Chapter 575: Brought Out The Needles

”By the way, Mr Sian, are you the current CEO of Sun Cooperation? ” Yu Qi moved to another topic.

Sian Zhang nodded.
I have inherited that position from my father. ”

”I see.
Here. ” Yu Qi handed out a business card.

Sian Zhang reached out the business card.
Sian Zhang read the content which was written on the business card.
’Su Yu Hi, CEO of YQ Investment. ’ He knew this company.
It was a rising investment company.
The company was new in the industry, about 4 to 5 years.

Sian Zhang also saw this Su Yu Hi at the last business conference.
When he inquired about this person, he was surprised that he managed four different areas of business.
Hotel, investment, greenhouse, and the last business that was currently rising in the skincare industry, Qi Qi Skincare Brand.

He had also inquired about his past.
It seemed that he was trained by Feng Mong before he decided to make his own business.
He was wondering from where was he getting the capital to start his business like this?

”This is… ” Sian Zhang now wondered how this young girl had gotten this card and why she had given him.

Yu Qi knew what in Sian Zhang ’s mind.
” Well, he is one of my friends.
He is hoping that he can make some connection between the two business. ”

”I see. ” Sian Zhang did have some doubts about it but he did not want to mention it.

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Then, someone screamed making all of the guests turned to the source of the scream.
Yu Qi was already looking at it.

Beside the dessert table, a woman was crying while hugging a young boy.
Probably around 5 to 6 years old.
The boy seemed to have lost his consciousness.
His face showed some red spots.

”Yue, call the ambulance now. ” Yu Qi said to Feng Yue and quickly approached them.

”Madam, can you lay down the boy on the ground so that I can treat him? ” Yu Qi said softly to the woman.

The woman lifted her head showing her face without makeup which had already washed out by her tears.
She saw a young girl.

”Wait, Sister Yue, that is your friend, right? Quickly tell her, not to do anything.
She may caused the boy ’s condition to detorite.
You should wait for the doctor to check him. ” Feng Ma Ri said loudly.

”Shut up! It will be too late for the boy if he waits for the doctor to come.
I will bear the responsibility if anything happens. ” Yu Qi glared sharply at Feng Ma Ri, making Feng Ma Ri hid behind her mother and closed her lips tightly.

”Madam, you need to put him now.
He still can be saved. ” Yu Qi convinced the woman.

”But he does not have breath anymore. ” The woman said while sobbing.

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”Madam, you need to trust me. ” Yu Qi tried to convince her again.

”Wife, we should try. ” One man said to the woman.
He must be the husband of this woman.

With her husband saying that she put down the boy.
Yu Qi quickly read the pulse of the boy.
He was still alive.
Yu Qi brought out her needle case from her porch.
It was a set of acupuncture needles.

Everyone was surprised to see that the young girl had bought the needles together with her.
Yu Qi took a needle and swiftly placed on the head of the boy.

Yu Qi opened the clothes that the boy wore.
Then she took another one and placed it on the left chest where the heart was.
Next, on his wrist.
Lastly on his sole.
Yu Qi then stopped to see the reaction from the boy.

Seeing the boy did not wake, Feng Ma Ri once again wanted to stir the trouble for Feng Yue ’s friend.
”Look, he does not wake up at all. ”

Right after Feng Ma Ri said something like that, the boy slowly opened his eyes.
”Mommy… ” His voice was weak but he was alive.

Feng Ma Ri felt awkward when she saw this.
However, people did not seem to care much about her because their attention was on the little boy.

The woman wanted to hug her son but Yu Qi held her back.

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”Wait, let me pull out the needles first. ” Yu Qi told her.

The woman realized that the needles were still on her son ’s body.
Yu Qi pulled out one by one according to the sequence in which the needles were inserted.

”Bring him some water.
Let him drink faster. ” Yu Qi asked the father of the boy to do it.

The father listened to Yu Qi and brought a glass of water.
The woman let her son drunk it.
The boy did not look pale anymore.

”Does your son have any kind of allergy before? Like peanut or some? Yu Qi asked.

”I don ’t think so.
He just eats everything and is fine. ” The woman answered.
She remembered.

”Little boy, can you tell sister, what do you eat just now? ” Yu Qi asked the boy.

”I ’m eating some cookies.
It is so delicious. ” The boy answered.

”Which one? Can you show me? ” Yu Qi signalled the woman to lift the boy.

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The woman understood and lifted the boy.
The boy looked around and pointed to the cookies.

”That ’s one. ” The boy said.

Yu Qi reached out of the cake and was about to eat it.

”Young miss, you can not eat it.
The boy just lost his consciousness after eating those cookies.
It must be something that has caused it. ” A woman held Yu Qi from eating those cookies.

Everyone also agreed with it.

”Don ’t worry.
I will be fine. ” Yu Qi smiled and bit the cookies.
She chews the cookies and swallowed them.

Everyone looked at her.
However, nothing had happened.

”Have you also eaten this cookie? ” Now Yu Qi turned to Feng Cho Kang.

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