The medical conference ended after two days.
There was a lot of happy faces since they had achieved their aim for coming to this medical conference.

It also happened to Yu Qi and her lecturers as well.
Their research had caught several investors to invest in their research.

As for been watched by someone on the first day, on the second day went normal.
She did not have the feeling that she had been watched.
Probably it was just her feeling.
Nothing serious.

So, on the third day, on the schedule, Yu Qi and her lecturers would be going back to Binhai Nation.
So Yu Qi prepared to return to Binhai Nation.
But they would be returned on the night.
So, they had some time to spend.

As for the Tang Brothers, only Tang Han Lee and Tang Jin Wei still in L Country.
Tang Qin Hao already returned to Binhai Nation on the night of the medical conference ended.
As for the other two Tang Brothers, they would be returned at the same time as Yu Qi.

Tang Han Lee and Tang Jin Wei invited her to take a look at L Country.
Yu Qi agreed and accepted their invitation.


”Where do you want to go, Little Sis? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.

They currently had some breakfast before going out.
As for their plan where to go still undecided.
Tang Han Lee did not have where they would be going.
He would be let his brother and little sister to decided their plan for today.

Tang Jin Wei was excited.
It was a trip.
He was a doctor, so it was hard to apply for some leave.
And it was with their little sister.
To think about it, it was the second time that they had spent the holiday together.
The first time when they were in Yu Qi ’s ryokan hotel.

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I want to go to herbs shop if they have one here. ” Yu Qi ate the bread.

Herbs shop? Little Sis, why do you want to go to the boring place just like that? ” Tang Jin Wei frowned.
The words that he did not fond of.

”I want to see some herbs that nope exist in our nation.
I also want to buy their seed if they sell them.
Grandpa would be happy to receive some herbs. ” Yu Qi answered.

”That would be an excellent souvenir for Grandpa. ” Tang Han Lee nodded.

”That ’s right. ” Yu Qi smiled.
”We also need to buy something to aunties and uncles. ”

Let ’s go to the herbs shop first. ” Tang Jin Wei agreed.
Then he continued.
”But we would not be spending all of our time here. ”

”Alright, Brother Jin Wei. ” Yu Qi nodded.

After paying for their breakfast, they went to the herbs shop.
Yu Qi found one shop nearest.
Well, even though it was the nearest, it was three kilometres from where they had their breakfast.

The herbs shop was at the small alley.
The car could not enter it.
They must walk to reach the shop.
So, Tang Han Lee parked the car in front of one shop.
If something happened to the car, there had someone in the shop that could watch the car.

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The three of them got out from the car and walked.
It seemed like the alley was an old business district.
The buildings were old.
However, some of them had been renovated.

They asked one of the shops there about the herbs shop.
They had been told to just walk straight along this road, they would be found one in the corner of the building.

As been told, it was the truth.
Yu Qi could smell some scent of herbs that lingering.
They arrived at the herbs shop.
It was an old shop and had been given some maintenance for the shop to make the shop looked nice.
They entered the shop.

”Welco… ” The lazy voice could be heard.
But it did not finish.

They looked at the counter.
There was a young girl with a shook expression and turned to blush.

Welcome. ” The blushing girl greeted them.
”What can I help you with? ” The blushing girl clearly looked at Tang Han Lee and Tang Jin Wei.
Yu Qi had been ignored.

Yu Qi noticed that but she did not care about it.
She quickly scanned around to see the herbs.
She frowned.
The conditions of the herb…

”Sirs… ” The girl called Tang Han Lee and Tang Jin Wei again with a sweet voice.

However, the Tang Brothers ignored her.
They looked at their little sister and noticed the frowned expression on their little sister ’s face.

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”Little Sis, why? ” Tang Han Lee quickly asked.

”These herbs are ruin.
They had not been taking care in the correct ways.
These sikong herbs, their roots must be cut off to ensure their effect stay longer.
These mosse herbs, it needs to store in the cold place, better to keep them in the refrigerator.
To be honest, about 90% of them are ruining. ” Yu Qi complained.

She then turned to the girl.
”Are you the one who taking care of all of these herbs? ”

The girl frowned.
”What? ”

”I ’m asking you, are you the one who taking care of all of these herbs? ” Yu Qi pressed her voice.

”Well, no. ” The girl shook her head.
She suddenly felt scared when facing this girl.

”Then, who? ” Yu Qi asked again.

”Grandpa Hua. ” The girl answered.

”Can you please call him? I have something to tell him. ” Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.

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Okay.. ” The girl nodded and quickly ran to call the man.

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