The Mu Family began to call Yu Qi again.
Asking for her medicine.
Yu Qi knew that the medicine that she had given them had probably finished by now.
Well, she also needed to go to the Fanghai Nation as well.

So, she informed Su Yu Hi and other employees that she would go to Fanghai Nation for a business trip.
Her greenhouse at Fanghai Nation was already in the final stage in its completion.

Song Jue Rei had been requested by Su Yu Hi to follow Yu Qi on this business trip.
Song Jue Rei was one of the oldest employees who had worked for Yu Qi in the beginning.
She was working at Shiwa Town in the beginning before being transferred to Wenya City.

Su Yu Hi told Yu Qi that he had handed out the project in Fanghai Nation to Song Jue Rei already since he had a lot of things in his hands.
Yu Qi did not mind since she knew this girl ’s capability.

So, after finishing her class on Fridays, she packed her bag and headed off to the airport.
She also brought Aoi.
Usually, she would bring Aoi too by using her space.
But now since she did not want others to get suspicious, especially Song Jue Rei who would go with her, she would use the normal procedures that were required in the airlines to bring the pet on board.

”You have brought Aoi too, Miss Yu Qi? ” Song Jue Rei looked at the cage that Yu Qi was carrying around.

He does not have anyone to take care of him.
So, I need to bring him too.
I have already completed the procedure.
I will hand him to the person in charge right now. ” Yu Qi nodded.

She gave Aoi to the person in charge who would handle the process.

”Aoi, be a good boy and behave.
We will meet soon. ” Yu Qi told Aoi.

’Okay, Master. ’ Aoi barked slowly.

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After 12 hours in flight, the two of them had arrived at Fanghai Nation.
Yu Qi quickly went to get Aoi.
Then, they went to the hotel to check-in.
Yu Qi told Song Jue Rei that she would take some rest first before they would go to the construction site.

So, Yu Qi and Aoi entered her space and were resting in space since they would get more time to have a good rest in that space.
Yu Qi also had time to cook for herself and her two little cuties.

After 6 hours in space, meaning 2 hours in the outside world, Yu Qi and Aoi came out.
Seemed that it was a coincidence that Song Jue Rei called her on phone.

Yu Qi told her that they would go soon.
Yu Qi immediately got out from her room with Aoi and headed towards Song Jue Rei who was currently waiting for them at the hotel ’s entrance.

”Miss Yu Qi. ” Song Jue Rei called Yu Qi.

”Let ’s go. ” Yu Qi said.

Since it was a city, so it was very easy for them to find a taxi to go to construction site.

”I already called Mr Su is already at the construction site. ” Song Jue Rei said.

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”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Then, after sitting in a taxi for about one hour, they had reached the construction site.
Song Jue Rei led the way to go to the temporary office.
She had been there a few times so she knew where it was.

It was just one long cabin that was used for the office.
Song Jue Rei opened the door and saw a group of men sitting around the large table.
It seemed they were expecting Yu Qi and Song Jue Rei to come.

”Miss Song, Yu Qi. ” Grandpa Su stood up happily.

Yu Qi smiled at Grandpa Su.
To her surprise, Su Fan was also in the meeting

”Beauty, long time no see. ” Su Fan was delighted to see the beautiful face.

”Yeah, I have never expected to see you here. ” Yu Qi said to Su Fan.

’ ’Don ’t talk about it.
My grandpa has forced me into this. ” Su Fan frowned.

”That is for your own sake. ” Yu Qi said.

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”That ’s right.
I ’m thinking of your future. ” Grandpa Su glared at his grandson.

Others also stood up and greeted the two women.
They knew these two women very much.
One was the big boss, one was their leader of the construction project.

In the beginning, they believed that women should not get themselves involved in the construction project like this.
But Song Jue Rei proved them wrong.
She had beautifully led the team with her charisma.

”Don ’t be tensed.
I just want to check the progress of the construction project. ” Yu Qi ’s voice calmed down the men.

”We are ahead of schedule.
I assume that we will probably be able to complete the whole project in three months. ” One of the men said.

Everyone nodded.
If there was nothing serious that would happen at the site, the construction team would be able to finish their job in three months.
Then the design team would take over.

”Yu Qi, I have already listed down the herbs that we want to grow in the greenhouse.
It is according to their benefits. ” Grandpa Su handed out the long list.

Yu Qi ’s lips curved up when received the list.
She did not want to only glance at the list but read it fully.
She was eager to read about the herbs.
Probably about 100 different types of herbs.

The men in the room were stunned as they saw Yu Qi ’s smile.
It was a genuine smile.
They usually saw Yu Qi whether in her faint smile or non-smile.
It was very beautiful plus the perfect face.

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We will be visiting a few places to see the progress. ” Song Jue Rei began to talk.

Everyone returned to their senses after hearing Song Jue Rei ’s voice.
They would not believe that they would get mesmerized with their big boss ’ smile.

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