This Yu Qi girl must have something that had made Long Hui be interested in her.
Lu Qina nodded several times.

”Uncle Fei Yi must be relieved since that boy, Hui already has his own girl. ” Lu Qina laughed.
”Have you already met Uncle Fei Yi? ” She asked Yu Qi.

”I have. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Lu Qina smiled.
She bet that Long Fei Yi must be satisfied with his grandson ’s choice.

”By the way, what are you doing here? ” Lu Qina wanted to know.

”Actually I want to buy a pair of cufflink and tie clip set for my father for his birthday. ” Feng Yue explained.

”Oh, for him? ” Lu Qina did not feel good when mentioning about that bastard.
However, she could not show the emotion much since it was his daughter.

”I see.
Well, we have some amazing designs for you to choose from.
Come here. ” Lu Qina wanted to show the things.

Both of the girls followed Lu Qina and entered a room.
Inside it, there were plenty of cufflinks and tie clips that had beautiful designs.

”You can choose from here. ” Lu Qina said.

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”Okay, Auntie Lu. ” Feng Yue pulled Yu Qi to see the cufflink and tie clips.

Feng Yue looked at the cufflinks and tie clips that were shown.
There was indeed a lot of designs.

”There are many types of cufflinks.
The most common types are this one.
It is called ’bullets back and toggles closure cufflink. ’ It is easy for men to wear it. ” Lu Qina pointed to a pair of cufflinks.

”Besides it, we also have ’button cufflinks ’.
Small and lighter in weight.
It is also the most secure type but requires the most effort to fasten because of immovable parts. ” Lu Qina brought out another one from its showplace.

”And it is ’chain link cufflinks ’.
The most traditional and original of all types.
’Ball Return Cufflinks ’, ’ Locking Cufflinks ’, ’Silk Knot Cufflinks ’, and ’Fabric Cufflinks ’. ” Lu Qina placed one by one in front of Feng Yue.

”Can you recommend some which are popular among the middle aged man? ” Feng Yue requested Lu Qina.

”Of course.
Like I have said before, men usually like this kind of types. ” Lu Qina pointed to the first that she mentioned before.
”As for design, I recommend this one, this one or this one.
All of them are made of platinum.
This one has a ruby attached on it.
For this one, it has some letter design on it.
And the last one, it is just a simple black cufflink. ”

Feng Yue looked over.
She was thinking about which one to choose.
Yu Qi, what do you think? ” She asked Yu Qi ’s opinion.

”If you ask me, I will choose this one. ” Yu Qi pointed to another cufflink.
It had a black stone attached on it and surrounded with others shinny white stones.
”Its tie clip is very nice too. ”

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Feng Yue looked at the cufflinks that Yu Qi have mentioned.
It was indeed nice.
It would look good on the sleeves.

”Auntie Lu, I will choose this one. ” Feng Yue made her choice.
She chose the one that Yu Qi had told her.

I will take it out.
By the way, do you want to wrap it too? ” Lu Qina asked.

”Yes, please. ” Feng Yue nodded.

Lu Qina nodded and called her staff to wrap nicely the purchase.
Feng Yue paid for it.
At first, Lu Qina wanted to give her free of charges however she refused.

’A friend is a friend.
Business is business. ’ Feng Yue knew how to separate those two things.
It was also the Grandpa Feng had taught her.

They finished purchasing the present.
Feng Yue was very satisfied with the present that she had chosen even though it was for her father.

”Auntie Lu, let ’s go to dinner together. ” Feng Yue invited Lu Qina.

”I like to join but I have another appointment.
With my husband. ” When Lu Qina said the last words, everyone could see that she was indeed in love with her husband.

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”Oh… ” Feng Yue nodded.

”He is coming back from his business trip from the US.
So, we want to have dinner together. ” Lu Qina smiled.

She missed her husband so much.
It had been about two weeks since she had met him.

Feng Yue and Yu Qi laughed.
Looked like the couple having a good relationship.

”We will have dinner together at another time.
Here, it is my contact number. ” Lu Qina gave the business card to Feng Yue.

”Okay, Auntie Lu. ” Feng Yue reached out the business card.

So, the two of them left the shop.
Feng Yue suggested walking around the shopping mall before getting some dinner since the day was so earlier to have dinner.

”Yu Qi, do you already have a dress for tomorrow? ” Feng Yue asked.
She would not let her friend wore casual clothes for the next day ’s party.
That Feng Mari would insult Yu Qi.
She would never let it happen.

”Don ’t worry.
I have prepared one. ” Yu Qi assured Feng Yue.
She had prepared one.
Her Auntie Ming Yue and Auntie Su Xiao liked to buy the dresses for her.
She thought it was an appropriate time to wear the dress.

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”I see.
It is okay, then.
Otherwise, we can find out here. ” Feng Yue was relieved when she heard that Yu Qi already had prepared one.

”By the way, Auntie Lu is your mother ’s friend? ” Yu Qi asked.

I heard that she has grown up together with my mother.
She has been married to Uncle Fu, Fu Xiang.
A businessman in the trade industry.
My mother used to tell me about her when she was alive. ” Feng Yue explained.

”I can see that she loves her husband so much. ” Yu Qi smiled remembering Lu Qina ’s face when she mentioned about her husband.

”They indeed have a good relationship. ” Feng Yue nodded.

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