In the evening, it was time for Tang Han Lee to give his speech.
The audience paid attention to what the Tang Han Lee had given out.
From her booth, Yu Qi admired the looks that the Tang brothers had inherited from their parents.

She thought that if the Tang brothers had not become a doctor, they could have formed an idol group.
They would be so popular.
Yu Qi chuckled on her thought.


Standing in the corner of the venue, a man was looking around.
He had worn the clothes which were suitable for the event but his expression was not.
He seemed to be irritated with something.
Others did not know why he was like that.

The people who had seen him felt uncomfortable.
So, they ignored him and stayed away from him.
Some of them wanted to call the security but what could the security do with him.
This event was a public event.
Those interested in the event could enter the venue.

Then, someone approached that man.
The man glared to the one who had approached him.

”Why are you late? ” The man questioned.

”Relax bro.
We still have time.
Don ’t frown too much.
Look, everyone is wary about you. ” The man smiled.

”Who is your brother? ” The frowning man rebuked.

I ’m not your brother. ” The smiling man just agreed with him to calm him down.
”So, have you seen the target? ”

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She is right there, at her booth. ” The frowning man nodded and pointed his finger to one direction.

The smiling man turned around to the direction that the frowning man had pointed to.
He smiled, even more, when his eyes caught the glimpse of the girl.

”I ’m really curious what does she have to catch the eyes of those men? ” The smiling man said.

”Don ’t alert others.
You know what will happen if someone is aware about this. ” The frowned man gave his warning.

”Don ’t worry.
I ’m not an idiot. ” The smiling man grinned.

’You are not an idiot.
But you are super duper idiot.
Why do I have to be paired with this idiot ? ’ The frowning man rolled his eyes at the smiling man while thinking in his head.

The frowning man also watched the girl.
The girl seemed to be a normal girl with a beautiful face and just a little smart.
Not more than that.

”But she is really beautiful just like a cold stone statue of a woman. ” The smiling man touched his chin several times admiring the beauty.

”You are just lucky that icily man has not killed you because you are flirting with his wife. ” The frowning man said.

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”I seriously don ’t understand why has this woman fallen in love with the icily man. ” The smiling man thought that he was not different than the icily man.

’Of course, you are different.
She is stupid if she has chosen you instead of him. ’ The frowning man did not give any response to the smiling man.


The first day of the medical conference had ended.
The Tang brothers were waiting for their little sister to come out.
Yu Qi walked together with their lecturers.

”Little sis. ” Tang Jin Wei called.

”What are you doing here? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Waiting for you, Little Sis. ” Tang Jin Wei grinned.

”Miss Tang, these are your brothers? ” One of the lecturers asked.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

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”Thank you for taking care of our little sister. ” Tang Han Lee greeted the lecturers.

”Miss Tang is an excellent student. ” The lecturers said.

”Are you about to return to your hotel? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”How about we have dinner together? You too, sirs. ” Tang Jin Wei looked at Yu Qi and turned to the lecturers.

”You are inviting us too? ” The lecturers asked.

”Of course. ” Tang Jin Wei nodded.

The lecturers looked at each other.
After several moments, the lecturers agreed.

The group started to walk again.
Yu Qi felt someone was watching her.
She glared sharply at the direction that she felt that she had been stared at from.
Nothing was there.
She turned back.

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She was not stupid.
There was someone who had been watching her even in the venue.
She knew those people were looking at her but this one was a little bit different than others.
The stare which felt like you have been accessed by someone.
It was not a good feeling.

”Little sis… ” Tang Han Lee called Yu Qi when he noticed that Yu Qi had behaved weirdly.

Yu Qi looked at her big brother and smiled.
”Oh, nothing. ” She shook her head and smiled.

”She looked at me.
Luckily, I hid myself in hurry. ” The smiling man patted his chest feeling relieved.

He approached the frowning man after that.

You can not alert her like that. ” The frowning man felt like he wanted to punch this man.

”He he he…
Sorry. ” The smiling man still made a silly face while scratching the back of his head.


Yu Qi returned to the room after having dinner with her brothers and lecturers.
Yu Qi straight entered her space.

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”Bo Ya, have you detected someone who has been watching me? ” Yu Qi quickly asked Bo Ya as soon as she saw Bo Ya.

”Sorry, Master, I can not detect it. ” Bo Ya ’s face faced down.
He was shamed since could not help his master.

”Oh, it ’s okay.
Don ’t worry. ” Yu Qi patted Bo Ya ’s head.

She thought that she needed to be careful.
She could feel something might happen.
Even though she could defend herself from most of the men, but still, it was good to take caution.

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