”You bitch!!! Heal me!!! ”

”Give back my legs!!! ”

Yu Qi looked at them without any emotion.
”Sir, what can I help you here? ” She questioned the officers who were also present there with her.

”Quiet!!! Otherwise, I will make your tongues disappear too. ” The policeman said in a threatening voice to the two men.

The two men quickly kept their mouths shut since they did not want to lose another ability.
However, they still glared at Yu Qi.

”Miss Tang, actually we want to ask the identity of the human trafficking syndicate from these two men.
But they have demanded to meet you first.
This is why I ’m calling you here. ” The policeman explained.

”Meet me? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.
”Why? ”

Let them tell you… ” The policeman also did not know why.

Yu Qi approached the bed of these two men.
All the policeman faced Yu Qi ’s back so, they did not look at her face right now.
Yu Qi put on the cold smile to her face.

These two men froze for a moment.
’This little girl is like a grim reaper right now who wants to invite us to the new world.
We are scared. ’ This thought played in these two men.
The policeman could see that these two men began to pale.

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”What do you want to see me for? ” The tone was quite normal to a normal human like asking her friend but to these two men, it was a whisper from death god.

So..rry… ” One of these two men said.
”We should…
Thers… ”

Legs… ” The men begged Yu Qi.

”Sirs, I don ’t know what are you talking about.
You should ask someone who has done this to you, not me. ” Yu Qi would not admit that it was her doing.
She was not stupid.

”You better cooperate with the police.
Otherwise, you will lose something else. ” Yu Qi threatened these two men.
Only the two men heard it.

Hearing this, these two men trembled.
’Losing something else? No!!! Losing our legs are enough. ’

”Yes!!! Yes!!! We will cooperate!!! ” These two men nodded several times.

The policemen were surprised to see this.

”Sir policeman, I think that I ’m not needed here anymore, right? ” Yu Qi turned to the policemen.

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”Oh, yeah. ” The policeman nodded.

Yu Qi left the room.

”Captain, should we investigate this girl? ” A policewoman asked her captain.

The one who had been called captain was thinking before he answered, ”No. ”

”But… ” The policewoman wanted to protest.

”Her identity is difficult.
And she also is not our citizen.
Plus, her family is a victim in this case.
If we don ’t explain properly to Binhai Nation, that will be troublesome. ” The captain explained to his subordinates.

The policewoman nodded understanding about this matter.
It was not a normal thing but it involved two countries.


Yu Qi already did not care what the police wanted to do with these men.
Her priority was to return safely to Binhai Nation with her two brothers.

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However, when Yu Qi went to buy some food, a bunch of people stopped her.
Yu Qi was confused.

”Miss Tang, we are from White Medicine Institute.
Can we talk to you for a moment? ” One of them asked.

”We were the first.
Miss Tang, we are from Human Development.
Can you spare some of your time to talk with us? ” Another one asked.

”Huh? ” Yu Qi could not brain what was this about.
What do you want from me? ”

”Miss Tang, we will like to invite you to join our institute.
Your talents will be shinning with us. ” The White Medicine Institute ’s person said.

Miss Tang, you should join our team.
You can get many benefits from it. ” The Human Development ’s person interrupted.

Yu Qi grasped some information from this.
So, they wanted her to join their whatsoever institute.
Yu Qi sighed.

”Sirs, I am not interested to join anything.
I ’m currently a student.
So, I do not have time to care about this. ” Yu Qi rejected it without any further thinking.
’I already have my own business.
I do not have time for this. ’

”Miss Tang, you can listen to us first.
You may get interested if you hear more about us. ” The Human Development ’s person wanted to pull Yu Qi to listen to them.

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”Sir, please, let me pass through.
I want to buy some food for my brothers. ” Yu Qi said.

”The lady has already said her words.
Why don ’t you let her pass? ” One voice made everyone stopped their things?

Everyone turned to the direction of the voice including Yu Qi herself.
Standing there was Qin Xia with his secretary and two tough bodyguards.

The people opened the way for Qin Xia to get closer to Yu Qi.

”Are you okay? ” Qin Xia asked.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Do you want to starve my sister? ” Qin Xia turned to the people.

The people stepped back.
Qin Xia ’s fierce glare was very terrifying to those people.
Yu Qi finally could leave the place to buy some food.

”Who is this man? ” One of the people asked.

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”Her brother perhaps? He calls Miss Tang, ’my sister ’. ”

”Miss Tang, only have three brothers.
I have seen their pictures.
None of them is this man. ”

I finally recall who this man is. ”

”Who is he? ”

Qin Xia.
He owns many companies around the world.
He also likes to sponsor new technologies and development programmes in the medical field. ”

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