”Did you sleep well last night? ” Feng Yue began to tease Yu Qi when they were having breakfast.

Feng Yue saw the couple came out from the room.
One had shown an angry face.
Another one had shown a blessed face.
It was very funny.

”Yeah, my friend.
We slept very well last night. ” Yu Qi smiled while her eyes were not.

Yu Qi had been tortured by Long Hui so she did not have enough sleep at all.
She even had to hold back her voice during the whole time.
Long Hui ate her until 4 a.m.
Even then, he was not yet full, however, Yu Qi had begged him to let her sleep.

Feng Yue shivered.
Her Yu Qi had already turned into another Long Hui.
Not cute…
Not cute.

”By the way, what is our plan after this? Going back to Shiwa Town? ” Yu Qi asked.

They already did not have any plan.
Their purpose to come here was solely to attend Feng Yue ’s father ’s birthday party.

You can go back first.
I want to go to visit my mother ’s grave. ” Feng Yue said.

”We can go together.
I also want to meet your mother. ” Yu Qi patted Feng Yue ’s shoulder.

”It also has been so long since I have come and visited my aunt.
I will go with you. ” Long Hui voiced his opinion.

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”Humph!!! Brother Hui, you can tell me that you just want to be with your beloved. ” Feng Yue smirked.

”Do you want to get beaten up? ” Long Hui glanced at Feng Yue.

”Yu Qi, look.
Your boyfriend is threatening me.
I ’m scared. ” Feng Yue hid behind Yu Qi ’s back.

Can we eat now? ” Yu Qi ended the morning drama.

The day was sunny but not so hot.
The three of them, Feng Yue, Long Hui and Yu Qi went to the Sunflower Grave to visit Feng Yue ’s mother.

On the tombstone, there was a picture attached to it.
That picture was Feng Yue ’s mother.
When Yu Qi saw the picture, Yu Qi could tell that Feng Yue ’s mother was quite a beauty.

If she was alive right now, people might say that she was Long Hui ’s mother due to the almost similarities on their faces.
Feng Yue ’s mother had inherited her looks from Grandpa Long.
This was same for Long Hui.

”Mum, I have come to visit you.
Are you missing me? I miss you. ” Feng Yue gave a sad smile.

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However, it was not long.
She then introduced Yu Qi to her mother.
”Mum, here, this is my friend, Yu Qi.
You must be surprised if I tell you that this is Brother Hui ’s girlfriend.
You have never expected that Brother Hui will get a girlfriend, right? ” Her tone was not sad again.
It was like a daughter who was having a happy conversation with her mother.

Yu Qi greeted Feng Yue ’s mother in her heart.
She knew that Feng Yue must be missing her mother very badly.
She did not know that feeling since she did not have a mother to care for her at the beginning.

Feng Yue talked for a while with her mother.
She had also cleaned the grave a little bit.
The grave had been given great care.

”Let ’s go back.
I will give a call to grandpa on the way.
Telling him that I will go back to Shiwa Town. ” Feng Yue said.

What ’s about you, Brother Hui? ” Yu Qi turned to Long Hui.

”I ’m going back too. ” Long Hui answered.

”Then, we have already gotten ourselves a free driver.
Nice. ” Feng Yue showed a thumbs up to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi laughed.

Since it was already approaching lunchtime.
The three of them had decided to have lunch first before going back to Shiwa Town.

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When they entered a restaurant, they encountered the girl who had confessed to Long Hui last night.
She was together with her two friends.
They were about to enter the restaurant as well.

”Mr Long, you have also come to have lunch here? ” One of her friends greeted Long Hui like she was his friend.

”We should eat together. ” Another one also joined.

The girl was anticipating to hear Long Hui ’s answer.
Everyone could see that she wanted to hear Long Hui saying yes.

”Yu Qi, this girl is delusional.
Who does she think she is? ” Feng Yue whispered to Yu Qi.

”Let ’s watch the situation for now. ” Yu Qi whispered back.

”Who are you? ” The response from Long Hui crashed the girl ’s dream to have lunch with Long Hui.

”You don ’t remember me? ” The girl asked with a trembling voice.

”Do I need to remember you? ” It was like another bucket of cold water had been flushed onto the girl ’s face.

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”She is the girl who has confessed to you last night. ” The girl ’s friend said.

”Why should I remember something insignificant like that? ” Long Hui began to get irritated.
Why should he waste his time talking to some insignificant people like them? ”Qi Qi, Yue, let ’s go in. ” Long Hui pulled Yu Qi ’s hand and walked away from those insignificant people.

Yu Qi turned back to see the girl and her friends.
The girl was crying while her friends were comforting her.
She had marked this girl in her yellow list.
’You should forget about getting my boyfriend.
Otherwise, you will never know how you are going to end up. ’ Her eyes flashed with the coldness.

Long Hui had noticed it.
His lips curved up.
He thought that his beloved Qi Qi did not feel jealous.
Turned out he was wrong.
He liked it when his beloved Qi Qi was feeling jealous.
It meant that she loved him so much and could not bear to imagine some other woman on his side.

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