The three of them walked back towards their car using the same road that they had used earlier.
But something was not right.
The level of the quietness of the area really concerned her.
Just now, the area was not like this.

”Big Brother, Brother Jin Wei, be alert.
Something is not right. ” While her eyes were running around the area, she gave a warning to her two brothers to be alert.

”What? ” Tang Jin Wei was surprised.

Tang Han Lee did not say anything.
He began to scan the area while walking and also protecting his little sister.
Tang Jin Wei also began to be on high alert.

”Big Brother, walk in front of Little Sis, I will guard her from behind. ” Tang Jin Wei slipped behind Yu Qi.

Yu Qi did not expect her brothers to act like this.
She was smiling.
She really got a wonderful family this time.
’Don ’t worry brothers.
I will also protect you. ’

Suddenly they were being surrounded by a group of men consisting of probably 10 men.
Tang Jin Wei quickly faced the men and placed Yu Qi behind him.
Tang Han Lee had already done so.

The men smiled at them, seeming to smirk when they looked at the two men who were trying to protect the beauty.

”This beauty is very worth.
With her beauty, she will probably be sold as soon as possible. ” One of the men said.

”That ’s right.
But I think we can enjoy her first. ” Another one said and then he laughed.

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Others followed him and laughed.

Tang Jin Wei and Tang Han Lee had already frowned as they heard that these bastards wanted to sell their little sister.
They tightened their firsts protecting their little sister while thinking the way how to escape from there.

”Jin Wei, protect our little sister.
If you find the chance to escape, bring Little Sis and run as fast as possible. ” Tang Han Lee said in a low voice.
Only Yu Qi and Tang Jin Wei could hear it.

Tang Jin Wei frowned.
”Brother, don ’t be reckless.
We can fight together. ” He was worried if something happened to his big brother after the two of them had escaped.

”Our priority is to protect Little Sis.
You hear what they are about to do to Little Sis if they succeed in catching Little Sis. ” Tang Han Lee argued.

”But… ” Tang Jin Wei wanted to say something more but Tang Han Lee had stopped him.

”Listen to me.
Little Sis, listen to Big Brother, okay. ” Tang Han Lee looked at Yu Qi.

Yu Qi shook her head as she did not agree with the arrangement.

”What are you whispering about? ” One of the men asked, amused by the situation.

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”What do you expect? Of course, they are planning to escape. ” Another one answered his friend ’s question.

”Some of the buyers are hardcore.
These two men may get us more money. ” The man rubbed his chin while thinking about it.

The men laughed.

Their looks are enough to make a good male pet. ” One of them nodded.

Not enough from wanting to sell their little sister, but they wanted to sell them too.
Tang Jin Wei began to feel angry with these men.

”Jin Wei, calm down.
Please follow my plan.
In the count of 3, bring our little sister and run. ” Tang Han Lee stuck to the plan.
”Run and call the police. ”

Having no choice, Tang Jin Wei nodded but it was not very visible to come in the men ’s view.
Yu Qi did not want it.
But the two brothers had already reached the conclusion.

Suddenly something happened.
Tang Han Lee was about to start counting, he had been shot by the men on his leg.
He groaned in pain and fell on the ground.

While Yu Qi was about to help Tang Han Lee, another gunshot could be heard.
This time, it was aimed at Tang Jin Wei, also at his leg.

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”Big Brother, Brother Jin Wei. ” Yu Qi shouted.

”Little Sis, run.
Quickly run. ” Tang Han Lee was still worried about his little sister and asked her to run to save herself.

”No. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

”Beauty, come here.
Follow us and we can bring your brothers for treatment.
You don ’t want them to lose their legs, right? ” One of the men who had shot Tang Han Lee gave a smile to Yu Qi.

They assumed that these two men were probably this beauty ’s brothers when they heard that Yu Qi called them.

”That ’s right.
While following us, you can save your brothers.
It is a good choice.
What do you think? ” Another one who had shot Tang Jin Wei also sweet talked to the beauty.

Yu Qi stood up.
Her face was already void from the emotions.
The men felt that beauty had agreed with this condition if she wanted to save her two brothers.

Tang Han Lee did not want Yu Qi to follow them.
”Little Sis, don ’t listen to their talks. ”

Yu Qi looked at the men.
”I think you will be the one to lose your legs today. ”

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The moment she finished her sentence, she threw two needles towards the men.
One was for the man who had shot Tang Jin Wei and another one was for the man who had shot Tang Han Lee.
The movement was very quick.
They did not even see Yu Qi moved at all.

The men laughed.
But something happened.
Their two friends fell on the ground.

”What happened? ” Their friends asked.

”I don ’t know. ” The man who had shot Tang Jin Wei was panicking.

I can not feel my legs. ” The man who had shot Tang Han Lee said.

”What? ” The man that shot Tang Jin Wei tried to feel his legs too but as his friend said, he also could not feel his legs too.

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