Yu Qi chose Wei Zhu Feng.
When she put Wei Zhu Feng on the screen, she almost puked.
Wei Zhu Feng was currently rolled on the bed with someone.
Yu Qi immediately shut it off.

Yu Qi selected the date, 2 weeks after she had put on the spirit tracker on Wei Zhu Feng.
Surprisingly Wei Zhu Feng was at Lumoxembury.
A nice country with its landmark, the snow land.

Yu Qi kept watching him until he met with someone in the private room in a restaurant.
They ordered some food.
When the waiter was out of their sight, they began their conversation.

Jeonish, we are having some problems on transportation the goods. ” Wei Zhu Feng began to talk.

Wei, it was not our problem.
We have sold it to you.
It is up to you to find a way to transport the goods. ” The man that Wei Zhu Feng called Mr.
Jeonish just smiled.

”But… ” Wei Zhu Feng wanted to talk but Mr.
Jeonish cut him.

Wei, if you can transport it directly to your country, you can transit different airports. ” Mr.
Jeonish gave his suggestion.

Wei Zhu Feng was silent.
He was thinking of the suggestion given by Mr.
’It is true. ’ Wei Zhu Feng nodded several times.

”Thank you, Mr.
Jeonish. ” Wei Zhu Feng expressed his gratitude.

”No worries.
I ’m happy since I have a loyal customer ” Mr.
Jeonish drunk his wine.

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Yu Qi closed the screen.
Wei Zhu Feng bought some goods? What were the goods? There were a lot of questions that had appeared right now.

Yu Qi started to review the footage from that day.
Wei Zhu Feng seemed to enjoy his holiday in that country.
He had been spending his day with different women every day.

”This man is truly a sc.u.m. ” Yu Qi let out the comment when she kept watching Wei Zhu Feng.

”Master, your phone has been ringing. ” Bo Ya suddenly said.

”My phone? ” Yu Qi was surprised.

She did not think someone would call her.
She had already informed her friends and family that she did not want to be disturbed during this weekend.
As for her employees, they could report the problem to Su Yu Hi first.
If something could not be resolved by him, they could call her.

Yu Qi took the phone and took a look at the screen.
Yu Qi opened her eyes wide when she saw the name on the screen.
It was Long Hui.

Yu Qi quickly answered the call.

”Hello. ”

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Long Hui: ”You have finally answered your call. ”

Yu Qi: ”Sorry.
I have been occupied by something. ”

Long Hui: ”Where are you, right now? ”

Yu Qi: ”In the room.
Well, technically in my space. ”

Long Hui: ”Oh, then, can I book you for a date today? ”

Yu Qi: ”What? Of course, you can. ”

Long Hui: ”Then, I ’m in front of your hostel, right now. ”

Yu Qi: ”What? Wait…
I will get ready. ”

Yu Qi was shocked to hear that Long Hui was already in front of her hostel.
Yu Qi got ready.
Since she was in her space, she took a quick shower, put some clothes and was done.

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”Aoi, you can stay in the space.
I ’m going to see Brother Hui. ” Yu Qi gave a kiss to Bo Ya and Aoi.

Without waiting for an answer from Aoi, Yu Qi went out.
Aoi and Bo Ya looked at each other.

”Master leave us when she sees that man. ” Aoi started to complain.

”Well, she sees us every day.
But nope that man.
Can you endure it for today? ” Bo Ya asked.

”For the sake of the Master, I can endure it. ” Aoi nodded.


Long Hui got out of his car and was waiting for his beloved Qi Qi.
It had been a long time since he had met with his beloved Qi Qi.
The military kept giving the orders to complete the missions.
After many months, he finally could get a day off.

His appearance surely attracted some women.
There had been people who knew him and did not know him.
As the people who had seen him before would know that he was Yu Qi ’s boyfriend.
As the one who did not know him, they would keep staring at him.

”That man is very handsome. ”

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”Want to ask him? ”

”Ask him what? ”

”To join us to hang out together. ”

”He has appeared here, meaning he is waiting for someone. ”

I think so too.
Otherwise, why will he appear here. ”

”It will not hurt if we go and ask, right? ”

”You can go ahead if you want. ”

The two women left their group and approached the handsome man.
From the close view, the man could be seen to be more handsome.

”Hi, mister.
Are you alone? ” One of the two women asked with a sweet tone.

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Long Hui turned around and saw annoying creatures who had started to disturb him.
He frowned.
Then he stared at the two women.

Right now, the two women froze on that spot.
This handsome man is sure handsome but he was terrifying.
The stare that he gave to them, had made them to feel scared and they felt that they could not move from that place.

”What are you doing? ” A voice asked.
It was a woman.

Long Hui turned around and saw the one whom he had missed so much.
With a split of a second, his terrifying face changed.
Now, he was smiling lovingly at his beloved Qi Qi.

”Qi Qi…
I miss you so much. ” Without waiting anymore, Long Hui pulled his beloved Qi Qi in his hug.
His head rested on his beloved Qi Qi ’s shoulder while his face facing the white neck of his beloved Qi Qi.

’Her smell.
I like it so much. ’ Long Hui released Yu Qi from his hug but he did not let her go.
This time, Long Hui kissed her lips directly.
It was a long kiss.

When the kiss had finished, Yu Qi quickly breathed.

The two women who were standing, not far from Yu Qi and Long Hui could not blink when they saw the kissing scene in front of them.

Yu Qi suddenly remembered that two women who were standing not far from them.
With a slightly red face, she turned to the two women.

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”What do you want from him? ” Yu Qi asked.

The two women now clearly saw the girl.
It was a senior.
The senior who was very famous.
They were first year students.
They had heard so many things about this senior.
Especially the news that she had a very very very handsome boyfriend.

They did not expect to see that boyfriend today.
The news was telling the truth.
But slightly different.
It did not say that the handsome boyfriend was such a terrifying man.

”Sorry, Senior.
We don ’t know that this man is yours.
We will leave first. ” One of the two women apologized and pulled her friend and left the place.

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