There were a lot of things that needed Yu Qi ’s attention.
Yu Qi started to get busy again.
Since it was the semester break, she could spend all of her time on her businesses.

Su Yu Hi just told her that he had already succeeded in acquiring an entertainment company.
It was the second-largest entertainment company in the nation.
Its name was Tianyi Entertainment.
Yu Qi was so happy with Su Yu Hi ’s work.

Su Yu Hi had already discussed the terms with the top management of the company about the rules and conditions.
The highlight one was all of the artists ’ must use their ability to fight for the resource but not in the wrong way.

Yu Qi was told that the promotional video for the Qi Qi Skincare had already finished.
The director sent the copy to the company for viewing test.
If the company wanted to add something and if it was in the director ’s capability, he would add it.

So, Yu Qi and several employees who had gotten involved in the video watched the footage which had been sent by the director.
Sang Ye Ming, the person in charge of this project was nervous to see his big boss ’s response.

”I think it is okay.
We can use this. ” The response made Sang Ye Ming feel relieved.

”Okay, I ’m going to deal with the tv station and other platforms to give some space to view this video. ” Sang Ye Ming nodded.

After finishing one matter, Yu Qi switched to another matter.
It was about Mr Lu ’s matter.
Ming Xuehai reported about it.

Ming Xuehai told her that the mastermind already washed his hand off this matter.
He could not get any concrete evidence telling that Mr Bai Xia Fang was involved in that matter.

Yu Qi only smiled when she heard about this.
She already knew it was not so easy to catch the old sly fox like Bai Xia Fang.
However, she was glad to cut one of Bai Shu Jin ’s future force.

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Mr Lu would be given about 30 years of prison.
That amount of time, his life was over.
Mr Lu was probably 20 to 30 years old.
According to Ming Xuehai ’s data, he was still not married and single.

If he spent 30 years on the prison, when he got out, he would already be in 50 ’s or something like that.
Coming out at that age, he would find a job to continue his life.

From this case, Ming Xuehai began to be recognized in the lawyer world.
His ways of handling this case caught some lawyers attention.
They were telling that Ming Xuehai was very good.

So, some of them wanted to recruit Ming Xuehai to their firms by offering a generous salary to Ming Xuehai.
However, Ming Xuehai had rejected all of them by telling them that he was already satisfied with his position right now.

The lawyers collected some information about Ming Xuehai.
They were so surprised knowing that Ming Xuehai was the lawyer of YQ investment.
The rising company.
If nothing bad happened to the company, the company would be on the top after a few years.

Yu Qi was satisfied with the results.
She felt everything that she had begun, started to show the result.
She stretched her body.
She was tired and hungry.

She was about to return to her room at the university somehow meeting with Su Yu Hi who had also just finished his work.

”Finish work? ” Su Yu Hi asked.

You too? ” Yu Qi asked back.

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Let ’s go to dinner together. ” Su Yu Hi invited Yu Qi.

”Well, if you pay for my dinner. ” Yu Qi joked.

Let ’s go. ” Su Yu Hi agreed.
Treating Yu Qi some dinner was not going to make him lose much money since Yu Qi seemed to eat little.

Yu Qi suggested going to the street stall that sold some delicious seafood.
Su Yu Hi did not mind.
He could eat everything.
He was just worried that the food did not match Yu Qi ’s bud taste.

”Brother Yu Hi, I ’m not some princess who only eats the finest food made by some renowned chefs. ” Yu Qi rolled her eyes to Su Yu Hi.

Su Yu Hi chuckled.
Of course, his boss was not the same.
The normal princess would wait for his prince to appear.
A normal heiress of a rich family would only wait for a correct man to marry him.
They would not go some ways like his boss.

When Grandpa Feng asked her to be an assistant to such a young girl.
He thought it was for Grandpa Feng ’s granddaughter, Feng Yue.
Turned out, it was a different girl.
She was the opposite girl of Feng Yue.

In the beginning, he wanted to reject.
However, the deep part of his heart told him to work with this girl.
So, he agreed to work with Yu Qi.

When he first saw the way Yu Qi worked, he was quite surprised.
He could tell that she was very talented in doing business.
Her way was almost that she doing some business for quite some time.

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Su Yu Hi wanted to know about Yu Qi ’s past.
He was shocked when he found out that Yu Qi was an orphan who had been adopted by another poor family before being adopted into the Tang Family.
Tang Family was from the medical background.

Yu Qi really knew how to handle the business.
So, he concluded that Yu Qi was naturally talented in the business.

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