”However, she is not fully recovered. ” Yu Qi continued.

”Have you not said my daughter can fully be recovered? ” Su Yu Qing interrupted.
It was not like she said before.

Yu Qi glanced once at Su Yu Qing.
’Is this woman stupid or what? ’ She turned back to Mu Li Zei.
”The antidote is not completed yet. ”

”What? Not completed yet? Then what have you been doing all this time? ” Su Yu Qing asked in an angry tone.

”Mrs Mu, do you think I don ’t have anything else to do? Hmm… ” Yu Qi glared sharply at Su Yu Qing.
Why was she so stupid? Was she like this in her past life as well?

”You, shut up! ” Mu Li Zei gave a reminder to Su Yu Qing.

Su Yu Qing closed her mouth with a resentful look.
She did not think that she was wrong.
She was just anxious about her daughter ’s condition.
Her daughter had been in this condition for a long time.
Her mother ’s heart was upset.

”Then… ” Mu Li Zei wanted to say something.

”Here…. ” Yu Qi brought out something from her bag.

In Yu Qi ’s hand, there was a small container, probably contained some kind of cream and a bottle that filled with a yellowish liquid.

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”This? ” Mu Li Zei asked Yu Qi.

”This medicine, give her a spoon of it twice a day, morning and night. ” Yu Qi lifted the bottle.
Then she lifted the small container that contained the cream.
”And this cream, you need to apply it on the area around the wound.
Don ’t apply it on the wound. ”

Mu Li Zei took the medicine from Yu Qi.
In the middle of that, Yu Qi was touching Mu Li Zei ’s hand.
During that time, Yu Qi took an opportunity to put the spirit tracker on Mu Li Zei.

’Done. ’ Yu Qi smiled in her mind.

”What is the yellowish liquid? Looks so disgusting.
I don ’t want to drink it. ” Mu Rong Xie protested.
That liquid looked somehow suspicious.

”I don ’t mind.
That is your own choice.
But to tell you the truth, the maggots may come back. ” Yu Qi said.

Hearing that, Mu Rong Xie turned pale.
The scenes from before played in her mind.
She quickly shook her head.
”No!!! I don ’t want that to happen anymore.
I will drink it. ”

I will leave first. ” Yu Qi wanted to leave.

”Miss Tang, why don ’t you have lunch here? ” Kang Pian Sue smiled inviting Yu Qi for having lunch together with them.

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That ’s right.
I have already called my father too. ” Mu Li Zei also voiced his opinion.

Yu Qi ’s eyebrows were rising up.
’What do they want to play? ’

”Yeah, Miss Tang.
You have helped to cure my sister.
It will be rude for us to make you leave just like that since lunchtime is just about at the time. ” It was the first time that Mu Yian had talked to her for today.

’Seems they really do not want me to leave.
Well, I will stay and take a look at what game they want to play with me. ’ Yu Qi nodded.
”Well then, I will stay for lunch. ”

They returned to the living room.
Yu Qi sat on the sofa.
The maid came and put glass that contained orange juice in it.

”Miss Tang, you can drink this first.
The maids are currently prepared for the meal for lunch. ” Kang Pian Sue smiled while gesturing Yu Qi to drink the juice.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi took the juice.
She smelled it in case that these people had put something in the juice.
She did not smell anything strange in the juice.
So, she drunk the juice.

”Miss Tang looks very young.
18 or something?. ” Kang Pian Sue started the conversation.

”Well, no.
I ’m already 21 years old. ” Yu Qi shocked her head slowly.
’This old woman seems wants to investigate something. ’

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”I bet your parent must be happy having a daughter like you. ” Kang Pian Sue ignited again.

They threw me since I was a baby.
Right now, I had been adopted by one family before being adopted by my current family. ” Yu Qi answered honestly.
She knew that Mu Li Zei had already sent people to investigate about this.

”Oh, meaning, you have left another family for your family? Is that because the former has been a poor family and the latter is a rich family? ” Mu Yian mocked Yu Qi.

She read the information about Yu Qi.
The information telling her that the previous family was poor.

”Do you want to stay in a family that treats you like a slave? ” Yu Qi retorted back in a calm tone.

Mu Yian wanted to reply but she could not find any words.

”I see.
It is very inhuman of them to treat you like a slave. ” Kang Pian Sue made a sad look.

”Well, I am already happy since my current family loves me so much. ” Yu Qi took a sip of juice again.

Kang Pian Sue asked several questions to Yu Qi.
It might sound like nonsense questions but when thinking back, it was somehow connected.
Kang Pian Sue seemed to doubt Yu Qi ’s identity.

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Kang Pian Sue felt Yu Qi was similar to Dian Yi Yi.
The appearance that she had and the look that she gave off were the same.
Even here way to talk.

But the information that Mu Li Zei investigated was different.
That time did not match.
If she was the daughter of that bastard, she should be 23 or 25 years old.

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