Feng Cho Kang took out his cufflinks that he was currently wearing.
Then he brought out the ones that his daughter, Feng Yue gave and wore them.
He also put on the tie clip too.

With that everyone knew that Feng Yue had gifted her father a pair of cufflinks and tie clip.

”I think Feng Cho Kang ’s first daughter ’s gift has meaning to it. ”

I think so too.
Its meaning is more important than the price. ”

”Look at it.
She has chosen them that suited her father ’s image.
Meaning she is thinking about her father.
Even though, she does not stay with his father. ”

Feng Ma Ri and Fuang Cian Xie were not looking good.
Why would she come and prepare the gift this year? She should not come.
Last year, she did not come to celebrate her father ’s birthday making her reputation became known as the daughter that did not think about her father.

”Your father is happy since Yue-er can come to celebrate his birthday this year, not like last year. ” Fuang Cian Xie said.
Her tone sounded happy but the meaning of her sentence was telling the different things.
She told the guests that Feng Yue did not come to her father ’s birthday party last year.

Feng Yue turned to Fuang Cian Xie.
”You do know why I have not come last year.
Do I need to tell others about it? ”

Fuang Cian Xie stiffened.
If the matter came out, her reputation would turn bad.
Even though she had become Feng Cho Kang ’s wife for the quite a long time, most of the wives of the other businessmen did not like her and always looked down on her.

Feng Yue ’s words made people wonder about the truth behind it.
Everyone knew that Feng Cho Kang ’s first daughter did not like her stepmother.
So, what happened between the two of them making Feng Yue absent for her father ’s birthday party?

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Feng Yue did not say anything more.
She walked away from that place towards Yu Qi.
Feng Yue smirked to Yu Qi.

Cough… ” Feng Cho Kang coughed several times.
”Let ’s enjoy the party. ”

It made people already moved to another topic.

Feng Cho Kang turned to Fuang Cian Xie.
”Don ’t talk nonsense. ” He gave a reminder to his wife with a low voice.

Fuang Cian Xie ’s expression changed.
She bit her lips.
’What! She had been given the remainder. ’ Feng Ma Ri approached her mother.
She grabbed her mother ’s hand.

”Mum, don ’t worry.
I will teach her a lesson. ” Feng Ma Ri whispered to Fuang Cian Xie.

Fuang Cian Xie nodded.
”Be careful.
Don ’t get caught by others especially your grandfather. ”

”Okay, Mum. ” Feng Ma Ri grinned.

Meanwhile, Feng Yue did not know that Feng Ma Ri wanted to scheme against her.
Feng Yue ate some of the deserts which were being served.

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Delicious. ” Feng Yue said with a smile.

”Eat slowly.
Others will think that you are starving for three days. ” Yu Qi glanced at Feng Yue who was currently eating like a cow.

”Miss, do you have time? ” Someone greeted them.

The two of them turned to the voice ’s direction.
It was a pair of the couple.
Feng Yue was confused.
She knew them but honestly, she did not have any contact with the couple.

However, Yu Qi remembered the couple.
Yu Qi smiled at the couple as she greeted them back.

Nice to meet you again. ”

The couple was happy when heard that Yu Qi remembered them.
It was the couple whom Yu Qi had saved once.
She was on a date with Long Hui.
And suddenly they saw a woman being held by a man and the other man shouted at the man so that he did not hurt the woman.

”Never thought we will meet here.
By the way, my name is Sian Zhang.
This is my wife, Zhi Lin Lin. ” Sian Zhang introduced themselves.

”I ’m Tang Yu Qi.
This is my friend, Feng Yue. ” Yu Qi pointed to Feng Yue.
”How many months? ”

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Zhi Lin Lin ’s stomach was bigger which indicated that she was pregnant.

”5 months.
My second and third children. ” Zhu Lin Lin smiled happily.

”Wow, a pair of twins. ” Feng Yue ’s eyes lifted up.

”No wonder your tummy looks bigger as you are pregnant for 7 to 8 months. ” Yu Qi looked at Zhu Lin Lin ’s stomach.

”If you don ’t save my wife at that time, I may have lost her forever along with my first child. ” Sian Chang expressed his gratefulness.

”But, is it okay for her to walk around like this? ” Feng Yue asked.

”From a medical perspective, it is okay.
It will help during delivering the baby.
However, she must not be tired out. ” Yu Qi answered.

”You are a doctor? ” Zhu Lin Lin remembered what her doctor said about her walking out.

Sian Zhang was worried about that.
So, they went to ask the doctor about that.
The doctor said exactly the same words that Yu Qi said just now.
So, she was wondering if the girl in front of them was a doctor or not.

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”I ’m not qualified as a doctor yet. ” Yu Qi did not admit that she was a doctor yet since she did not have any certificate to prove it.

”Meaning, you are a doctor to be. ” Sian Zhang did not expect her to be a future doctor.

”Well, just a normal doctor.
That ’s all. ” Yu Qi did not want to feel proud since she was not yet a doctor.

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