They went to search for the place for having lunch.
The venue was somehow in the middle of the city.
So, there were a lot of restaurants around the venue.

”Let ’s go to that cafe. ” Tang Jin Wei pointed towards a cafe.

The three of them did not have any preference, so, they agreed.
The cafe had two dining areas.
One was outside the cafe, another one was inside the cafe.
They did not want to hear the city ’s noise, therefore, they chose to eat inside the cafe.

Lucky for them, there was one empty table inside the cafe.
They sat on that table.
The waitress came wanting to take their order.
She gave a menu book to them.

Yu Qi placed the orders.
She took a plate of Oven-Roasted Salmon with Charred Lemon Vinaigrette.
Tang Han Lee chose Brick Chicken with Garlic and Thyme and Tang Jin Wei chose Sesame Chicken and Chili Lime Slaw.
As for Tang Qin Hao, he straightly went to dessert.
Peach pie and Velvety Dark Chocolate Pudding With Candied Orange Peel.

”Brother Qin Hao, are you sure that you want to eat the dessert only? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Little Sis, don ’t worry about him.
He will be fine. ” Tang Jin Wei assured their little sister.

”Oh, okay. ” Yu Qi nodded

Tang Qin Hao had a sweet tooth.
The lunch was very good.

”Yu Qi…
never thought to meet you here. ” A voice greeted Yu Qi.

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Yu Qi turned around and looked at the source of the voice.
Yu Qi ’s eyes opened wide.
It was Qin Xia.
Yu Qi was very surprised to see Qin Xia here.
It had been a long time since their last meeting and she did not expect to see him here.

”Brother Xia… ” Yu Qi said.

Qin Xia ’s eyes narrowed and then turned back into the normal state within a second.
No one noticed it.
It was like his junior sister, Yu-er, called him.
Qin Xia smiled gently at Yu Qi.

The Tang Brothers looked at the stranger whom Yu Qi had called ’Brother Xia ’.
They had never met him.
Another handsome man…

”Big Brother, does our Little Sis has a magnet to attract handsome men? ” Tang Jin Wei whispered to Tang Han Lee.

Even though Tang Jin Wei was whispering to Tang Han Lee, Qin Xia and Yu Qi could hear what Tang Jin Wei had just said.
They immediately turned to Tang Jin Wei.
One was looking at him with a warning glare while another one was looking at him with the observing look.

Tang Jin Wei shivered with these glares.
These two people were the same that could give a glare making one shivered.

Qin Xia actually knew these three men since he wanted to know all about Yu Qi.
Tang Han Lee, Tang Jin Wei and Tang Qin Hao.

”Little sis, who is this? ” Tang Han Lee calmly asked Yu Qi.

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”Oh, this is Qin Xia, a businessman.
We… ” Yu Qi stopped there.

Yu Qi did not know what to explain about their relationship.
’What is our relationship? ’ She was confused.

”We are just friends in the business. ” Qin Xia helped Yu Qi to explain.

”I see.
We are Yu Qi ’s brothers. ” Tang Han Lee nodded and introduced themselves while handled out his hand to shake hands with Qin Xia.

”I see.
Nice to meet you.
I have heard about three of you, the grandsons of Dr Tang Jiang Man. ” Qin Xia shook his hand with Tang Han Lee.

”By the way, what are you doing here, Brother Xia? ” Yu Qi asked Qin Xia.

”I ’m here because of the medical conference.
I guess you are also here for that. ” Qin Xia felt very nice that Yu Qi called him ’Brother Xia ’.

”You are also interested in medical? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.
His little sis said that this man was a businessman.

I ’m always interested in the medical world.
If something caught my eyes and I think it is worth to invest in the project, I will invest in it. ” Qin Xia answered honestly.

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Well, one of this medical conference ’s aims was to introduce the new medical knowledge to the world as well as to find the sponsor for the research.

”Oh, that is why you have been at Fanghai Nation medical conference before. ” Yu Qi remembered that she had also met him there.

”Yes. ” Qin Xia smiled.
He was happy that Yu Qi remembered it.

”Mr Qin, we should go now.
The time is approaching. ” Qin Xia ’s secretary reminded Qin Xia.

Qin Xia lifted his arm and looked at the watch.
Indeed, it was already late.
He had another appointment with another person.

”I need to go.
Yu Qi, see you later. ” Qin Xia said.

Sorry for taking your time. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

Qin Xia nodded to others and walked away from them.

”Little sis, are you finding your spare part? ” Tang Jin Wei lifted his eyebrow several times.

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”Huh? ” Yu Qi confused.
She did not understand what Tang Jin Wei had meant by that question.

”Dear little sis, are you trying to find another spare boyfriend? ” Tang Jin Wei grinned to Yu Qi.

With that, finally, Yu Qi understood.
With a gentle smile, she asked Tang Jin Wei.
”My dear brother, do you want a broken hand? ”

”Huh? ” This time, it was Tang Jin Wei ’s turn to not understand what Yu Qi meant.

”Stupid. ” Tang Han Lee commented.

”Idiot. ” Tang Qin Hao added.

What do you mean by that? ” Tang Jin Wei rolled his eyes to his two brothers.

”Little sis wants to beat you into a pulp since you have asked such a stupid question to her. ” Tang Han Lee explained to Tang Jin Wei.

”Little Sis, please pity your beloved brother.
I ’m just joking with you. ” Tang Jin Wei begged to his little sister.
He knew his little sister ’s strength.
It would hurt.

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