Yu Qi called Tang Han Lee to inform that she had already arrived at L Country.
As for them, they had already arrived at L Country one day earlier before her.
She did not know even hotels that her brothers were staying.

Tang Han Lee picked up her call.
He asked Yu Qi where she was right now.
Yu Qi told him that she was currently staying at the Sunshine Hotel.

Tang Han Lee told her that they would pick up for the dinner that night.
He also mentioned that they were staying at the Suria Hotel, one kilometre from her.

Yu Qi agreed to have dinner together since she did not have any plans for tonight.
The time currently showed four p.m.
She still had a few hours to rest.

So, she entered her space.
She saw Bo Ya was taking care of the garden while Aoi was laying around sleeping.
When both of them felt their master ’s presence in space, they looked at Yu Qi.

”Oh, Master. ” Aoi woke up and speeded to Yu Qi.
”Master, can I go outside? ”

”Sorry, Aoi.
You can ’t right now. ” Yu Qi apologized to Aoi.

It is okay then. ” Aoi was disappointed but he did not want to trouble his master.

”As for compensation, I will cook right now. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Yeah!!! ” Both of her little cuties jumped while shouting happily when heard that their master would be cooked for them.

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People especially the women casually turned to look at three handsome men that walked together.
A flock of birds always flew together.
It was a good phrase when seeing those handsome men.

”They are handsome. ”

”Seems like an idol group. ”

”I have never seen them before. ”

”Probably a new idol group. ”

”So handsome. ”

”Yeah, especially the cold one. ”

”Do you want to go and ask them which group they are? ”

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”Eh, really? You want to ask them? ”

”Why not? ”

There were a group of girls chatted among them when they saw three handsome men.
The group of girls approached the three handsome men.

The three handsome men seemed to have a different personality.
One had a mature aura on him, one had a cheerful aura, and another one seemed to ignore others that came into his eyes.

”Hai. ” There was a shy greet from one of the girl group earlier.

Two of the handsome men turned to look at who greeting them.
As for another handsome man, he directly ignored them.

”Yes? ” One of the handsome men asked them.

”Are you a new idol group? ” The girl asked.

”Huh? ” The handsome man tilted his head.

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”Big brother, they think we are a new entertainer. ” One of the handsome men said to another one.

”Entertainer? We are not. ” The handsome man answered to the girls.

”I see.
Do you have time right now? We want to invite you to dinner if you have some free time. ” The girls asked.

The handsome men looked at each other.

”Sorry, miss.
We have another appointment. ” The handsome man rejected.

”Then, can I get your phone number? ” The girls asked again.

The girls seemed to hit on the handsome men.

”Sorry Miss.
We don ’t give our phone number to strangers. ” The direct reject from the handsome man.

”How about you? ” The girls asked another handsome man.

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”Miss, we already have a girlfriend.
We are not a playboy. ” Another direct rejection.

The girls seemed to be embarrassed when she had been directly rejected by the handsome men.

”Says the playboy. ” Tang Qin Hao suddenly spoke.

The three handsome men were Tang Han Lee, Tang Jin Wei and Tang Qin Hao.
They were actually waiting for their car to arrive.
Tang Han Lee had rented a car for their stay at L Country to make their stay easier.

”I have already left that title. ” Tang Jin Wei said proudly.
”I know that you are jealous because you don ’t have a girlfriend.
You know you can pick one of these girls earlier. ”

”Idiot. ” Tang Qin Hao showed a disgusted expression.

Tang Jin Wei did not angry.
”But these girls here are sure brave to hit on guys.
Girls in our nation are more shy one. ” Tang Jin Wei commented.

”Do we look like the entertainers? ” Tang Han Lee asked.

”Big Brother, our looks can easily suppress the idol group. ” Tang Jin Wei said.

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”I don ’t longer think that I ’m a good looking one. ” Tang Han Lee thought about something.

”Eh? Why? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.
To be honest, their looks could be considered very good looking.

”Little Sis looks at me normally. ” Tang Han Lee gave the reason.

”Big brother, you can not use her as your guideline.
Her preference is higher since she has that man. ” Tang Jin Wei rolled his eyes.
That brat stole their Little Sis.

He remembered the first time when Yu Qi had met him.
That girl gave him a back throw.
It hurt very much.

”It has been a long time since we have been together, right? ” Tang Jin Wei realized it.

”Hmm… ” Tang Han Lee nodded.

It was the truth.
It was hard to spot the three brothers together since Tang Qin Hao started to work.
He did not come home.
Even if it was a celebration day.

The car arrived.
Tang Han Lee took the keys from the owner.
The three of them entered the car.

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”Big Brother, which hotel is Little Sis staying? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.

”Sunshine Hotel. ” Tang Han Lee answered shortly.
”Let ’s go and pick up our Little Sis. ”

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