On the next day, they went to the school to process the transfers of the children.
The process was simple but since there were numbers of children who had wanted to transfer out, it took a long time to complete.

On the other side, the children who were big enough, together Shi Yuan helped others by taking the task to pack up the things that they had wanted to bring to the mansion.

The mansion was currently empty.
It was better for them to bring all the necessary things to the mansion.

It was the last night for them to stay in this place.
After the children went to bed, Chang Yu Qian sat at the bench outside the orphanage.
He looked at the sky.
He let out the long sigh.

He had been staying at this land for so long.
And now he had been forced to move away.
Since it was an order of the government, he had to obey.

But after talking to Yu Qi and Su Yu Hi, he thought that the government just wanted to snatch the land from him.
If they wanted to take the land, they had just taken it.

Actually, he did not care about that, before Yu Qi did not come to him, he did not have a suitable place for the children, so it became difficult for him to move away.
Since Yu Qi already offered the place, he was relieved that he had finally found a suitable place for the children to stay.

”Dad, what are you doing out here? Your body is weak.
Come inside. ” Shi Yuan pulled her father in law into the building.

”Dad, you have stayed outside, haven ’t you? ” Chang Kang An was shocked.

”He was sitting outside on the bench. ” Shi Yuan told her husband.

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”Don ’t worry too much.
It is just a night wind.
I will be okay. ” Chang Yu Qian assured his son and daughter in law.

Shi Yuan disappeared and came back with a warm tea to warm her father in law ’s body.
She placed it in front of Chang Yu Qian.

”Dad, drink this. ” Shi Yuan said.

Chang Yu Qian took the cup and drunk it.
”Thank you. ”

”Dad, what are you doing outside? ” Chang Kang An asked.

”I just want to take a look at this place for our the last night.
I probably may not come back here. ” Chang Yu Qian said.

”Dad, you will come back here later. ” Shi Yuan looked at Chang Yu Qian with a complicated look.

”You know…
We were having difficulties in having a child.
We had been waiting for about 5 years before we had you.
Because your mother liked children so much, she told me that she decided to open an orphanage.
She was very happy at that moment, being surrounded by the children.
After two months of opening the orphanage, we got the shocking news telling that your mother was pregnant.
We were very happy at that moment.
Your mother told me that orphanage was her lucky charm. ” Chang Yu Qian began to recite the past.

Chang Kang An and Shi Yuan looked at each other.
It had been a long time since Chang Yu Qian had spoken about his late wife.
And also, Chang Kang An felt something.
He could not describe his feelings.
This was the first time he was listening to this story.

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”Bae, I ’m sorry that I can not protect this place.
I ’m sorry. ” Chang Yu Qian was already immersed in his own world, apologizing to his late wife for his incompetence to protect this place.

”Dad, there is no way that mum will be angry with you.
You have told us that the orphanage is her lucky charm.
The orphanage still exists.
We just move away for a while.
We will come back here sooner or later. ” Shi Yuan comforted her father in law.

”Come, dad, you need to rest.
We will have a long journey tomorrow.
Better to have an early rest. ” Shi Yuan guided her father in law to his room.

”Thank you. ” Chang Kang An said to Shi Yuan before she brought Chang Yu Qian away.

Shi Yuan smiled and nodded.


Yu Qi rented a bus to transport the children to their new home.
Their things had already transported last night.
It must have arrived at the place.

The small children seemed to be excited as they walked into the bus.
While the children who were big enough to understand what was going on just stayed silent.

Kang Ha Yang and Chang Mo Mo who would stay in Sun City still followed them.
Yu Qi told them to come and follow others to let them knew the place.
If they wanted to come to the orphanage, they would know which way to go.

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Chang Yu Qian took a last look at the orphanage that he was about to leave.
He seemed to see his late wife smiling at him while waving her hand to Chang Yu Qian.
He then caught her saying something.
He understood the word.

’Take care of yourself. ’ That what he understood.
His tears came out.
He nodded several times.

”Dad, are you okay? ” Shi Yuan asked.

Let ’s go. ” Chang Yu Qian wiped his tear and turned around walking slowly leaving the place.

Yu Qi was also on the bus.
Su Yu Hi drove in the back.
The small children were singing happily during the journey.
Yu Qi ’s lips curved up listening to the singing.
At least, the children were happy.

Even though Yu Qi had stayed at the orphanage while she was still a baby and not for a long time but she was grateful for the orphanage which had brought her inside the building before the rain had fallen.
She was saved from death.
So, that was why she wanted to help this orphanage.

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