”Dad, we should take this.
The government has already asked them to move out until next week. ” Chang Kang An said to his father.

”But… ” Chang Yu Qian felt very sad to leave this place.
It was his home.
He had stayed at this place for almost 65 years.
There was a lot of memories here.

”Grandpa Chang, actually, let me tell you something.
But don ’t let your hope too high.
We are suspecting there will be some foul play in this matter. ” Yu Qi suddenly told them.

”What do you mean about that? ” Chang Yu Qian frowned.

”It is your land, right? ” Su Yu Hi took over.

”Yes. ” Chang Yu Qian nodded.

”Supposedly, nobody can take it from you without your consent.
Even after being offered some amount of money, you can decide not to accept it.
But right now, the government has forced you to accept the money otherwise you will lose everything, right? ” Su Yu Hi knew the tactics.

The corrupted people in the government liked to do this tactic to threaten the people that did not have power or did not have any knowledge about this.
They must have already investigated about people in this orphanage.

”Yeah. ” Chang Yu Qian remembered when the people from the government said when they had come to this orphanage.

These people told him that the government wanted this place to be developed.
He did not know why the government suddenly took interest in this place now.
When he said about that, these people did not give him an answer.

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Of course, he did not agree on the spot.
He tried to go to the Land Office to ask the matter.
But their attitudes were also the same as the people who had come to the orphanage.
They were telling him that it was better to accept what had been offered otherwise he would lose everything.

Reluctantly, he had to accept what the government had offered him.
However, the government made another difficult thing that they needed to empty the place within one month.
Right now, the limit time was approaching.

”There must be someone who has initiated this matter. ” Su Yu Hi assumed.
”Don ’t worry.
We are currently investigating about this matter. ”

”Then, we don ’t have to move away? ” Chang Yu Qian felt a little bit happy.

”No, you still need to move away. ” Su Yu Hi broke Chang Yu Qian ’s hope.

”Why? ” Chang Yu Qian asked.

”Usually this matter can not be solved in a short time.
Not to mention the opposite side is the government.
They are difficult to win over.
They will use any method to make you move away.
Such as sending people to come and harass the orphanage.
That will be dangerous for the children and you. ” Su Yu Hi needed them to know this.

”They will do that? ” Chang Kang An was shocked.
He did not expect that.

Chang Yu Qian was also shocked.
If that was true, the children would be in danger.
He could not let anything bad happen to them.

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”We will move away. ” Chang Yu Qian made the decision.

”Grandpa Chang, don ’t worry.
We will try to protect this place. ” Yu Qi said to Chang Yu Qian.

”Thank you, Yu Qi, Mr Su. ” Chang Yu Qian said.

”Then, let ’s settle this quickly.
Grandpa Chang, how many children currently arr studying in school? We need to handle their transfer out process. ” It was necessary to do so.

”3 in high school, 8 in junior high, 5 in primary school. ” Chang Kang An told the details.

”But 2 in high school will have the exams soon.
It will be inconvenient for them to transfer out of the school right now. ” Shi Yuan interrupted.

”That ’s right.
It will disturb their momentum. ” Yu Qi knew it was a very hard time for the two children.

”We will rent two rooms for them until they have finished the exam. ” Yu Qi told them the solution.

”But they will not have anyone to supervise them.
I ’m worried about letting them live without us. ” Shi Yuan said.
She had already recognised the children in this orphanage as her own children.

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”Let ’s call those two.
Ask their opinions.
They already can think and decide for themselves. ” Yu Qi suggested.

Shi Yuan got out and went to call those two children, Kim Ha Yang and Chang Mo Mo.
Not long after that, Shi Yuan entered back in the room with Kim Ha Yang and Chang Mo Mo.

”Ha Yang, Mo Mo, the reason we have called you here is we want to ask about your opinions.
We have decided to move away for some reason.
Since you two will be sitting for an important exam, do you want to stay here or to follow us to the new place? ” Chang Yu Qian asked the two children.

”I want to stay. ”

Both of them said the same sentence at the same time.

”But you will not have anyone to take care of you. ” Shi Yuan said.

”We have already grown up.
We can handle it. ” Kim Ha Yang assured them.

Then, I will rent two rooms for the two of them.
I will give some pocket money.
You need to handle the money, use them according to your daily needs. ” Yu Qi said to both of them them.

”Thank you, Sister Yu Qi. ” Kim Ha Yang bowed to Yu Qi.

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”Sister Yu Qi, thank you. ” Chang Mo Mo also thanked Yu Qi.

Yu Qi would never expect that in the future, these two children would be someone who could help her greatly in her business.
Well, that would far in the future.

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