”Ma Ri, don ’t worry.
Your father will bring you to the hospital. ” Fuang Cian Xie said in a worried tone as her eyes seemed to be happy as she glanced at Feng Yue.

Feng Yue did not stop them from leaving.
She did remember once.
Feng Ma Ri was injured while talking to her.
She did not do anything to Feng Ma Ri.
However, Feng Ma Ri had turned white to black, telling her father that Feng Yue had pushed her down.

Feng Cho Kang was angry.
He slapped Feng Yue.
Not once but twice.
Then Feng Cho Kang left, bringing her beloved daughter, Feng Ma Ri to the hospital.
Fuang Cian Xie was also there wearing the same expression as right now.

At that time, she was so angry.
She shouted as she told her father that she did not do it.
However, her father ignored her and walked away with Feng Ma Ri.
At the same time, Fuang Cian Xie left after smiling at her.

Now, she knew that Fuang Cian Xia meant by smiling to her at that time.
Fuang Cian Xie had mocked her.
Her father would never believe her.

Feng Yue smiled at Fuang Cian Xie.
Fuang Cian Xie gulped as she saw the smile.
That smile was so cold which Fuang Cian Xie to shiver.
She quickly left following her husband and her daughter.

”I guess the party has already ended. ” Feng Yue said to Yu Qi.
”Wait here.
I will go and meet Grandpa, telling him that I ’m leaving. ” Feng Yue walked away.

Yu Qi nodded.
Long Hui stood beside Yu Qi show casting his handsome yet cold face.
Yu Qi caught some girls who were glancing at Long Hui.

Three girls were throwing lewd glances at Long Hui.
Two of them were pushing the girl in the middle.
Seeming, they gave some encouragement to the girl in the middle.
With her friends ’ support, she slowly walked towards Long Hui.

Yu Qi lifted her eyebrows when seeing the girl came to their side.
Something interesting was going to happen.
The girl stopped in front of Long Hui.

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Mr Long…
I ’m…
Su Waner…
I ’m in…
love with you for so many years.
I hope…
you can res…
pond to my…
love. ” The girl confessed that even though she was stumbling in her speech.

”No. ” Long Hui responded right away and glanced at his beloved Qi Qi.

That girl seemed to be heartbroken when hearing Long Hui ’s respond.
”I see.
Can I know the reason? ”

”I ’m already taken. ” Long Hui pulled Yu Qi and sneaked a peck on his beloved Qi Qi ’s delicious looking lips.

Yu Qi was surprised when Long Hui gave her a sneak attack like that.
She did not realize that Long Hui wanted to do so since she was focusing her attention to the girl who had come to confess to Long Hui.

”I see…
I hope you will be happy. ” The girl quickly ran from the place.

The two friends of that girl were glaring at Yu Qi viciously for a moment before leaving after their friends.
Yu Qi felt ridiculous.

”You make me having enemies. ” Yu Qi glared to Long Hui.

”I know but they will not win against you. ” Long Hui gave out a faint smile.

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Yu Qi was speechless.
Even though it was true.
He did not have to trouble her like this.
”You!!! ” She pouted.

Feng Yue came and told Grandpa Feng that she was leaving.
When she finished talking to Grandpa Feng, she heard that some people were talking about Long Hui being confessed by a cute girl.

”The couple fights? ” Feng Yue teased.

But we will reconcile on the bed. ” For the last sentence, only Yu Qi could hear that since Long Hui had whispered right into her ear.

Yu Qi immediately turned red.
Feng Yue caught that change.

”Yu Qi…
I wonder what my Brother Hui has told you that has made you blush all of a sudden. ” Feng Yue teased Yu Qi.

Let ’s go back. ” Yu Qi pulled Feng Yue ’s hand leaving Long Hui.

Long Hui followed the two girls from behind.
They returned to the house that Grandpa Feng had brought them in the first place.

The maids were startled when seeing the two girls brought back a handsome man.

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I guess that I need to sleep alone tonight.
Poor me… ” Feng Yue said loudly.

Yu Qi rolled her eyes at Feng Yue.
Then she walked into her room.
She could hear the sound that Feng Hue was laughing.
Long Hui shamelessly followed her and entered the room together.

When they were finally alone, Long Hui pulled Yu Qi and kissed her as a predator tasting its prey.
At first, Yu Qi fought it.
However, after a long time being kissed, she started to respond to Long Hui ’s tongue which was playing around inside her mouth.

After long kissing, Long Hui let his beloved Qi Qi go.
Yu Qi ’s legs had already softened so she fell into Long Hui ’s arms.

”I ’m jealous. ” Long Hui suddenly told his beloved Qi Qi.

Yu Qi confused.
’What is he jealous for? ’

Seeing his beloved Qi Qi looking confused, Long Hui sighed.
His beloved Qi Qi was very naive.
With a gorgeous dress like this, many men seemed to glance at his beloved Qi Qi.
Thinking of this, he was angry and jealous.

At the party, he wanted to pull Yu Qi out of that party.
However, he was afraid that Yu Qi would get mad at him, so he had held back from doing so.

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