The two of them took a table at one of the street stalls.
The owner of the stalls began to take orders from them.
Yu Qi wanted to eat some crawfish since the picture which was displayed was so mouth watering.
Su Yu Hi also wanted to eat it.

So, to balance the meal, they ordered spicy crawfish boil, two bowls of rice and some stir-fried spinach with garlic.

Then, Yu Qi caught someone whom she knew.
So, without hesitation, she called her.
She was Song Su Jin.
She was alone.
Her manager, Xiu Mi Lan was not beside her.

”Miss Song. ” Yu Qi called Song Su Jin.

Song Su Jin looked over.
She thought someone had already recognised her.
She walked over and she saw Yu Qi.

”Miss Tang, you are eating here? ” Song Su Jin never thought she would meet Yu Qi at the street stall here.
Since she came from a rich family.

Are you here to eat as well? ” Yu Qi asked.

I come here every night if I don ’t have any job. ” Song Su Jin answered.

”Well, then, come and sit.
We can eat together.
By the way, he is the one who will pay for the food. ” Yu Qi quickly invited Song Su Jin.

”But is it okay? ” Song Su Jin felt it was not good to disturb them.
She did not want to disturb their date.

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Song Su Jin had already thought that Su Yu Hi and Yu Qi were a couple.
Since Yu Qi was a student, Su Yu Hi took the responsibility to handle Yu Qi ’s company.

”Don ’t worry.
Brother Yu Hi will like to be accompanied by two beautiful girls for his dinner.
Right, Brother Yu Hi? ” Yu Qi smiled at Su Yu Hi.

”Miss Song, don ’t mind her.
Come and have a seat.
Sir, we want to add orders. ” Su Yu Hi called the owner to add the orders.

Song Su Jin took a seat after that.
The owner came and took the order.
He seemed to know Song Su Jin.
From there, Su Yu Hi and Yu Qi knew that Song Su Jin was a repeater customer at the alley.

”By the way, the promotional video has already completed.
I have already watched it.
The video is very interesting.
With it, the brand will surely get new customers. ” Yu Qi said.

”Really? I have not seen the final video yet. ” Song Su Jin said.

I have also just received it today.
Miss Song looks very beautiful in the video, right, Brother Yu Hi? ” Yu Qi pulled Su Yu Hi into their conversation.

”That ’s right. ” Su Yu Hi looked at Song Su Jin.

Song Su Jin was startled to hear Su Yu Hi praising her about her beauty.
To be honest, she was very uncomfortable while Su Yu Hi was staring at her like that.

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Since she was an artist, she was not uncomfortable when people would stare at her like that.
But after meeting with Su Yu Hi from day one, something was wrong.
Her heart seemed to be attracted to Su Yu Hi.

However, remembering that this man already belonged to someone ’s else, so she wanted to give up.

”Then, how is your boyfriend? I have not seen him for a long time. ”

Song Su Jin was shocked.
The question…
It seemed to have come from Su Yu Hi.
He was asking Yu Qi about her boyfriend.

”Well, it seems that he has gone to a mission. ” Yu Qi nodded.

The answer from Yu Qi was indeed surprising Song Su Jin.
’Yu Qi has a boyfriend.
And he is not Su Yu Hi? ’

”Miss Tang, you already have a boyfriend? ” Song Su Jin asked while looking at Yu Qi.

Yu Qi turned to Song Su Jin with a happy face.
He is a soldier.
So, he is not usually around. ” Yu Qi sighed.

”Oh, I see… ” Song Su Ji glanced at Su Yu Hi with her eyes while turning to Su Yu Hi.

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She could see that Su Yu Hi did not seem to have affected by Yu Qi ’s sentence.
Meaning Su Yu Hi did not have any affection for Yu Qi.

”How long have you known your boyfriend, Miss Tang? ” Song Su Jin was happy to know that Su Yu Hi did not have any feelings for Yu Qi.

”Since I was 16 years old. ” Yu Qi answered.

”Wow, you have developed a relationship while so young. ” Song Su Jin was surprised.

”Of course not.
We just get together.
He has chased me for a long time. ” Yu Qi was excited to say that.

Song Su Jin laughed.
”Well, how about Mr Su? Your girlfriend will not get jealous if she knows that we are eating together? ”

”Jealous? No one will get jealous since he does not have a girlfriend. ” Yu Qi glanced at Su Yu Hi with a smirk.

Su Yu Hi shook his head.
’This girl… ’ She had begun again.

”Mr Su does not have a girlfriend, does he? ” Song Su Jin asked.
She was indeed surprised.

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Su Yu Hi was a man who had a good looking face.
He also seems to be a matured man and had well manner.

”Well, yes. ” Su Yu Hi was stretching his head.

”I hope that Brother Yu Hi will get a girlfriend. ” Yu Qi said.

”Don ’t act like my mother. ” Su Yu Hi rolled his eyes.

Yu Qi and Song Su Jin laughed.
While they were talking, the food had arrived.
It was truly a good mood.
The food also tasted very good as well as added happiness to them.

Yu Qi peeled off the crawfish skin very skilfully because while she was in the Wang Family, it was her task to peel off all the crawfish skin and at the end, all of the peel-off crawfish would be eaten by the Wang Siblings.

Song Su Jin knew how to peel off the crawfish skin but not as skilful as Yu Qi.
Seeing Song Su Jin was struggling to do so, Su Yu hi did his job as a man, and peeled off the skin and placed one that had been peeled off into Song Su Jin ’s plate.
Song Su Jin was surprised at first but then she smiled and thanked Su Yu Hi.

Seeing this, Yu Qi ’s lips curved up.
Something spark.
She could see something was sparking.

Song Su Jin ate the peel-off crawfish that been peeled by Su Yu Hi like an expensive dish.
It was very delicious.
Even though it was just a simple dish but it tasted better compared to the dish in the hotel.

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