We have ordered our dessert chef to make the cookies. ” Fuang Cian Xie answered.

”Is there some problem with these cookies? ” Feng Cho Kang was afraid that his Feng Family would be in trouble because of this.

”Actually there is no problem with the cookies.
But it has a problem for those who are allergic to alcohol. ” Yu Qi explained.
”These cookies had some amount of alcohol in it.
The boy probably has this allergy.
The boy has eaten them and has some allergic reaction.
This is probably the first time that the boy has this kind of reaction, right madam? ” She asked the mother of the boy.

”Yeah. ” The mother of the boy nodded.

The chef came when he heard about the commotion.

”Is there some problem with the food? ” The chef asked.

”Actually not.
But may I ask you, have you put some alcohol in those cookies? ” Yu Qi asked.

It tastes better. ” The chef did not hide the truth.

”A boy has eaten these cookies and have some reaction.
I guess it is an alcohol allergy. ” Yu Qi explained to the chef.

”So, is that boy okay? Have you called the ambulance? ” The chef panicked.

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”Don ’t worry.
He is okay. ” Yu Qi calmed down the chef.

”The ambulance has already arrived. ” Someone shouted.

”Madam, you need to bring your son to hospital to do some medical check to make sure that your son is totally okay.
And make sure to confirm his allergy of alcohol in the hospital. ” Yu Qi gave advice to the parents.

”Oh, okay. ” The woman nodded.
She brought her son and her husband followed them.

”As I have said before, nothing is wrong with the cookies. ” Yu Qi told everyone.

”Do you see it just now? She was doing some acupuncture. ”

That is totally awesome. ”

”Is she traditional Chinese practicer? ”

Look at her swift action. ”

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”Wait, who is she anyway? ”

”I just know that she is Long Hui ’s girlfriend. ”

Others were talking about Yu Qi.

”Yu Qi, how do you know that the boy is allergic to alcohol? ” Feng Yue asked.

”I have read some similar cases like him.
The symptoms which are being shown by the boy are the same as the previous cases.
So, I have just pointed it out.
But I ’m still not sure whether it is true or not.
The boy needs to do a medical check up about it. ” Yu Qi told Feng Yue.

”As expected from the granddaughter of Tang Jiang Man. ” Grandpa Feng praised Yu Qi ’s action.
He was listening to Yu Qi ’s words too.
”Your grandfather must be proud of you. ”

”That is nothing. ” Yu Qi replied.

”Do you hear that? She is the granddaughter of Tang Jiang Man. ”

”Tang Jiang Man? Who is he? ”

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”What? Are you serious? You don ’t know him? ”

”Who? ”

”He is a legendary doctor.
A master in both traditional and western medical world. ”

”No wonder, this girl is very skilful with the acupuncture. ”

They were still discussing about the matter.
Feng Ma Ri clenched her fists.
It was her house.
It should be her who should be receiving the praises from everyone.
Not Feng Yue ’s friend.

Feng Ma Ri changed her decision.
Her target for tonight had changed.
From Feng Yue to Feng Yue ’s friend, Tang Yu Qi.
It was because she heard some people talking about the matter that made her angry.

That matter was about Long Hui.
She heard that some people were talking about Yu Qi being Long Hui ’s girlfriend.
How she could accept it.
’Brother Hui is mine.
Everyone should back off. ’

However, she could not find any chance.
That bitch, Feng Yue was always beside her friend and someone always tried to talk to her.

However, she was already determined to go through with her plan.
Probably the God listened to her.
Feng Yue went somewhere else.
So, she approached Yu Qi with two glasses.

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”Gentleman, can I have some talk with Miss Tang? ” Feng Ma Ri smiled and talked to the man who was currently talking with Yu Qi.

The man nodded and walked away from there.
Feng Ma Ri smiled sweetly to Yu Qi.

”Miss Tang, I want to apologize to you.
I was rude to you just now. ” Feng Ma Ri said.

’This Feng Ma Ri really knows how to act.
However, she needs to practice more since her eyes can not conceal the sinister thoughts that she has right now.
Someone wants to play with me. ’ Yu Qi had a faint smile on her lips.

”I know my sister must have said something unpleasant to you since she does not like me.
But I really think about improving my relationship with my sister.
She is my sister.
My sibling who shares the same blood.
Even though we have a different mother. ” Feng Ma Ri tried to catch some sympathy from Yu Qi.

”I see… ” Yu Qi just said something like that.

In her mind, she just made some comparisons between Wang Fu Ya, Fung Meng Xuan and Feng Ma Ri.
Feng Ma Ri was in between the two girls, Wang Fu Ya and Fung Meng Xuan.
Feng Ma Ri was much stronger than Wang Fu Ya.
However, a little weaker than Fung Meng Xuan.

Feng Ma Ri had probably been asked by her mother, Fuang Cian Xie.
Fuang Cian Xie probably wanted to teach some lesson to Feng Yue however she could not.
So, Yu Qi became the spare goat.

Neither she knew that everything was purely Feng Ma Ri ’s plan.

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”Miss Tang, here.
Let ’s have a toast together. ” Feng Ma Ri gave a glass to Yu Qi.
”Miss Tang, it is just a juice. ” She quickly explained in case Yu Qi rejected it.

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