Others had gone dancing while Yu Qi and Long Hui stayed in the room, drinking.

”This is a club… ” Yu Qi nodded while looking outside of the room.

”You did not go to the club even once in your past life? ” Long Hui asked.

”Nope once.
When I was at Wang Family, I spend my time working to support the Wang Family.
After returning to the Mu Family, I started my life as a student.
After graduating, I began to learn how to manage the business from my grandfather.
So, I did not have a chance to go to the club. ” Yu Qi recalled her life in her past life

”In this lifetime, if you want to play, I will accompany you.
Don ’t worry. ” Long Hui pulled his beloved Qi Qi in his hug.

”Thank you, Brother Hui. ” Yu Qi thanked him.

”You can drink as much as you want tonight. ” Long Hui said.

Really? ” Yu Qi ’s eyes lifted up.

Just don ’t worry.
I will take care of you later. ” Long Hui nodded.

Yu Qi started to drink.
It was very bitter at the beginning.
After a few whiles, she started to feel the sweetness of the drink.
Long Hui also accompanied Yu Qi to drink.
However, he drunk slowly and in a small quantity.

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Yu Qi started to hum.
She began to feel light headed.
She looked at Long Hui.

”My Hui is so handsome.
I want to eat you. ” Her eyes dimmed.

Long Hui could see the desire aroused in her eyes.
He knew that she would become bold when she was drunk.

Then, the door of their door had been opened from outside.
Liang Mo Han and others had already returned.

”Eh, what has happened to Second Sister In Law? Is she okay? ” Fang Mo Li asked when he saw Yu Qi became light headed.

”Oh, there are other men as well! ” Yu Qi looked at the group.
Her head waved around.
They are good looking.
But My Hui is the most good looking one. ” Yu Qi praised Long Hui.

Long Hui wanted to feel angry at the beginning but ended up smiling after hearing his beloved Qi Qi praising for his good looking.

The other men were silent.
Well, they could not deny that fact.
It was the truth.
But looking that their second sister in law, she was drunk.

”Second Brother, the second sister in law is drunk, right? ” Liang Mo Han asked.

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”I ’m not drunk.
I can drink more. ” Before Long Hui could answer the question, Yu Qi answered.

It was a standard answer for a drunk person.

”I think we should go back right now. ” Long Hui suggested.
He knew that he had suggested his beloved Qi Qi drink but he did not want her to be sick.

It is a good idea too.
It is late already. ” Fang Mo Li agreed.

”Alright. ” Liang Mo Han nodded.

”Su Nie, Zian Bo, I will send you home. ” Fang Mo Li said.

”Oh, okay. ” Huang Su Nie did not have any problem with that.

Wang Zian Bo also nodded.

Ren Qian Yi went to settle the payment.

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The group left the room.
As for Yu Qi, she was drunk, so the movement was very slow and stumbling.
Long Hui was worried about his beloved Qi Qi, afraid that she would fall over.

So, Long Hui decided to lift her up and brought her in a princess carry.

”Oh!!! ” Huang Su Nie brought out her phone and started to take the pictures of Long Hui and Yu Qi.
’They are so sweet! ’ Huang Su Nie was excited.

Long Hui did not know that Huang Su Nie was taking pictures of them.
He wanted to be alone with his beloved Qi Qi.
His beloved Qi Qi was a naughty kitten.
She managed to lift up his arouse state at this moment.

”I will leave first. ” Long Hui said to the group.
Without waiting for a response, he left.

I know what will happen next. ” Liang Mo Han grinned.

”Yeah. ” Ren Qian Yi agreed.

”You two…
I will send the two girls back to their house.
Girls, let ’s go. ” Fang Mo Li said.

Long Hui brought Yu Qi to the nearest hotel.
Luckily for them, the hotel had some empty rooms.
He checked in.

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”Qi Qi, can we enter your space right now? ” Long Hui asked the drunk Yu Qi.

”My space? Can not.
We need to be out of everyone sight first. ” Yu Qi shook her head.
Even in the drunk state, she knew that her space needed to protect its existence.

”Qi Qi, look around.
No one is here anymore. ” Long Hui said.

He did not want to spend the night in this room because of the time.
If they went into her space, they would have a longer time to spend together.

Yu Qi looked around.
”Oh, we are in the room.
Well, close your eyes. ” Yu Qi ordered Long Hui to close her eyes.

”Okay. ” Long Hui just followed his beloved Qi Qi ’s order.

With a blink, they already inside her space.
The two little cuties approached two of them when they saw their master.

”What has happened to my master? ” Aoi asked angrily to Long Hui when he saw his master in the man ’s embrace.

”Your master was having some drink. ” Long Hui explained.

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”Drink? ” Aoi did not understand.

But Bo Ya understood.
He had lived longer.
”In that case, Master should clean up herself before sleep. ”

”Just don ’t worry.
I will take care of her. ” Long Hui looked at his beloved Qi Qi that seemed to be half conscious.

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