”I will go to the washroom. ” Wang Zian Bo stood and said to Huang Su Nie.

”Do you need me to go with you? ” Huang Su Nie asked her friend.

”No need. ” Wang Zian Bo rejected.
She was kind of angry at Huang Su Nie too because Huang Su Nie seemed to have accepted Yu Qi as Long Hui ’s girlfriend from the way Huang Su Nie called Yu Qi.

She went outside to calm herself.
As she walked to the ladies, she was then blocked by two men.

”Hello, sweetie.
Are you alone? ” One of the two men asked.

”Don ’t disturb me. ” Wang Zian Bo said coldly.

”My dear, don ’t be like this.
Hang out with us and we will give you pleasure.
Come on. ” Then another man tried to grab Wang Zian Bo ’s hand to make her followed them.

”No!!! Let me go. ” Wang Zian Bo tried to push aside the hand which was trying to grab her.

”Come on, bitch.
I know you will like it later. ” The men began to get rough with her.

”No!!! Help me.
Someone, help me. ” Wang Zian Bo began to panic.

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”My dear, no one will be helping you.
Don ’t waste your voice. ” The man said.

”No!!! Someone. ” Wang Zian Bo began to shout but the music was very loud.

Suddenly one of the two men fell onto the ground and was m.o.a.ning in pain.
So, his friend looked over.
There was a woman standing behind them.

”Let her go and you will be fine. ” The woman glared sharply to the men.

The man could feel that his body was trembling while facing the woman.
It felt like he was currently facing a killer that could end his life in a flash.

I will let her go. ” The man stepped aside.
He then ran over leaving his friend who was m.o.a.ning in pain.

The woman approached Wang Zian Bo.

”Are you alright? ” The woman asked Wang Zian Bo.

The way was dark.
There was a dim light, so Wang Zian Bo could not recognise the woman at first.
When the woman came closer to her, she realised that it was Yu Qi.

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”Are you alright? ” Yu Qi asked once more since she could not hear any answer from Wang Zian Bo.

I ’m alright…
Thank you. ” The last words, Wang Zian Bo said in a low tone.

”Good, then.
Have you already gone to the ladies? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Nope yet. ” Wang Zian Bo shocked her head.

”Let ’s go then.
You can rearrange your clothes too. ” Yu Qi looked at Wang Zian Bo.

Wang Zian Bo also looked down.
Her clothes had gotten in disorder when she had tried to fight with those men before.
She nodded.
The two women walked to the ladies together.

In the ladies, they were doing their own business.
Then, they faced the mirror.
They were not talking to each other until Wang Zian Bo opened her mouth.

”Why have you saved me? ” Wang Zian Bo asked Yu Qi.

It is because it is a normal thing to do. ” Yu Qi blinked several times.

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”But I have said something bad to you. ” Wang Zian Bo said.

”It has been just a word.
It has not caused any harm to me at all. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Wang Zian Bo was stunned.
At this moment, she thought that she was childish.
That was right.
The woman in front of her did not do anything wrong to her but she hated Yu Qi.
She hated Yu Qi because she was Long Hui ’s girlfriend.
She had said something bad to her.

”I ’m sorry. ” Wang Zian Bo apologized.
I ’m sorry because of saying something not nice to you. ”

”Never mind.
I don ’t take it to heart. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Wang Zian Bo was stunned as she looked at Yu Qi.
She thought that right now, she was very handsome.
’Wake up, Wang Zian Bo! She is a woman. ’ But even though she thought that she still could not stop thinking that right now, the woman in front of her was very cool.

Yu Qi did not know that she was currently making a girl have a different kind of thoughts about her.

”Let ’s go back to the room.
They are probably worried about us for taking so long. ” Yu Qi suggested.

”Hmmm… ” Wang Zian Bo nodded.
She was blushing a little.

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The two girls walked together and returned to the room.

”Thank goodness that you two have finally returned.
Brother Hui almost wants to go out and find you. ” Huang Su Nie said as she felt relieved that the two had returned.

”Well, Zian Bo is just feeling dizzy.
So, I have accompanied her a little bit until she is okay. ” Yu Qi made up a story.
She gave some signals to Wang Zian Bo.

Wang Zian Bo nodded while blushing.
I have felt dizzy.
But I ’m feeling better now.
Thank to Sister Yu Qi. ”

Huang Su Nie noticed that her friend was not hostile to Yu Qi already as before.
She even called Yu Qi, ’Sister Yu Qi ’.
She was happy with the change.
Sister Yu Qi was a good person and matched to Long Hui.

While her friend was very nice too.
She knew that Wang Zian Bo was in love with Long Hui but Long Hui did not like Wang Zian Bo.
She did not want Wang Zian Bo to ruin her life because of unrequited love.

”Let ’s go out and dance a little bit. ” Liang Mo Han suggested.

Let ’s go. ” Ren Qian Yi said.

”You can go.
I want to drink some more. ” Yu Qi said.

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”Me too. ” Long Hui followed his beloved Qi Qi.
There was no way for him to go outside and danced while his beloved Qi Qi was not.

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