”Last night, I saw Mr.
Su. ”

”So, what? ”

”Yeah, what is the point? ”

Her friends did not think seeing Su Yu Hi was news to get surprised about.

Can you let me finish first…
I have seen Mr.
Su with a woman. ”

”What? That makes another story.
Where did you see him? ”

”Do you know the food street nearby? ”

I know that.
I have eaten several times there.
Wait? Don ’t tell me that you have seen them there? ”

”Are you sure that man is our Mr.
Su? ”

”Of course.
I ’m not blind, okay. ”

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”Then, have you seen the woman ’s face? ”

”Well, the woman ’s face has been covered by a mask.
She has also worn a hat.
But I can see that her body is quite nice. ”

”Miss Yu Qi must be happy if she hears about this news. ”

She always nags Mr.
Su to get a girlfriend. ”

”That ’s right. ”

I ’m really happy. ” Yu Qi could not help to interrupt.

The three girls were shocked to hear the voice of their big boss.
”Miss Yu Qi! ”

”Are you really sure that that man you have seen in the street market was Brother Yu Hi? ” Yu Qi showed interest in the topic.

”Of course, Miss Yu Qi.
How can I recognize the wrong person? His face was visible to others yesterday. ” The woman said.
She truly saw Su Yu Hi yesterday without a doubt.

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”How was their attitudes towards each other? ” Yu Qi inquired more about that.

”Well, quite normal… ” The woman thought about yesterday.

”Hmm… They are still stuck at the stage of chasing. ” Yu Qi made a rough conclusion.

Su really has a girlfriend? ” The women asked in a shocked voice.

Yu Qi laughed.
”Ha ha ha…
I don ’t know actually. ”

The women looked at Yu Qi and each other.
’Our boss is very unique. ’ That thought played in the women ’s minds.

Yu Qi stayed in her space.
It was the weekend.
She took a day to rest from the study and the work.
Since she did not have anything to do, she went to the spirit room to see her targets.

She began to watch Mu Li Zei.
He was talking to Mu Yian.

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”Yian, how about our business plan at Xiling City? ” Mu Li Zei asked.

”Father, you don ’t need to worry much.
I will handle it. ” Mu Yian said confidently.

”I know that I can depend on you. ” Mu Li Zei said proudly.

”Father, how about Rong Xie? Has she healed completely? ” Mu Yian moved to another topic.

”No yet. ” Mu Li Zei sighed.

”Father, are you sure that girl can heal our Rong Xie? ” Mu Yian felt annoyed to say that name.

”Well, she is the one who has given a good result when treating your sister. ” Mu Li Zei also did not like that girl but because of his second daughter, he had to endure that feeling.

”Father, I don ’t know why I got a feeling.
I ’m feeling that we will lose everything if she exists. ” Mu Yian expressed her feeling.

Mu Li Zei did not give a response.
Actually, he also got that feeling.
He did not deny it.
Something might happen later and that would definitely involve Yu Qi.

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”Father, are you sure she is not the daughter of Mu Xiao Ye? ” Mu Yian knew that her grandfather had another son with his first wife, not her grandmother right now.

”I don ’t know. ” Mu Li Zei was still unsure about it.

His mother had told him that they had already sent the killer to kill Mu Xiao Ye and the report showed that the killer had already finished Mu Xiao Ye.
But he got different feeling ever since Yu Qi had appeared in his sight.

”Father, why not you confirm it with her? ” Mu Yian suggested while smiling at her father.

”Huh? ” Mu Li Zei was feeling weird with Mu Yian ’s suggestion.

”Father, you need to confirm it otherwise, the feeling will not disappear. ” Mu Yian told her father.

”But how? That girl lives far away from us.
And it will be hard for us to get her tested. ” Mu Li Zei rubbed his chin.

”Far away? Father, does she not come over…
We can use that chance to take some samples from that woman. ” Mu Yian flashed a calculative smile.

”You mean… ” Mu Li Zei already could guess his daughter ’s mind.

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”Yeah, Father.
Invite her to some dinner and take her samples. ” Mu Yian smiled.

”That must be procceeded cautiously.
That woman is somehow very careful with her surroundings, so it still will be hard task.
But we will manage everything. ” Mu Li Zei had already agreed with Mu Yian ’s suggestion.

I know, Father. ” Mu Yian smirked.
”As for my grandfather? ”

”As for your grandfather, I will handle him. ” Mu Li Zei smiled.

”Good. ” Mu Yian nodded.

The two people were in a good mood as they had planned the whole thing.
Neither they knew that their conversation had already been heard by the person that they wanted to plot against.

Yu Qi listened to all the things calmly.
Aoi that had been listening with his master, felt angry with these two people.

’How dare you plot against my master? ’ Aoi thought.

”Master, this? ” Aoi turned to his master.

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His master was still calm.
Like the whole thing did not involve her at all.

”Hmm…. ” Yu Qi gave a response.

”Master, why are you not angry with them? ” Aoi asked.

”Anger will not help me at all here.
Let ’s just relax okay.
We already know their plot.
We can calmly plan the counterattack to block their plot. ” Yu Qi rubbed Aoi ’s head several times.
Feels nice. ’ She had time to think about it.

”I see.
How immature I am. ” Aoi said.

”This spirit tracking is very helping.
We can get some good information from Mu Li Zei.
I think it is better if I switch to another person next. ” Yu Qi smiled.

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