your mother have been. ” The woman hugged Feng Yue.

”Auntie Lu? ” Feng Yue called her.

”It is good.
You still remember me. ” The middle aged woman was happy to see Feng Yue had remembered her.

”Hey, it is Madam Fu, Lu Qina.
One of the richest wives in Shixing City.
The girl knows Madam Fu, meaning they are from the same circle.
They seem to have a close relationship.
That old woman probably will get in trouble. ” One of the onlookers recognized the woman who had hugged Feng Yue.

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”By the way, what has happened? ” Lu Qina glanced to another young girl and the middle woman who was still sitting on the ground.

”Madam Fu, this old woman has insulted this young woman.
First, she has said that this young girl has a sugar daddy.
For the second time, she has said that this young girl is a s.l.u.t and likes to seduce other men. ” A person who seemed to know Lu Qina told everything from the start.

Lu Qina looked angrily at the middle aged woman.
”What? The granddaughter of the richest businessman, Feng Mong needs a sugar daddy to support her? What a ridiculous thing that I have just heard today. ”

People heard the sentences were dumbfounded.
Feng Mong, the name was very familiar to other people.
One of the richest men in Binhai Nation.

The middle woman who was sitting on the ground had a horrible look on her face.
She knew who Feng Mong was.
Since her husband had always mentioned that name.
And now she had just insulted that the granddaughter of Feng Mong by saying that she had a sugar daddy and was a s.l.u.t.
A proper heiress like this young girl would not need for a sugar daddy to provide for her.
This young girl just needed to ask for everything from her grandfather.

”I want to know who is this idiot.
Do a complete background check on her. ” Lu Qina whispered to her bodyguard.

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