Yu Qi and Su Yu Hi went to Harmony Orphanage.
Chang Yu Qian was very surprised to see Yu Qi here.
When Kim Ha Yang saw Yu Qi, he was very relieved.
He knew that Yu Qi would help them.

Meanwhile, Chang Yu Qian was very surprised to see Yu Qi here.
He did not expect to see Yu Qi here.
Not when they were having some problems right now.

”Yu Qi, I do not expect to see you here.
What are you doing here? ” Chang Yu Qian greeted Yu Qi normally.
He turned to Su Yu Hi.
”This is… ”

”This is my brother, Su Yu Hi. ” Yu Qi introduced Su Yu Hi as her brother rather than her assistant now.
She then turned to Su Yu Hi.
”Brother Yu Hi, this is Grandpa Chang, Mr Chang Yu Qian and his son, Mr Chang Kang An.
They are the person in charges for this orphanage. ”

”So, Grandpa Chang, why have you not told me that you are having some problem? ” Yu Qi did not waste her time and went straight to the point.

Chang Yu Qian ’s expression changed.
”How do you know? ”

”Well, I have my own ways.
Right now, what do you plan to do with this problem? ” Yu Qi asked.

I will try to negotiate with the government again. ” Chang Yu Qian sighed.

”Grandpa Chang, I think the government will not change its mind.
If you push too much, even the money that they offer, you will not have it.
You will lose everything. ” Yu Qi told him.
It was the truth.

Chang Yu Qian sighed.
Not like he did not want to move away, but he did not find a suitable place to move away.

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”Grandpa Chang, you just don ’t have a suitable place to move away, right? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yes. ” Chang Yu Qian nodded weakly.

”Then, you can hand over that matter to me. ” Yu Qi looked at Chang Yu Qian with a smile on her lips.

”What? ” Chang Yu Qian startled.
”Do you have a suitable place for us to move? ” He started to feel delighted.

”Of course. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Yu Qi brought out some photos.
”Here. ” She placed them on the table for Chang Yu Qian to see it.
”These photos are the place about which I am telling you. ”

Chang Yu Qian looked at the photos.
Chang Kang An that just kept his mouth closed from the beginning also looked at the photos.

”Where is this place? ” Chang Yu Qian seemed interested in the place.

”Shiwa Town.
It is a small town.
Not so busy.
But complete with basic necessities like a hospital, bank, market, and everything.
Oh, there are also schools there.
Primary school, junior high school and high school.
So, you don ’t need to worry about their education. ” Yu Qi explained with everything that Chang Yu Qian needed to know about the place.

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”It is indeed a good place. ” Chang Kang An nodded.

”But, how is the rental fee per month? We could not afford it if it is too high. ” Chang Yu Qian was worried about the money. ”

Brother Yu Hi, can you estimate how much rental fee for this place? ” Yu Qi did not know how much to estimate it so better asking Su Yu Hi.
He must know about this.

”Well, the price can be estimated from five thousand to seven thousand yuan per month.
It may also be high than that. ” Su Yu Hi told them the estimation.

”See, it is expensive.
We can not afford the place. ” Chang Yu Qian sighed.

”Then, Grandpa Chang, what is your budget? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Probably two thousand to three thousand per month. ” Chang Kang An told them the budget.

He already calculated them.
They already surveyed suitable places.
But the place that they thought suitable for them was very expensive that they could not afford with their current budget.

Three thousand yuan then.
You can move right away. ” Yu Qi suddenly said that had surprised the two men.

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Chang Yu Qian: ”Huh? ”

Chang Kang An: ”What? ”

”I said, let ’s move right away. ” Yu Qi told them that again.

”Miss Yu Qi, please wait.
What do you mean by that? ” Chang Kang An asked Yu Qi about that.

Suddenly, the office door was opened by Shi Yuan, wife of Chang Kang An.
She brought some drink and placed them on the table.

”Please have a drink. ” Shi Yuan invited Yu Qi and Su Yu Hi to drink.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi said.

Su Yu Hi just nodded.

”Miss Yu Qi, what do you mean by that? ” Chang Kang An asked again.

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”Yu Qi, you should explain properly to them. ” Su Yu Hi advised.

”Oh, Brother Yu Hi, you can help me with that. ” Yu Qi grinned.

Su Yu Hi looked at Yu Qi.
He sighed.
’This girl is so lazy to explain. ’

”Mr Chang Yu Qian, Mr Chang Kang An, the place actually belongs to Yu Qi.
She has offered the place exclusively to help you with this problem. ” Su Yu Hi began to explain.

Chang Yu Qian and Chang Kang An were dumbfounded.
This girl always liked to surprise them.

”I see.
But you may have some lose by offering this place to us. ” Chang Yu Qian knew that.

”Well, actually the place is currently empty right now.
She does not use the place at all.
Rather than letting the place be empty, she thinks that the place can be used for this kind of purpose. ” Su Yu Hi explained more further.

”I see. ” Chang Yu Qian sighed.

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