Yu Qi slowly opened her eyes.
Appeared before her eyes was a muscular chest.
Her lips slowly curved up.
’It is him. ’ She glanced up.
Seeing he was still sleeping, she felt that she wanted to play with his chest.
So, using her finger, she touched his chest.
She giggled.

But she didn ’t know that the man had already woken up before her.
He just did not open his eyes.

Yu Qi currently touching his chest by drawing some circles.

”Qi Qi, do you know that, in the morning, the man should not be provoked in any circ.u.mstances? ” Suddenly Long Hui spoke up.

Yu Qi was shocked.
She slowly looked up and gave an innocent smile to Long Hui.

Long Hui narrowed his eyes.
”Do you not remember about last night? ”

Yu Qi thought about that.
She did not remember that part how she ended up making love with Long Hui in the bathroom but she remembered the intense lovemaking with Long Hui last night.
Yu Qi instantly turned red.

”Oh, meaning my Qi Qi remembers about it. ” Long Hui gave a meaningful smile.
”How is it? ” He asked that question.

Yu Qi did not answer.
She just buried her face in Long Hui ’s chest.

Long Hui laughed.
”Do you want morning s.e.x? ”

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His voice was very inviting to Yu Qi but she knew that once they had started, there was no way they would be able to stop with just one round.

No… ” Yu Qi ’s voice rejected the idea.

Long Hui was a little bit disappointed but he did not protest.
He did not want to force his beloved Qi Qi.
He wanted his beloved Qi Qi to make love with him willingly.

”I understand.
I think it already morning in the outside world. ” Long Hui said.

”Oh, yeah.
We should wake up. ” Yu Qi looked at her watch on the side table.

”Well, let ’s go and have a bath together. ” Long Hui suggested while giving a meaningful smile to his beloved Qi Qi.

Seeing the smile, Yu Qi pushed Long Hui first to the bathroom.
”You can use the bathroom first. ” She then closed the door feeling embarrassing.

Yu Qi could hear that Long Hui was laughing after he had entered the bathroom.
She put her hand on her face while leaning over to the bathroom door.
How embarrassing… ’

After a few minutes, she gathered her feelings.
She stood up.
Remembering that Long Hui needed some clean clothes, she went to take his clothes and put them on the bed.

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Actually, Yu Qi had already prepared a room beside her room.
But whenever Long Hui came inside her space, he would sleep with her.
So, the room was only just for the name.
Even his clothes were in Yu Qi ’s room.

”Qi Qi, I ’m done. ” Long Hui ’s voice stunned Yu Qi.

I have already put your clothes on the bed. ” Yu Qi said and went to the bathroom to wash up.

After half hour, Yu Qi and Long Hui finally came out from their room.
It was not that long for them to come out but Long Hui teased Yu Qi a lot before they came out.

”Master, you are finally out. ” Aoi greeted Yu Qi.

”Why? ” Yu Qi patted Aoi ’s head.

”I ’m hungry. ” Aoi put a sad expression on his face.

”I want to eat Master ’s cooking too. ” Bo Ya joined.

Don ’t worry.
I will cook something for you. ” Yu Qi said.

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She walked into the kitchen and looked at the storage what ingredients they had right now to decide what to cook.
After examining the ingredients, she had already decided what to cook.

Yu Qi called Aoi and Bo Ya to get the fresh herbs and vegetables from their garden.
The two little cuties ran outside to get their task done.
Yu Qi putting her apron.

However, her body felt stiffened as she could feel the eyes that seemed to watch over her.
Well, you can guess who is it.

”What can I do to help you? ” Long Hui said after watching his beloved Qi Qi for so long.

Before that, put this apron first. ” Yu Qi took an apron and gave it to Long Hui.

It was a grey colour that had a picture of a wolf.
Coincidently, on Yu Qi ’s apron, the picture on the apron was red riding hood girl.

”Wait for a moment. ” Yu Qi said and she ran out from the kitchen.
She went to her room to take something and returned to the kitchen back.

In her hand was a small camera.
She pointed to Long Hui.

”Brother Hui, look here. ” Yu Qi said.

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Long Hui looked over.
He was surprised to see his beloved Qi Qi taking some pictures of him.

”It should be like this. ” Long Hui took the camera from his beloved Qi Qi ’s hand and pulled her into his hug.

He kissed Yu Qi cheek and took a picture of it.
”That would be right.
A wolf and his red riding hood girl. ”

It was Yu Qi ’s turn to feel surprised.
She did not expect Long Hui would know the bedtime story like that.

”You know about that story, don ’t you? ” Yu Qi asked.

Thanks to Yue. ” Long Hui said.
That ’s right.
He knew that kind of story because when Feng Yue was younger, she liked to pester Long Hui to read that kind of stories.
So, he knew a lot of childish stories like that.

Yu Qi laughed.
It was Feng Yue.
She could not imagine that Long Hui would read this kind of stories when he was younger.

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