However, the two of them did not manage to arrive at their table.
They had been surrounded by a group of men.
Yu Qi quickly shielded Mei Lilli behind her.

”Catch that girl for me.
I will make her submit to me tonight. ” The man whom Yu Qi had back thrown shouted angrily.

The onlookers just stood watching what would happen later.

”Run towards others and get out of this place at once.
Do you understand? ” Yu Qi whispered to Mei Lilli ’s ear.

”But what about you? ” Mei Lilli asked.

”Don ’t worry.
Moreover, you are in the way. ” Yu Qi said.

It was the truth.
Yu Qi could not fight while protecting Mei Lilli.
That was why she wanted Mei Lilli to leave first.

”What are you whispering, huh? Get the two bitch.
We will play with them. ” The man said to his friends.

Yu Qi swiftly kicked one of the men and pushed Mei Lilli.
Mei Lillie bit her bottom lip.
With a complicated look on her face, she ran as Yu Qi had asked her to.

The men quickly wanted to run to get Mei Lilli but Yu Qi would not let them pass.

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Yu Qi gave a cold smile.
Even the onlookers felt scared about this beautiful girl that casually smiled right here.
”I will not let you pass. ”

The man was scared and irritated with this woman.
She should be attracted to him because he knew that he was very handsome.
Well that was what he always thought.
However, he did not know the girl had another standard for the level of good looking men.

”Catch her.
I will give money to you if you can get her. ” The man said.

The onlookers ’ eyes flashed greedy when the man finished the sentence.

”Well, if you want to pray some visit to King Yama, you may step in.
I don ’t mind sending you off. ” Her eyes ran over the onlookers.

The onlookers shivered without no reason.
Even though Yu Qi still did nothing but they seemed to believe that this woman would do as she had said.
This woman must not be crossed.
Some of the people stepped back.
While some of them just grinned.

”Little girl, you should follow this man.
He is a Young Master Han.
You can get whatever you want if you satisfy him. ” The friend of the man was promoting him.

”You want to let me go or not? ” Yu Qi ignored the words.

”Catch her. ” The man who had been called by others as Young Master Han.

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”Looks like I will have some work-out tonight. ” Yu Qi placed her hand on her neck…
It was the sound a person corrected her neck.

”Come. ” Yu Qi provoked the men to attack her first.

The men indeed felt the provocation.
”You bitch. ”

The men did not even attack her one by one but all of them had gone straight to grab Yu Qi.
However, none of them managed to grab her.
They had even been kicked one by one.

Yu Qi held back her strength.
Even so, the men still felt the pain.
The men wanted to attack her once again.

”Stop!!! ” It was a loud voice that had stopped every one of them.

Yu Q and others looked at the source of the voice.
Standing over there was a tough man with a sharp glare.
Everyone seemed to know this man.

”You should not fight in this premise.
You know that, do you, Young Master Han? ” The man said.

I know…
Mr Yan. ” Young Master Han nodded.
He knew who he was.

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It was Mr Yan.
The actual name? He did not know.
What he knew was Mr Yan was in charge of this Rose Night Club.
But he was not the owner.
The owner called himself Mr Black.
No one knew how he looked like.

”This woman is under our protection.
If anything happens to her, we will deal with the people present here. ” The sentence made by Mr Yan gained a lot of attention.

Even Yu Qi looked at Mr Yan.
And she was sure that she had never met this man.
So, it must be the man behind him.
But who?

Young Master Han had paled when listening to that statement.
Yan ’s people? Am I messing with Mr Yan ’s people? No…
I think I need to apologise. ’

”Mr Yan, please forgive me.
I do not know that this miss is one of your people. ” Young Master Han quickly apologized.

”I think you are apologizing to the wrong party. ” Mr Yan glanced Yu Qi.

Without wasting any time, Young Master Han bowed to Yu Qi.
” Miss, I apologize. ”

Yu Qi sighed.
”Forget about it. ” She waved her hand.

Young Master Han took this opportunity to leave the place.

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”Who ’s the one behind you? ” Yu Qi asked Mr Yan.

”Boss wants you to enjoy your night here. ” Mr Yan said without revealing anything.

Yu Qi frowned.
Thinking about him, made her feel that did not want to stay here anymore.

”Thank you for your help. ” Yu Qi did not forget the man ’s help.
He did not do anything.
Just talked.

”Well, It has been my boss ’ idea. ” Mr Yan said.

”Ok, I will leave first. ” Without waiting for the answer, Yu Qi rushed outside the building.

Yu Qi got out from the Rose Night Club.
She had time to push her car ’s key and told Mei Lilli to wait for her in the car.

The girls were waiting anxiously as they looked outside the car.
When they saw Yu Qi who had walked out from the night club slowly, they took a big breath of relief as they saw Yu Qi who was walking normally.
The girls got out of the car.

”Thank goddess, you are okay. ” Mei Lilli said after rounding Yu Qi ’s body.

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”You are really okay? ” Ding Na An asked because she was afraid Yu Qi had some bruises on her body which were hidden under her clothes.

”Yes, I ’m okay.
The person in charge of this night club has come forward.
He has stopped the fight and made the man to apologize for his actions. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Person In charge? Is it a man? Is he handsome? ” So Pang Lim asked excitedly.

”That is not what you should focus on? ” Mei Lilli hit So Pang Lim ’s head.

”Ouch. ” So Pang Lim screamed.
”That ’s hurt. ”

”Anyway, let ’s go back for now. ” Ding Na An suggested.

”Hmm… ” Yu Qi nodded before throwing some glances to Rose Night Club.
She wondered who was the owner who had protected her just now.
Well, she would find out it later.

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