Qin Xia sat on the chair facing his secretary.
He had a stern expression when he was reading the doc.u.ment that his secretary presented to him.
The doc.u.ment showed the detail about the drug being smuggle using one of his cargo.

”Those idiots really want to challenge me? Did they think I ’m stupid? ” Qin Xia put the doc.u.ment on the table.

”We already deal with the police.
We already handle the culprits to the police station. ” His secretary, Jun Man He, informed Qin Xia about that.

Let ’s be a lesson to those old men.
So, they would not plot against me again. ” Qin Xia smiled coldly.

”How about Wang Family matter? ” Qin Xia suddenly remembered about that matter.

”The plan already in progress.
Their only son already addicted to gambling and caught cheating while playing. ” Jun Man He told his boss.

”Good. ” Qin Xia nodded satisfying with the result.

”There is another matter, Sir. ” Jun Man He thought this matter also needed to be told to his boss.

”What is it? ” 

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”It is about their oldest daughter.  She happened to be a mistress to one old man.
Strangely the matter had been spread through Shiwa Town.
I don ’t have an idea of how this matter spread. ” Jun Man He said.

Qin Xia smiled.
He felt Yu Qi might have something to do with this matter.
”Ignore it. ” Then he changed his thought.
”Let this matter spread more. ” 

Jun Man He felt his boss recently acting weirdly.
First the Tang Yu Qi girl.
He was pretty sure that his boss did not meet Tang Yu Qi before.
Because of Tang Yu Qi, his boss made efforts to make sure the Wang Family suffered bad things.
He sighed.
He did not want his boss to get angry at him because of asking about this matter. 

”Did someone come to our home today? ” Yu Qi asked Grandpa Tang when she arrived home.

”No, why? ” Grandpa Tang asked back.

”It ’s just Wang Family who came to my ryokan and asked for a job. ” Yu Qi explained.

”That shameless family still did not give up? ” Grandpa Tang felt angry towards Wang Family.

”I think they actually did not know that I ’m the owner of the ryokan. ” Yu Qi assumed.
It was because the owner of the ryokan was still closed to the public.

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”Yu Qi, remember don ’t be soft heart towards them. ” Grandpa Tang advised Yu Qi.

”Grandfather, don ’t worry.
I ’m not that stupid to feel pity for them.
They already made trouble with us. ” Yu Qi still remembered that the gangster that came threatened her family began with Wang Fu Ya ’s jealousy. 

”That ’s good. ” Grandpa Tang said. 

After dinner, Yu Qi went straight into her space.
Today, she skipped that lecture and training.
She wanted to see what records she could hear from Dong Li Ha ’s phone.

From the record, Dong Li Ha did make a lot of calls.
She was kind of excited to hear about them.
She wondered what would she could hear from the recording.
She opened the first file.

Dong Li Ha: ’Hello. ’

Unknown person: ’I want some drugs. ’

Dong Li Ha: ’What ’s type? ’

Unknown person: H ’s type. ’

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Dong Li Ha: ’ Pay first.
You will get the money tomorrow. ’

Unknown person: ’Okay. ’

Then the call was ended.
It was quick.
Dong Li Ha did have a lot of connections.
From what she can conclude from one call, Dong Li Ha was selling other drugs.
She opened the second file.

Unknown person: ’ Hello, darling.

This time, it was a woman.
She probably had a nice body.
Her voice was also very nice to be heard.
It also contained some seduction on it. 

Dong Li Ha: ’Yes? ’

Unknown person: ’Are there ’C type drugs available? ’

Dong Li Ha: ’Of course.
How much you want? ’

Unknown person: ’Let ’s see.
1 kg. ’

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Dong Li Ha: ’Alright.
Transfer the money and you will get your things.

Unknown person: ’I will inform you if I already transfer the money. ’

Dong Li Ha: ’Okay. ’

The call ended here.
Yu Qi felt this man, Dong Li Ha was a very big supplier of drugs.
He must be a big figure in the world of selling and buying drugs.
Yu Qi opened another recording.
The recording contained the same thing.
People called Dong Li Ha to buy drugs.
About ten calls afterward contained the same things.

’Maybe Dong Li Ha was a subordinate of a rich man. ’ Yu Qi made an assumption.
Well, things like buying and selling drugs were the job of a subordinate of another man.
They would not manage it themselves.
They would hire someone to take care of the job while they could enjoy the money. 

Yu Qi did make the right assumption when she opened another recording.
The tone that Dong Li Ha used was very polite and respectful. 

Unknown person: ’Hello. ’

Dong Li Ha: ’Hello, Sir. ’

Unknown person: ’How about our business? ’

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Dong Li Ha: ’It was okay.
We did receive a lot of orders from our clients. ’

Unknown person: ’Good.
Very good.
I was not wrong when I choose you as my people. ’ 

The unknown person was laughing.

Dong Li Ha: Thank you, sir.
It is my honor to work for you. ’

Dong Li Ha said with respect and a little bit of admiring.

Unknown person: ’I will increase your commission by 10%. ’

Dong Li Ha: ’Thank you, Sir. ’

Unknown person: ’Just do a good job and you will enjoy the money. ’

Dong Li Ha: Yes, Sir.
I will not disappoint you. ’

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Unknown person: ’Okay. ’

The person ended the call. 

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