Long Hui got out first from the fitting room.
The suit fitted him very well.
No need to change anything else.
He was very satisfied with his beloved Qi Qi ’s choice.
He was waiting for his beloved Qi Qi to come out from the changing room.

Next five minutes later, Yu Qi came out from the fitting room.
The moment his beloved Qi Qi came into the view of his eyes, his eyes could not move at all.
It had fixed on to her.
Everything was okay.
But he felt it was too s.e.xy to her to wear it as her back was fully exposed.
He frowned.

Then, his eyes were wandering around to see something that could fix it.
Then he saw a long black scarf.

”Get it for me. ” Long Hui pointed the long black scarf to the shop helper.

”Yes, sir. ” The shop helper nodded and went to get the long black scarf to him.

Yu Qi who listened to him tilted her head as she did not understand why Long Hui asked the shop helper to get the scarf.

The shop helper gave the long black scarf to Long Hui.
He then walked closer to his beloved Qi Qi and put on the long black scarf to his beloved Qi Qi.
The long black scarf immediately covered the exposed back of his beloved Qi Qi.
He also requested a pin to make sure the scarf did not fall.

”Brother Hui, this… ” Yu Qi wanted to know.

”Only I can see your skin.
I don ’t want other men to see it. ” His voice contained some jealous tone in it.

”Oh… ” Yu Qi smiled.

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The shop helpers could not help to grin too.
This man was too jealous when he thought that his beloved would be seen by other men.

The shop also sold the shoes.
So, both of them got the shoes too.
To balance her height with Long Hui, Yu Qi chose to wear 3 inch high heel.

Long Hui paid for all of the expenses.
Yu Qi wanted to pay for it too but Long Hui did not allow it.
Before they left, the shop helpers asked to take some photos of the two of them.

Long Hui allowed them but he did not want them to use their photos as some advertis.e.m.e.nt.
If he saw them, he would make sure that the shop would go bankrupt and the shop helpers would loose their jobs.
He threatened them like a rich CEO.

Then, they left the shop.
Of course, when they left the shop, they got some attention from the onlookers around.
He did not want his beloved Qi Qi being photographed so he quickly led her to his car.
His car was tinted so the onlookers outside could not see inside the car.

”I think I need to wear some makeup. ” Yu Qi thought.

”I think you are beautiful enough though. ” Long Hui glanced at his beloved Qi Qi.

”Well, let me put some lipstick and done. ” Yu Qi took out the lipstick from her handbag.

The lipstick was not too red.
However, put it on enhanced Yu Qi ’s beauty.
Even Long Hui thought so too.

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”How do I look? ” Yu Qi asked Long Hui.

I somehow feel that I don ’t want to go to the wedding. ” Long Hui suddenly said it.

”You can ’t.
We must go to celebrate your First Brother ’s happy day. ” Yu Qi glared to Long Hui.

Since his beloved Qi Qi said so, Long Hui obeyed it.
He started to drive.
It was currently 10:30 am in the morning.
They could arrive at the wedding on time.

”Don ’t worry.
We will arrive on time. ” Long Hui said.

He used the highway to get to Jinxiu City.
With the speed of 150km per hour, they arrived at Jinxiu City only one and half hour.

”Where is the wedding? ” Yu Qi asked.

”At his house.
Let ’s go. ” Long Hui knew the house.

After five minutes of driving, they arrived at the house.
The guests seemed to have arrived already.
They entered the house.
They had been spotted by someone.

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”Second Brother.
You have come. ” This was the same voice that had called Long Hui this morning.
”Wait!!! You are holding a woman ’s hand. ” He looked terrified with the scene.

”What? ” Long Hui wore an annoying face.

”Second Brother, you are holding a woman ’s hand. ” The person kept repeating the same words.

”She is my girlfriend.
There is no need to be surprised that I hold her hand. ” Long Hui glared to that person.

”What!!! A girlfriend??? ” The person looked at Long Hui and Yu Qi several times.

”What? Qian Yi does not tell you that? ” Long Hui rolled his eyes.

Yu Qi got closer to Long Hui and whispered something.
”This is? ”

The person coughed several times.
He suddenly stood up properly.

”Well, let me introduce myself.
My name is Liang Mo Han.
The third brother in the brotherhood.
May I know your name, miss? ” Liang Mo Han handed out his hand to shake hand with the lady.

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”My name is Tang Yu Qi.
Nice to meet you. ” Yu Qi was just about to shake the hand with Liang Mo Han but Liang Mo Han ’s hand had been slapped by Long Hui.

”Second Brother, that hurts. ” Liang Mo Han rubbed his hand.

”No need to touch her hand. ” Long Hui said.

Second Brother, I can see you are being jealous here. ” Liang Mo Han felt that he had discovered a funny fact.

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