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Long Hui brought his beloved Qi Qi to her room.

”Qi Qi, wake up first.
You need to clean up before going to sleep. ” Long Hui said.

Long Hui tried to put down his beloved Qi Qi.
But his beloved Qi Qi refused to let his neck go.
She kept hugging Long Hui.

”I don ’t want to.
But if you want to go in with me, I will consider it. ” His beloved Qi Qi showed a foolish grin.

”Oh, you want to go in with me? ” Long Hui ’s eyes flashed a slyness.

”Yes. ” His drunk beloved Qi Qi nodded.

”Will you regret it in the future? ” Long Hui asked again.

”Regret? I just want to take a bath with My Hui.
Is that bad? ” His beloved Qi Qi asked.
The tone was very naive and innocent.

”Okay, then. ” Long Hui agreed.

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Long Hui brought his beloved Qi Qi to the bathroom.
He tried to put his beloved Qi Qi but she refused again.

”Qi Qi, you need to take off the clothes.
If you don ’t take off the clothes, how will you take a bath? ” Long Hui asked while smiling to his beloved Qi Qi.

His beloved Qi Qi was silent for the moment and then she nodded.
”Oh, that is right.
I need to take off the clothes. ”

His beloved Qi Qi released her hands by hugging Long Hui.
She then without feeling embarrassing, took off her clothes one by one, revealing a nice and hot body.

Long Hui swallowed his saliva.
His beloved Qi Qi indeed had a nice body.
With a enough volume of the part of the body, his beloved Qi Qi ’s body had enough charm to seduce a man.

”Hui, why are you not taking off your clothes? Are you going to take a bath with your clothes on? ” His beloved Qi Qi already finished taking off her clothes and asked Long Hui.

”Oh. ” Long Hui blinked several times.

He actually forgot about it.
He was immersed in looking at his beloved Qi Qi ’s body.
Without waiting any longer, he took off his own clothes.

”Hui, you have a nice body. ” His beloved Qi Qi praised Long Hui ’s body.

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”Oh, what do you like about my body? ” Long Hui used this time to know her thoughts about his body.

His beloved Qi Qi let out a small laugh.
”Your chest.
It feels so nice.
I like to lean my head over your chest when I sleep in your hug. ” She touched Long Hui ’s chest.

She then touched Long Hui abdomen.
”Your eight pack abs.
It is really nice to touch. ”

Her fingers travelled down below his abdomen.
Her face showed a slyness.
She looked like she was having a dirty thought right now.
Then her fingers touched ’Long Hui ’s little brother ’.

Long Hui ’s little brother was already semi hard when Long Hui was admiring his beloved Qi Qi ’s body.
When Long Hui ’s little brother got some attention from his beloved Qi Qi ’s finger, it became fully awake.

Yu Qi laughed.
”The part that I like the most is this one. ” She began to grab ’Long Hui ’s little brother ’ and let it go.
She was playing with it.

Long Hui was holding back the pleasure of getting his ’little brother ’ played by his beloved Qi Qi.

”Qi Qi, it feels nice.
Hisss… ” Long Hui m.o.a.ned.

”Really? Then I will play more with it. ” This time, Yu Qi stroked up and down ’Long Hui ’s little Brother ’.

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Long Hui ’s voice became louder and louder.
It was very good to get his ’little brother ’ stroke by his beloved Qi Qi.

Qi Qi.
Oh!… ” Long Hui m.o.a.ned in pleasure over and over again.

Then Yu Qi upgraded her attack.
Right now, she used her mouth.
She licked it, putting it inside her mouth like a popsicle.

Long Hui could not hold back the pleasure anymore.
It burst in Yu Qi ’s mouth.
Yu Qi opened her mouth and let the white liquid to flow out from her mouth.

Long Hui lifted up Yu Qi and brought her under the shower.
He opened the shower and the water came out.

”We need to clean up. ” Long Hui smiled.

”But…. ” Yu Qi showed some grievance on her face.

”What? ” Long Hui wanted to play dumb.

”It is not fair. ” Yu Qi glared at Long Hui.

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”Fair? ” Long Hui still wanted to play silly.
He closed the shower.

”I want to feel good too. ” Yu Qi cried out the words.

”How do you want to feel good? ” Long Hui teased Yu Qi by licking her white neck.

”F.u.c.k me…
I want it inside me. ” Yu Qi boldly said the words.

Long Hui kissed her lips as his hands were already on her chest, fondling her twin mountain.
I will give you a hard and wild one. ”

Can you…
About it? ” Yu Qi currently feeling amazing as her lips and twin mountains were being attacked by Long Hui.

Long Hui chuckled on her response.
”I will f.u.c.k you against the wall. ” His voice was getting rough on her ears.
He seemed to fight the rage in his body.

His hands had already moved to another place which is the most sensitive place of his beloved Qi Qi ’s body.
The place was already wet.
And he knew that it was wet, not because of the water but another thing.

”You are so wet. ” Long Hui whispered to Yu Qi as he touched his beloved Qi Qi ’s ’charm point ’.

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”Ah! ” Yu Qi m.o.a.ned.

”I wonder what is your taste down there right now. ” Long Hui said.

He then slowly kneeled between Yu Qi ’s legs.
Using his tongue, he attacked Yu Qi ’s sensitive place.

”How is it? ” Long Hui asked while licking his beloved Qi Qi ’s ’charm point ’.

Yu Qi tried to control her body.
Hearing his voice right now, it was like a spell.
A spell that wanted to make her come.
She gulped.
”It is very good. ”

Qi Qi, your taste is very good. ” Long Hui still simultaneously attacked Yu Qi ’s sensitive place.

Yu Qi let out several m.o.a.ns.
Then she felt that she would come.
Long Hui could feel that his beloved Qi Qi would come, so he attacked faster.

Then, Yu Qi let everything go.
”Ah!!!!!!! ” Her legs lost her strength.

Long Hui quickly held Yu Qi from falling onto the ground.
Long Hui smiled.
He could see the pleasure on his beloved Qi Qi ’s face.

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After Yu Qi climax, she kissed Long Hui.
”It is so good. ”

Long Hui responded to that kiss.
”We have not finished yet. ”

Yu Qi ’s eyes seemed to tremble.

”I have told you that I will f.u.c.k you against the wall… in front of the mirror. ” Long Hui said again.

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