Tang Han Lee and Tang Jin Wei were brought to the hospital.
Their wounds had been treated.
The nurse wrapped a bandage around the wounds.

When the doctor checked Tang Han Lee ’s wound, he had expected that the bullet was still inside.
Since he knew when a person had been shot at that place, the bullet would remain inside the flesh.

The bullet would be hard to remove, only an expert could do it and if something happened in the surgery, the patient might lose their ability to stand and even walk.

The doctors quickly asked the paramedics about this.
The paramedics explained to the doctors that a girl had removed the bullet from the man ’s legs.

The doctors were very surprised when they heard about this.
So, they would like to meet with the girl.

As for the group of men who had attacked Yu Qi and her brothers had also been treated at the same hospital.
The doctors were also amused with this too.

8 of the men broke their legs and had a crack on their bones.
The amusing thing was that all of the eight had their right legs broken.
They groaned while saying that the girl with the other two men had kicked them by herself.
Most of the doctors did not believe them.
They thought that the men fought among themselves.

The other two men shouted saying that they could not feel their legs.
The legs did not respond to them.
They also insisted that the girl might have something to do with this.

The police took all the statement of the men.
The police also asked about the guns that they found on the scene.
The men totally blamed Tang Han Lee and Tang Jin Wei by saying that the guns belonged to Tang Han Lee and Tang Jin Wei.

Tang Han Lee and Tang Jin Wei were placed in the same ward room.
It was requested by Yu Qi to make it easier.

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”Little Sis, thank you for saving me.
Otherwise, I will be crippled for the whole of my life. ” Tang Han Lee expressed his gratitude to his little sister.

”No worries.
I ’m your family.
Family helps each other. ” Yu Qi felt relieved seeing her family safe.
Her family protected her from the danger.

”However, I hope Little Sis will not act like that anymore.
It is too dangerous. ” Even though Tang Han Lee was okay, but he was very worried when seeing that his little sister had jumped around and kicked the men.

”But Little Sis, you are very awesome.
The kicks were totally satisfying. ” Tang Jin Wei pointed a thumb up.
”Where do you learn it? ”

”Well… ” Yu Qi did not know what to say right now.
All of these moves, she had learned in her space.
Something passed her mind.
”Brother Hui teaches me. ” Yu Qi made Long Hui as her scapegoat.

”Brother Hui…
Who is he? ” Tang Jin Wei did not know it.
His little sister even called him, ’Brother Hui ’.
It did not feel good.

He is Long Hui. ” Tang Han Lee answered.

Tang Jin Wei looked like he remembered him.
’That brat!!! How dare he teach my little sister something like that? But she is very very very awesome. ’ Tang Jin Wei could not help to praise his little sister ’s skill.

The knock on the door could be heard.
Yu Qi got up and opened the door.
The doctor and the police were in front of them right now.

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”Can we speak with you for a moment? ”

The police and the doctor looked at each other.
They had been saying the same sentence just now.

”We need to talk to Miss Tang first. ” The police expressed the importance of orders.

”Sir, I will talk to you later after finish talking with the police. ” Yu Qi knew that the police might want to talk about the case since it involved some guns in the case.

”We also want to talk with two men. ” The police said it again.

”Big Brother, Brother Jin Wei, the police want to talk with you too.
Can you do it right now? ” Yu Qi turned back and asked her brothers.

The two brothers nodded giving their permission.
The police entered the ward.

”Mr Tang Han Lee, can you explain about the situation that you just go through? ” The policeman asked Tang Han Lee.

Tang Han Lee explained very detail that he knew.
Tang Jin Wei had also been asked by the same questions.
Tang Jin Wei answered them.

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”The men claimed that the guns belonged to the two of you. ” The policeman said.

”What the heck? If the guns belong to us, we would not be shot. ” Tang Jin Wei became angry.

Tang Han Lee nodded looking at the policeman.

”The two men said that Miss Tang has something to do regarding their non-response legs. ” The policeman questioned Yu Qi.

Yu Qi did not get angry.
”I don ’t know.
But I do admit that I broke other eight men ’s legs. ” She already decided not to admit that she had something to do with that.
That might be a problem for her later.

”That ’s right.
If my little sis was not strong to break these men ’s legs, do you think she will be here, my brother and I will be here? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.

The policemen were silent while looking at each other.
If the girl did not do something like that, the girl might be in danger situation.
The brothers might not be here as well.
They noticed that the girl and the two men had a very good looking appearances.
That might be a motive of the group to do something to the girl and the two men.

Thank you for your statement.
We will be investigating this matter. ” The police nodded and they left the room.

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