”So, what? ” Long Hui did not care much about it.
What he knew was that he did not want his beloved Qi Qi to be touched by some men.

”By the way, where is the groom? ” Yu Qi interrupted.

”Oh, let ’s go and see the First Brother. ” Liang Mo Han led the way.

The two of them followed Liang Mo Han.
There was a group of men who were talking together.

”First Brother, Fourth Brother, Fifth Brother, Second Brother is here. ” Liang Mo Han said to the group making all the men turned to look at Long Hui and Yu Qi.

Yu Qi only recognised one of them which was Ren Qian Yi.
Others, she did not know yet.

”What? Hui is holding a woman ’s hand? ” A man could not believe his eyes.

”He has told me that the lady is his girlfriend. ” Liang Mo Han added.

”What? Really? ” Another one joined.

”Unbelievable. ” Another man said too.

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”Do you think I ’m gay or what? ” Long Hui responded.

”Yes! ” All of them answered at the same time.

Yu Qi could not help to chuckle.
Long Hui ’s friends thought that he was gay.
That was hilarious.

”By the way, Second Brother, you should introduce the lady to us. ” The man said.

Wearing an annoying face, Long Hui introduced his beloved Qi Qi to his friends.
”This is my girlfriend, Tang Yu Qi. ” The simple introduction was enough.

”Then this is the man of honour for today, First Brother, Huang Lan Guan.
The Fourth Brother, Ren Qian Yi and the Fifth Brother, Fang Mo Li. ” Liang Mo Han introduced them as he saw that Long Hui did not want to introduce them to his girlfriend.

Nice to meet you all.
First Brother.
Here is the gift from me. ” Yu Qi gave out the bag to Huang Lan Guan.

”Thank you, second sister in law. ” Huang Lan Guan.

A smile appeared on Long Hui ’s face.
’Sister in law ’ sounded nice.
Part of his heart, he was happy that his friends could accept his beloved Qi Qi without hesitation.

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”This is… ” Huang Lan Guan opened the bag.
In the bag, there was a small glass bottle with yellowish liquid on it with something else.

”Second sister in law…
Is this medicine wine? ” Ren Qian Yi asked.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Lan Guan you should accept this.
No one can give out a medicine wine. ” Ren Qian Yi looked over.

”Medicine wine? ” Huang Lan Guan asked.

I have made it myself.
It benefits…. ” Yu Qi explained the benefits of drinking this medicine wine.

”You should be honoured since the granddaughter of Tang Jiang Man has made some medicine wine for you. ” Ren Qian Yi said again.

”Who? Tang Jiang Man? ” Fang Mo Li tilted his head.

”Wait? Is he the legendary doctor? ” Liang Mo Han opened his eyes wide feeling unbelievable.

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She is the granddaughter of that legendary doctor. ” Ren Qian Yi nodded.

”I have heard about the rumour that Hui has been dating his granddaughter.
I have thought that it is just a rumour. ” Huang Lan Guan blinked his eyes several times while looking at Yu Qi and Long Hui.
”By the way, thank you, second sister in law. ”

”Hmm… ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Don ’t smile too much. ” Long Hui suddenly said.

Yu Qi was bewildered.

”Second Brother, you are jealous too much. ” Liang Mo Han commented.

Then, a middle aged woman came and got Huang Lan Guan.
It is time to get your bride over. ”

”Get the bride over? ” Yu Qi did not understand.

”Second sister in law, it is traditional Chinese marriage.
The husband will go to bring his bride to his house and complete the ritual here. ” Fang Mo Li explained.

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”Oh. ” Yu Qi nodded, understanding about it.

”Which one do you like? ” Long Hui suddenly asked the question.

However, Yu Qi did not get the question.
”What do I like? ”

”I mean…
Which type of weddings is that you want for our own wedding? ” Long Hui explained more about the question.

”Oh… ” Yu Qi thought about it.
Honestly, she still did not know which one was that she had liked it because she did not think about it too much.
”Well, I will think about it later.
If I have already made my decision, I will tell you. ” That was the answer that she could give to Long Hui first.

But if you want to do both, church or traditional, we can do it both. ” Long Hui smiled to his beloved Qi Qi.

”But there will be so many works to do. ” Even one wedding had too many works to make it happen.

”For you, I can sacrifice that much. ” Long Hui held his beloved Qi Qi ’s hand tightly.

”Thank you. ” It was very fortunate for a woman to get a love like this from a man.

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”So, can we follow your First Brother taking his bride? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Of course.
If you want to follow him, we can follow him. ” Long Hui nodded.

Liang Mo Han was standing beside the couple and had heard the conversation between the two of them.

”Fifth Brother, I want a girlfriend so that, I can dote her too. ” Liang Mo Han said to Fang Mo Li.

”Then you can find your own. ” Fang Mo Li did not pay much attention to Liang Mo Han.

Liang Mo Han ’s shoulder had been patted by someone.
As he turned over, it was his Fourth Brother, Ren Qian Yi.

”Fourth Brother… ” Liang Mo Han switched to Ren Qian Yi.

”I understand your feeling very well. ” Ren Qian Yi expressed his feeling.

Fang Mo Li looked over.
He chuckled, then he left them.

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