Bride ’s house was about 20 minutes away from the groom ’s house by driving.
According to Ren Qian Yi, the bride was the groom ’s childhood friend.
All of Huang Lan Guan ’s close friends knew the bride.

The bride ’s name was Lin Ming Shu.
She was a teacher at a kindergarten.
Huang Lan Guan was already in the relationship for almost 10 years with Lin Ming Shu.

The atmosphere in the bride ’s house was very lively with the singing and drum beats.
There were also firecrackers.

When the groom wanted to take the bride, there would be challenges that he must pass in order to take his bride out.

The groom passed one by one all of the challenges.
The bride ’s family nodded, satisfied with the results.
The bride came out from her room guided by his mother.

”Lan Guan, here is your bride.
Take care of her very well.
If I get to know that she is crying, I will find you. ” The bride ’s brother gave a warning.

”Don ’t worry, brother.
I will take good care of her. ” Huang Lan Guan nodded.

Finally, the bride ’s hand had been passed to the groom.
The bride had been brought to the groom ’s house to complete the ceremony.

”First, bow to heaven. ”

”Second, bow to the parents. ”

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”Third, bow to each other. ”

The groom and bride completed the ceremony.
The bride was brought to the bridal chamber first.
The groom had been held by some guests.

”First Brother, congratulations. ” Liang Mo Han patted Huang Lan Guan ’s shoulder.

”Thank you. ” Huang Lan Guan smiled.

”I think First Brother can not wait to go to the bridal chamber.
We should let him go. ” Fang Mo Li teased Huang Lan Guan.

Huang Lan Guan coughed several times.
Fang Mo Li was right.
It was true that he could not wait to go to the bridal chamber to meet his bride.

”Lan Guan, you should go.
We will cover here. ” Ren Qian Yi said.

”Thank you, guys. ” Huang Lan Guan quickly left the place.

They laughed when seeing Huang Lan Guan left in urgent.

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The feast was still going on.
Huang Lan Guan ’s family treated the guests who had come to celebrate their son ’s marriage.

”Have you seen him? ”

I have seen him. ”

”Where is he? ”

”Probably around here.
I have found him. ”

The two girls talked while they spotted someone.

”Wait! Who is the girl beside him? ”

”What, a girl? Indeed.
There is a girl beside him. ”

”Don ’t you tell me that he hates girls? ”

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”I don ’t know.
I have only heard from my brother. ”

”Then, what is that? Look he is smiling at that girl and holding her hand. ”

”Calm down.
Let ’s go and talk to them, okay. ”

The two girls approached the man and the girl.

”Brother Hui, long time no see. ” A girl greeted Long Hui.

Long Hui did not reply.
He just nodded.

”What? You have only greeted Hui? ” Ren Qian Yi replied.

Hi, Brother Qian Yi, Brother Mo Han, Brother Mo Li. ” The girl smiled while greeting others.

Long time no see, Su Nie. ” Ren Qian Yi nodded.
He looked at the girl beside Huang Su Nie.
”By the way, this is… ”

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”My friend.
Wang Zian Bo.
I think you have already met her before. ” Huang Su Nie said.

I don ’t remember. ” Ren Qian Yi only grinned.

”I remember.
She is your best friend, right, Su Nie? ” Fang Mo Li said.

”Hmm… ” Huang Su Nie blushed.
She did not expect that Fang Mo Li would remember it.

”By the way, who is the girl beside Brother Hui? ” Huang Su Nie inquired for her best friend.

”It is the Second Brother ’s girlfriend, Tang Yu Qi.
Shocking, right? ” Liang Mo Han said.

”What? Girlfriend? ” It was not Huang Su Nie said that but rather Wang Zian Bo.
She was totally shocked to hear the truth.

Yu Qi narrowed her eyes for a moment before turning back to normal.
Long Hui raised his eyebrows.

”That is not the truth, right? ” Wang Zian Bo said while looking at Long Hui.

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”It is not related to you. ” Long Hui replied with a cold face.

”Of course, it is related to me.
Brother Hui, I have loved you for a long time ago.
But I have been told that you hate woman, that is why I have not confessed to you. ” Wang Zian Bo looked at Long Hui with a lingering look.

”So? ” Long Hui said one word.

”If I know that you do not hate woman, I may have confessed to you. ” Wang Zian Bo said regretfully.

”Even you if have confessed to me, I will not accept you. ” Long Hui responded harshly to Wang Zian Bo.

”Second Brother, that is harsh. ” Liang Mo Han commented.

”I am just telling the truth. ” Long Hui did not give an inch.

”Why don ’t you like me? What are her advantages? ” Wang Zian Bo pointed to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was still looking calmed while drinking the tea.
Like she was not affected by the situation.
As she was a spectator.

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”I like everything about her.
That is all. ” Long Hui was telling the truth.

He liked everything about his beloved Qi Qi.
Even though he knew that she was not a normal girl.
She was not a normal girl.
Which a normal girl had space with her? Which a normal girl had been reborn?

”It… ” Wang Zian Bo could not accept this.
She had been in love with him for about 4 years.

”Zian Bo… ” Huang Su Nie wanted her best friend to calm down first.

Wang Zian Bo suddenly pushed Huang Su Nie and ran away.
Huang Su Nie had almost fallen on her back but had been rescued by Fang Mo Li.

Thank you. ” Huang Su Nie thanked Fang Mo Li.

”Thank goodness that you do not fall. ” Fang Mo Li sighed.

”Everyone, I ’m sorry for Zian Bo, especially to Miss Tang. ” Huang Su Nie apologized on Wang Zian Bo ’s behalf.

”It is not your fault.
Don ’t worry too much. ” Liang Mo Han said.

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”That ’s right, Miss Huang.
I don ’t mind. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Huang Su Nie was stunned to see Yu Qi ’s smile.
She thought that it was a beautiful smile.

”Don ’t smile. ” Long Hui interrupted.

”Second Brother, you are being jealous too much.
Su Nie is a girl. ” Liang Mo Han said.
He could understand that Long Hui was jealous when Yu Qi smiled to other men but right now it was a girl that Yu Qi had smiled for.

”Shut up. ” Long Hui glared to Liang Mo Han.

”Miss Tang, can I know your age? ” Huang Su Nie asked.

”22 years old. ” Yu Qi answered.

”Oh, you are older than me.
Can I call you, Sister Yu Qi? ” Huang Su Nie asked her permission.

”Of course, I don ’t mind. ” Yu Qi nodded.

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”Nice to meet you, Sister Yu Qi. ” Huang Su Nie smiled to Yu Qi.
She also wanted to shake hand with Yu Qi.

Yu Qi shook her hand with Huang Su Nie.
Long Hui glanced sharply at the hands.
He did not like others to touch his beloved Qi Qi.

Huang Su Nie let Yu Qi ’s hand go.
”Oh, I will go and find Zian Bo first.
See you later, Sister Yu Qi. ” Then Huang Su Nie left.

Long Hui without saying anything, took Yu Qi ’s hand which had been held by Huang Su Nie just now and wiped her hand with a tissue.

Ren Qian Yi, Liang Mo Han and Fang Mo Li watched the scene and looked at each other.
’How much jealous is this man even a girl can not hold his girlfriend ’s hand? ’ That was what the three men ’s thought right now.

Yu Qi just chuckled when seeing Long Hui like this.
She did not mind because she was also like him.
She did not like other girls to touch him.
She would even do the same things if it occurred to him too.

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