Yu Qi and her lecturers went to the venue where the medical conference held.
They arrived earlier to set up their booth.
Yu Qi was hanging up the poster containing her research.

Then, there was an announcement telling them that the medical conference was about to start.
Then, the participants needed to listen to the opening speech by the organizer of the medical conference.

They welcomed all the participants and hope that this medical conference would be a platform for the participants to present their research or new knowledge for the world.

The participants had been given a time schedule.
The judges would go to their booths at a certain time.
So, the participants could walk around to see others booth.

At the same time, there would be a speech for certain doctors on their speciality.
The first doctor that went up to the stage was Tang Qin Hao.
He was very handsome when he groomed himself.
Well, actually, it was Tang Jin Wei ’s work.
He forced Tang Qin Hao to wear formal clothes in this medical conference since he would give a speech.

Tang Qin Hao gave an excellent speech about the new discovery of human brain activities during coma state.
Yu Qi noticed that Tang Qin Hao started to study about this 4 years ago.
When she went through Tang Qin Hao ’s first data, it was her data when she passed out on the first year of entering Starlight Univerisity.

Yu Qi remembered that her brother asked what she was dreaming when she was passed out at that time.
She told him that she did not remember anything at all.
’So, he has started to study about it… ’

Tang Qin Hao ’s speech gained a lot of spectators.
Some of them were the one interested in the human brain ’s study.
Some of them were here because of Tang Qin Hao ’s looks, well, the women.

Tang Qin Hao gave the speech for about two hours.
After finishing, Tang Qin Hao went down and put on the ’I don ’t care ’ face.
Tang Qin Hao wanted to take a rest.
However, Tang Jin Wei appeared and pulled Tang Qin Hao to follow him.

”Where are we going to go? ” Tang Qin Hao asked.

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”Let ’s go and see our little sister. ” Tang Jin Wei lifted up his eyebrows.

”Oh… ” Tang Qin Hao nodded.
”Where is Big Brother? ”

”I don ’t know.
He has told me that he is also going to our little sis. ” Tang Jin Wei answered.
He took a look at the pamphlet of the medical conference and searched for Yu Qi ’s booth.

”Found it.
Let ’s go. ” Tang Jin Wei found Yu Qi ’s booth.

Tang Jin Wei and Tang Qin Hao headed towards Yu Qi ’s booth.
When they arrived there, somehow there were a lot of people there.
Yu Qi currently gave the explanation about her research.
In the crowd, Tang Han Lee was also there listening to Yu Qi.

”That ’s all for my research.
Hope you understand. ” Yu Qi ended her speech.

Then there was a lot of questions which had been throwing to Yu Qi.
Yu Qi had patiently answered all the questions.
Not long after that, Yu Qi finished answering all the questions.

”Finished for part one. ” Yu Qi stretched her body.

”Hi, Little Sis. ” Tang Jin Wei waved his hand greeting Yu Qi.

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”Oh, you are here. ” Yu Qi looked at her three brothers.

”Brother Qin Hao, you look very outstanding today. ” Yu Qi did not forget to praise Tang Qin Hao.

”Huh? Thank you. ” Tang Qin Hao blushed a little bit.

’Cute. ’ Yu Qi thought for while looking at Tang Qin Hao when he was blushing.

”Little Sis, you just praise Qin Hao only.
What about me? ” Tang Jin Wei looked expectant.

”Brother Jin Wei, you always look the same. ” Yu Qi shot Tang Jin Wei down.

”You!!! You should praise me too. ” Tang Jin Wei rolled his eyes.

Yu Qi just laughed.

”By the way, are you hungry? ” Tang Han Lee asked.

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”I ’m hungry. ” Tang Jin Wei quickly reacted to Tang Han Lee ’s question.

”Me too. ” Tang Qin Hao also answered.

”I think that I ’m hungry too. ” Yu Qi also nodded.

The people around them took a look at them.
The scene looked very peaceful with three handsome men and a beautiful girl.
The three handsome men looked like the knights who were guarding their princess.
They ignored who were looking at them.

”Hey, look at them…
Is this good looking conference or what? ”

”What do you think about the relationship between them? ”

”They are probably siblings. ”

”I think so too.
The men look somehow similar in the appearance.

”Hey, I think I know the men.
One of them is Tang Qin Hao, the genius in the neurological surgery.
He has just given the speech earlier.
The one with a mature look one is Tang Han Lee, he is an ophthalmologist.
Another one is called Tang Jin Wei.
His speciality is an otolaryngologist.
As for the girl, she is Tang Yu Qi, another upcoming genius in the medical world.
As for your information, they are the grandchildren of the legendary doctor, Tang Jiang Man. ” One of the onlookers revealed the identity of them.

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”What? That famous doctor? No wonder… ”

”So, they are siblings. ”

”I don ’t think so.
From what I know, Tang Han Lee and Tang Jin Wei are siblings, sons of Tang Jung Wen.
While Tang Qin Hao is a son of Tang Jang Qin.
As for Tang Yu Qi, she is adopted by the legendary doctor as his granddaughter and his disciple. ”

”Adopted? ”

”Yeah. ”

”But, their relationship is very close. ”

The people about whom people were talking about, had left the venue and looking for someplace to eat their lunch.

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