Sister Chui Mei Fung went to the front door.
There were two women.
Yu Qi who watched by the side smiled.
’They actually come here. ’ 

The two women were not unknown people but Wang Fu Ya and Wang Ha Na.
They tried to get some help here.
Madam Fu Ya ordered her daughters to come here.
Wang Ha Na had actually been forced by her mother to come here.
Yu Qi did not say anything but to give Sister Chui Mei Fung to handle this.

”Are you the one in charge in here? ” Wang Fu Ya asked.

”Yes. ” Sister Chui Mei Fung answered in standard Okami tone.

”Do you hire people? ” Wang Fu Ya asked again.

This time, Sister Chui Mei Fung did not answer quickly. 

Seeing the person in front of them did not answer her question, Wang Fu Ya tried to appeal to Sister Chui Mei Fung.

”We want to work.
We can do anything ” Wang Fu Ya added more.

Sister Chui Mei Fung did not have any changing of expression.
Even though she was busy with her work, but she knew about the news about the town.
She knew Wang Family was her Miss Yu Qi ’s previous adopted family. 

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”I have to discuss it with my boss first. ” Sister Chui Mei Fung replied after a long silence.

”Then, can I speak to your boss? ” Wang Fu Ya said. 

Wang Fu Ya thought if she talked directly to the boss, the boss might feel pity for her.
It would be even better if she could seduce him in the first place.
The owner of this place must have a lot of money to spend.

”Sorry, our boss did not like to show their faces.
So, you will not get the chance. ” Sister Chui Mei Fung destroyed Wang Fu Ya ’s hope.

Let me see him. ” Wang Fu Ya already convinced that the owner of this place was a man.

”Our boss is not here.
About you want to work here, I will tell you after the discussion with our boss. ” Sister Chui Mei Fung said.

Please hire us. ” Wang Fu Ya begged.

”Miss, in order to work here, other employees undergo some training.
Some of them succeed, some are not.
You are not undergoing any training, how can we just hire you? ” Sister Chui Mei Fung sneered.

It was indeed true.
Su Hu Yi did make some training to them.
Then, he chose the potential people that he could see from the training.

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”Just say you don ’t want to hire us.
Tell a lie to chase us.
Humph. ” Wang Ha Na was already reached her limit of patience, blurt out the thing in her mind.

”Then, young miss, you should find another job that suits you. ” Sister Chui Mei Fung did not angry with Wang Ha Na.

Sister Chui Mei Fung left after saying that sentence.
Before she left, she whispered to the men that guard the door.

”Don ’t let two of them enter our ryokan from now on. ” Sister Chui Mei Fung said.

”Don ’t worry, Okami-san.
We will do as you ask. ” The men nodded.

Wang Fu Ya saw the woman leaving, she wanted to grab her.
But the men stopped her.

”Miss, please leave. ” The man said.

”Let me enter.
I want to talk with her. ” Wang Fu Ya said angrily to the men.

”Miss, don ’t make a scene here.
Please leave.
If you don ’t leave, we have to call the police. ” The man said.

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Wang Fu Ya and Wang Ha Na made a terrible face.
Last night, Yu Qi also threatened them by using the police.
Now, this man also threatened us using the same method.
Wang Ha Na pulled the sleeve of Wang Fu Ya.

”Sister, let ’s go.
I don ’t want to go to the police station. ” Wang Ha Na told Wang Fu Ya.

Wang Ha Na did not want to go to the police station again.
The last time she went to the police station during their neighbor reported them for stealing.
Because of that, she had been ridiculed by her friends.
She did not want to experience the same thing again.

The two sisters left the place.
Yu Qi just watched from the corner smirked. 

”Miss Yu Qi, don ’t worry.
We would not be hiring them. ” Sister Chui Mei Fung said.

”I will leave the matter to you.
I ’m leaving. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”How about the matter? Did you succeed? ” Madam Wang asked when seeing her two daughters came back home.

Wang Fu Ya and Wang Ha Na were in silence.
Seeing her two daughters did not answer her questions meaning they failed to get the money.
Madam Wang ’s face turned ugly.
If this idea did not work, then her son…
No, she could not let anything happen to her son.

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”Fu Ya, Ha Na, why they do not hire you two? ” Madam Wang questioned her two daughters.

”Mum, they said they only hired skilled people. ” Wang Fu Ya explained.

”What? ” Madam Wang shrieked. 

Wang Ha Na closed her ears.
Her mother really knew how to scream. 

”So, then, what about your brother? Will you let your brother die just like that? ” Madam Wang screamed again.

”Mum, Yu Jin asks for it, let him be. ” Wang Ha Na said carelessly.

”You wrench, it is your brother. ” Madam Wang was mad when hearing Wang Ha Na said that.

”I don ’t care about him anymore. ” Wang Ha Na said and then ran away to her room.

”Fu Ya, you must help your brother. ” Madam Wang cried.

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